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    CDunninTX got a reaction from Skid in Best Cocktail Drinks on RCCL   
    I've done the martini class a couple times on the Oasis of the Seas. Every martini was fabulous. I had several more thereafter. ūüôā
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    CDunninTX reacted to RWDW1204 in Power strips   
    American style outlets in a grand suite on Allure: 2 at the vanity mirror, 1 at the coffee maker, 1 under the bed at the phone jack and one behind the lamp next to the sliding glass door. There might be others but that's what we found.
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    CDunninTX reacted to janderson in Power strips   
    I already bought one haha.  I saw Twangster post it and I bought one on Amazon that day because it is a very good idea.
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    CDunninTX reacted to lauraodonnell86 in Power strips   
    @twangster Thanks for the tip. I just ordered one!
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    CDunninTX reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Power strips   
    This is an excellent tip....just remember (those who may be considering it) that your device must be dual power and be compatible with the European currents.  Using a US-only device in a European outlet is an easy way to burn up your hairdryer (or whatever else you have plugged in there).  Most cell phones/computers are already dual voltage so that's a good thing - just be sure before you plug it in.
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    CDunninTX reacted to ama537621 in Power strips   
    I will have to do some work while on the cruise. It's no big deal daughter will at at the kiddies water park and I can sit on a lounger and work on reports. 
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    CDunninTX reacted to packercruising in Power strips   
    We have a short extension cord with 3 outlets and 3 USB ports. Never had a problem with it in our carry on. Ships are starting to put in USB ports in the cabins now. The trick is to find them. ūüôā¬†
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    CDunninTX reacted to klc317 in Power strips   
    I have a small digital alarm clock that has 3 usb ports on it, think I found it at a dollar store or Walmart.    We take it on cruises.  Everything we have is chargeable with a USB plug and the clock only takes up one 110v plug in the room.  Never had a problem.
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    CDunninTX reacted to rjac in Power strips   
    No, they will be confiscated when you board the ship when you go through the security check point if you have any in your carry on bags. If you put them in your suitcase, they will be seen when the bags are xrayed and confiscated. Power strips are considered to be a fire hazard. 
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    CDunninTX reacted to tiny260 in Power strips   
    There may be one under the desk by the make up mirror and 1 in the bathroom.
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    CDunninTX reacted to Matt in Advice for a rotten situation   
    Swapping names is quite simple and your travel agent can handle that for you, so from a booking perspective, that's easy.
    I wouldn't overlook option 1. Going solo (albeit with your family) is not that bad.  There's so much going on during a cruise that I believe you can still have a great time cruising solo. Here are the top 10 tips for cruising solo: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2018/01/12/top-10-tips-going-royal-caribbean-cruise-solo
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    CDunninTX reacted to ellcee in Advice for a rotten situation   
    @Vanessa77  I'm not here to tell you what you should do but I do know you an easily place someone in his spot. My cruise a few years ago was because my friend and her husband got a divorce and they already booked. All she did is call her travel agent and then I called and we switched the reservation.
    (and you're not a third wheel when you're with family!)
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    CDunninTX reacted to CGTLH in Best Cocktail Drinks on RCCL   
    One could call it "Coma in a Glass"...

    Reality it is a Mudslide done in the way of a Lavaflow.
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    CDunninTX reacted to Hoski in Allure and Prohibition Party   
    Thanks everyone, I have purchased in my cruise planner.  I will be dressing up but hubby will not.  I like 1920's style so I'm excited for it.
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    CDunninTX reacted to rjac in Allure and Prohibition Party   
    DO NOT bring a Tommy Gun! 
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    CDunninTX reacted to spiralqueen in Power strips   
    Another thing about needing plugs and not understanding people who use electronics is that everyone's idea of a great vacation is different. I personally love to read with my kindle by the pool or listen to a podcast with bluetooth headphones while relaxing. I also enjoy the ability to share my vacation in real time with friends and family. All of these things need charging and it's amazing how quickly the plugs get full, especially once you factor in cabin mates. I understand that some people enjoy disconnecting or using very few electronics on a cruise but it's a pet peeve of mine when someone uses their personal preference to look down upon other's choices in how they choose to spend their vacation. I'm not saying anyone here is doing that, but I HAVE seen that condescension elsewhere and it's incredibly uncalled for, in my opinion. 
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    CDunninTX reacted to twangster in Power strips   
    People use their phones as their camera and bring more cameras like Go Pros for underwater or other active excursions or a DSLR or mirrorless camera for better photography.
    Any one with medical equipment lose an outlet to it.  If both adults had CPAP machines there are no outlets left.  A toothbrush charger consumes an outlet.  
    There are lots of ways to consume your available outlets.  
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