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    jhatle01 reacted to melmar02 in Cruise with Confidence - Ethics question   
    What about looking into upgrading your cabin? You can't reprice, but you can see if suites are available and covered under what you have already paid.
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    jhatle01 reacted to jticarruthers in Wow! Pretty scathing article about Carnival   
    I would still feel safer on a cruise ship than a new york subway ...
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    jhatle01 reacted to mook1525 in Disney World   
    Well, Disney didn't announce anything.  that is just one analyst speculating...  no?
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    jhatle01 reacted to twangster in No new ships!   
    I know work continues on Odyssey but I wonder if she will complete on time.  Social distancing at the shipyard will slow down work.  It might not stop work, but with fewer workers per sq. m I have to believe it will delay launch. 
    That may not be a bad thing as there will be one less ship to fill plus by dragging out construction, shipyard workers stay employed longer.   Sort of a win-win.  
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    jhatle01 reacted to twangster in RC must put HEPA FILTERS on its ships   
    Same can be said for buses, taxis, airplanes, schools, churches, retail stores and homes.
    I'm confident you have a HEPA filter in your home to capture the virus and prevent it from circulating in your home in case a family member brings it home. 
    Does a taxi?  How about a bus, subway, train, or an airport?   Does you local court house have HEPA filters?  DMV and license plate office?  How about City Hall?  Do they use HEPA filters? 
    Ask you grocery store if they use HEPA filters.
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    jhatle01 reacted to twangster in I understand closing a cruise port, but...   
    Yet their stay at home just went into effect a day ago.  Why?  Because the governor didn't want to impact business and the Florida economy.   So who is putting money first?
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    jhatle01 reacted to JLMoran in RCL Stock Price   
    Forgot to say this earlier. Don't try to time the bottom. You really can't, and as @loki007 said, it's going to take time to go back up anyway. IF you truly believe the price is going to keep going down for a bit, and you definitely want to buy the stock, then after setting up your brokerage account you can enter what's called a Limit Order, which is a standard type of stock order that every brokerage site offers.
    Normally when you buy a stock, you're doing what's called a Market order -- buying it immediately at whatever the current price is. When you do a Limit order, you're changing it to say, "Don't actually buy this until the price is at or below the price I've specified." Normally, that just lasts for the day; if the price doesn't hit your mark then the order is canceled.
    But you can also specify to keep the order in place until you cancel it (that is, mark it as "Good until Canceled"). That adds the rule, "If the price doesn't hit my mark today, keep this order open until it does hit my price, or I tell you to give up".
    This combo is commonly used when the price is going down steadily; just pick a price (X) that you're comfortable buying it at, and don't worry about if it's going to be the bottom or not. If you think $15 is a good price to buy, make that your Limit Price and be ready for it never to reach that. If you won't buy for a penny over $10, set that to the price and take your chances on that level. As soon as the price reaches or goes below that level, the buy takes place.
    Keep in mind that the price never changes by just a penny at a time, although most days the price doesn't change by more than a few cents at once. It could be $15.07 and then in the next second drop to $15.03, then back up $15.05, then down to $14.99. So if you set $15 as your threshold you might get it for exactly $15, but more likely it'll be for something like $14.97.
    Market fun fact side note: There's another order type called a Stop order that's often used to make sure your investment doesn't go through a particular floor without automatically selling. It's like the opposite of a Limit order, in that you say "I want to sell X number of shares when the price is at or below $Y". Those can also be kept active until canceled, and a lot of investors use those to protect themselves from a sudden drop in the market.
    I'm guessing that there's some portion of RCL investors that read the tea leaves about this pandemic and put in a lot of Stop orders to auto-sell their RCL when it dropped below marker values like $100, $80, $60, etc. In a free-falling market like this one, those Stop orders trigger so fast and sell off so much at once that they actually can make the situation worse for a time, artificially dropping the price like a rock depending on how many of those orders got triggered all at once.
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    jhatle01 reacted to JLMoran in RCL Stock Price   
    OK, first off, while I work in the financial industry I am not a licensed broker or financial advisor! I'm just an IT guy who happens to have learned a decent amount about investing from my dad and my own experiences buying a handful of stocks over the last 20 years.
    Secondly, @SpeedNoodles and @Lovetocruise2002, get ready to go beyond Bailey mode. 🥴
    That said...
    If you are serious about investing in Royal, understand that to hit that 100 share minimum for shareholder benefits you're still going to be spending about $2,200 at the current price of $22.03. That's definitely a lot better than the $11,300+ it was just a few short weeks ago, but that's still not pocket change. If getting the shareholder benefit is your only reason for buying, maybe reconsider because you'll have to take a LOT of cruises that actually pay you that benefit before you break even.
    If you want to buy it because you love the company and think it's a good investment for the long term -- I'm talking at least 5 or even 10 years here, since that's always my minimum goal -- you'll want to read up on the company's financials and get some basic understanding of what's really going on under the hood. I just took a quick look at their annual SEC filing (called the 10-K, which was just published in February and covers through 12/31/19), and looked at their financials in particular (page 37 of the linked doc).
    For me, I like that for the last 3 years at least they have had three times as much in assets (cash, investments, physical capital like the ships, etc.) vs liabilities (loans, credit lines, bonds issued, etc.). That tells me they are properly managing their finances, and the debt they have is being used to help expand the business and invest in ships / private islands / etc., rather than prop up their business or make it look better than it seems. That said, in comparison to Apple (the only individual stock I currently own), that's a lot of debt relative to assets; Apple for the longest time had zero long-term debt and almost no short-term debt; it's only in the last few years that they started issuing bonds and other debt instruments, and those are still a much smaller fraction of the total assets (which include a cash hoard that is just bananas).
    The rest of the financial numbers looked good, too, although one thing surprised me -- It's been mentioned here a few times that the ticket bookings are basically break-even, and it's the on-board spending that drives actual profit. So I was really surprised to see that cruise fares are 75% of their income, while on-board spend is 25%. I would have expected the latter to be more like 35 or 40% if that's really the profit-driver. So I want to dig into that more and see if they break down how much profit comes off of each.
    For me, this quick glance makes me think I might sell off some of my Apple stock (I bought it in 2000) and get a few hundred shares of Royal. But I want to dig deeper. I like their product from all three cruise lines, their leadership seems solid from what I've read over the last couple years, and the financials look good at a glance, but I still don't know RCL the company that well yet. Mistakes like the $18/night DBP "intern goof" and others that we've talked about here seem to happen with some disturbing regularity, and point to some possible issues that might make investing in them riskier than it already is, given the industry.
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    jhatle01 reacted to VACruiser in RCL Stock Price   
    Honestly that’s when I checked in. @JLMoran is speaking in-depth financial discussions and he makes a lot of sense. I am still monitoring but will stay on the sidelines and wait it out or look for stabilization. 
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    jhatle01 reacted to DunkelBierJay in RCL Stock Price   
    I haven't bought a single stock since my twenties when McDonnel Douglas bit me in the butt. Ever since, it's been mutual funds and leave it alone. With the buy opportunities now, especially in the cruise industry, my non-expert opinion on buying low and selling high is to follow @monctonguy's course and see what the announcements will be in a week or two and jump on it if they start cruising again...(insert typical disclaimer that this is not financial or investment advice, blah blah)...I am only tracking RCL and CCL As of this writing RCL is 80.72% down from the beginning of February and CCL is 79.31% down. With each refresh of the price, the number of shares I can buy goes up, and the potential profit if prices return to pre-virus levels is astounding.
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    jhatle01 reacted to Firefly in St. Maarten plans- help, can't decide!   
    We have been to St. Maarten twice in the past year and went out with https://coconut-reef.com/ both times and had a blast. Our full day tour in December included a stop at Pinel Island which my husband and I both agreed was our favorite stop. It was absolutely beautiful and we cannot wait to return in the future. I highly recommend a day out on the water with these guys. The pick up/drop off is a short 15 minute walk from port and they get you back with plenty of time to walk back to the ship before all aboard time. Lunch is included in the full day tour and was delicious. We actually ate on the boat while anchored a short “walk” from the beach at Pinel.

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    jhatle01 reacted to 12thman in Suggestions for San Juan Puerto Rico   
    Thank you! Just might do this one. 
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    jhatle01 got a reaction from 12thman in Suggestions for San Juan Puerto Rico   
    @12thman if you want to eat and see old san juan I suggest doing the old san juan food tour
    They offer this through the cruise line too.
    I would suggest booking it independently though for a few reasons...  #1 it is cheaper if you do it independently.  #2 you get more stops than through the cruise line.
    I just did this on my cruise in April and we had a great time!
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    jhatle01 got a reaction from CGTLH in Suggestions for San Juan Puerto Rico   
    That discount code worked for me when I booked
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    jhatle01 got a reaction from Baked Alaska in Skip This Excursion! Suggestions From All   
    If you go to St. Kitts avoid the "Coastal Cruise, Beach & Steel Band"
    We went and our excursion was combined with a Celebrity ship and it was way too crowded!  There were not enough seats for everyone so about 30 people on the lower deck had to stand each way (1-1.5 hour boat ride to the beach) and then once we got to the beach it was deserted except for a lone man renting umbrellas.  There were 18 umbrellas with 2 beach chairs apiece for about 200+ passengers on the boat.
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    jhatle01 reacted to SpeedNoodles in Cruise Questions   
    Personally I'd save myself the hassle of having to bring all of the documentation and just get a passport. 
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    jhatle01 reacted to twangster in Oasis Transatlantic Cancelled   
    My FCC has been issued for the Oasis cancellation.  This is a day earlier than they stated in their email.
    My situation was complicated because I used a previous FCC to pay down this Oasis sailing.  
    True to their word, they re-issued that original FCC and my total FCC from this Oasis cancelation is in fact 100% of the cruise fare.  FCC calculations never include port fees and taxes so those are out of the equation as expected.  
    They have applied this new FCC to a Panama Canal booking I had.  That booking required a $450 deposit because of the 16 night length.  With this Oasis FCC applied to that cruise they are refunding a portion of my Panama cruise deposit because I have now over paid it based on the combined $450 deposit and Oasis FCC.    
    FCC cannot be used to pay taxes and port fees on another booking so for the price of taxes and port fees I am getting a free ocean view Panama canal cruise.  This new cruise comes with $50 of OBC.  
    In addition to that, my Oasis FCC exceeded the cruise fare portion of my Panama canal cruise so I am left with $156 in residual FCC that I can apply to yet another cruise.  
    So while I did "lose" some OBC and other perks on my Oasis booking, I am thrilled with a full refund plus a Panama Canal cruise with $50 in OBC for the price of ports fees and taxes.
    Should I live blog that cruise?  Hmmm.  
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    jhatle01 reacted to RBRSKI in Cup given out for Beverage/Soda Package   
    As the saying goes, they don't make things like they use to!
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    jhatle01 reacted to Matt in Pub Crawl Ideas   
    Assuming Oasis gets water slides as part of her upcoming refurbishment, end the crawl with a ride down the water slides!
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    jhatle01 got a reaction from SpeedNoodles in Discover SNUBA-Nassau Excursion   
    I have done a Sea Trek (kind of) at a place called Discovery Cove near Sea World in Orlando.
    It is a very cool experience and I would love to do it in the ocean!
    But, you are correct about the differences.
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    jhatle01 reacted to twangster in Oasis Crane Crash   
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    jhatle01 reacted to ChunkyMonkey in Oasis Crane Crash   
    My 1st cruise has been cancelled 😞 😞 😞
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    jhatle01 reacted to MrMarc in Oasis Crane Crash   
    It's like a game of post office.  The ship is tilted, get's changed to shifted, gets changed to flipped.  Next, The Poseidon Adventure.
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    jhatle01 reacted to mworkman in Allure Godmother   
    @JennyB Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba "Spare Tire" Dixon. 😂
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    jhatle01 reacted to Jason12 in Oasis Crane Crash   
    Excellent advice we did exactly this last November when the Navigator lost a stabiliser, I knew the Oasis was perfect for our dates and flights already booked, once the email came with offers we jumped straight for the swap with just 3 days before sailing only 3 cabins available..others missed out and stayed home..😲 
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