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    Deedeelynn reacted to melmar02 in CLIA Agrees to Cancel Sailings through 9/15 for all partners?   
    Royal has a note about it on their website now. Announcement coming next week.

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    Deedeelynn reacted to Baked Alaska in CLIA Agrees to Cancel Sailings through 9/15 for all partners?   
    Seems to me CLIA and the rest of the industry needs to have some better lobbyists and PACs.
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    Deedeelynn reacted to TheJones in CLIA Agrees to Cancel Sailings through 9/15 for all partners?   
    Hoping to lift & shift our Sept cruise now.  This is just getting so frustrating!!!
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    Deedeelynn reacted to Jill in Heard some crew returning to ships in July   
    I was reading a Facebook post about how RC will be staffing ships and one person posted that a friend who works in one of the shops on Oasis is returning in July. Also read that Headliners are being told to report to their ship August 1. 
    Is it a dream? Is it REALLY going to happen? 😬 We sail Symphony in October. I’m getting a good feeling! 🤞🤞 Have already been canceled (May) like thousands of others so trying not to get my hopes up too high, just a little high! Go away you stink’in virus! 
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    Deedeelynn reacted to DunkelBierJay in Crazy Flight Prices!   
    Southwest has over 140 of its planes parked right now, so supply is going to be limited. With a November sailing, things might be priced better by August. I would wait if it were me.
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    Deedeelynn reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Be Sure and Check for Military Discounts, if you Qualify   
    I was checking pricing on some of my short term cruises and noticed that some of them have a nice, big military discount.  It seems that they are showing up only on the really short term ones, but if you wanted to book now, get the military discount and L&S....well...could work.
    My Dec 6 Oasis cruise has a $675 military discount but the one the very next week (second half of my B2B) does not.  Go figure.  BTW, it seems that they are allowing the military discount AND the C&A balcony discount so that's a nice discount when stacked together.
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    Deedeelynn reacted to bobroo in American Queen announces health protocols.   
    Wow, knock me over with a feather!!!! Guidance, leadership, taking initiative, creating an acceptable path forward, being a role model......I think American Queen and their fleet of riverboats are going to be very successful and be the first to return back to a profitable enterprise.
    Meanwhile, judging from Richards Fain's MSNBC interview; Royal Caribbean's plan is to just sit idle "until they tell us what we have to do". No commitment to resume cruising. Then there is the laughing at getting employees back home <shakes head, very disappointed>
    Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1Q of 2021.
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    Deedeelynn reacted to MeaganMapson in POLL: Will you sail on a cruise before there is a COVID-19 vaccine?   
    You better believe I’ll be on a ship vaccine or no vaccine! 😃 I’m DONE with this lockdown! 
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    Deedeelynn reacted to mworkman in POLL: Will you sail on a cruise before there is a COVID-19 vaccine?   
    Here’s how I look at it, it is a virus somewhat like the flu and we all know there isn’t a complete cure for that.  So there will be a vaccine developed and it won’t cure all, because it will be for a current strain that hasn’t mutated and will still require some form of treatment. With that being said, I say...let the cruising begin!
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    Deedeelynn reacted to CruzOnBye in POLL: Will you sail on a cruise before there is a COVID-19 vaccine?   
    My family and I absolutely will be cruising at first chance. As serious as all this has been, I don't want the fear of "what if" to overrule the possibility of adventure for me. Just as with any disease or pandemic, it very well could hit me or my family at any moment, but the opportunity for memories and living life to its fullest outweighs that fear of there not being a vaccine yet. #StillGoing 
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    Deedeelynn reacted to RBRSKI in POLL: Will you sail on a cruise before there is a COVID-19 vaccine?   
    If Royal sent me an email today (should have received a apology one for the refund debacle) saying I was picked to be a test passenger to experience how new procedures on board would be,  I would have my bags packed in 30 minutes and at the port in 25 minutes. 
  13. Love
    Deedeelynn reacted to Matt in POLL: Will you sail on a cruise before there is a COVID-19 vaccine?   
    Let's assume cruises begin before there is a vaccine available (which I think is a pretty reasonable expectation), and ports re-open to some extent and Royal Caribbean has new safety and health measures in place, will you go on a cruise?
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    Deedeelynn reacted to Matt in Cruising with no-sail order?   
    They could sail on cruises that depart out of the US.
    In addition, the 100 day no sail order can be rescinded at any time through at least 3 different means. So you shouldn't look at it as "written in stone".
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    Deedeelynn reacted to DanielB in Bayonne- Cape Liberty   
    Great point about debarkation post 'Rona...
    Also I was looking at Embassy as I am a Hilton snob so it is booked.  🙂  SOLD
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    Deedeelynn reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in Bayonne- Cape Liberty   
    Embassy Suites in Elizabeth, NJ is a great airport hotel if you are flying into EWR.  I would say no, they are not created equally.  Some hotels in that area aren't in great shape.  But full disclaimer, I am a suite snob lol.  Embassy has great pricing, free airport shuttle to and from the hotel, modern and clean, and most importantly, complimentary happy hour. 😉
  17. Wow
    Deedeelynn reacted to DDaley in 2021 DBP Pricing   
    My Jan 2021 cruise on Navigator finally loaded beverage packages in the cruise planner today at a whopping $89/day! 
    The booze/voom combo is wild. 😳 Make that money Royal! 

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    Deedeelynn reacted to SpeedNoodles in C&A Status   
    Ooooooooooh, now I have something to think about during my 12-hour shift tonight.  Hmmmmmmm
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    Deedeelynn reacted to coneyraven in C&A Status   
    I like mine..... I'm in a class all by myself
  20. Haha
    Deedeelynn reacted to SpeedNoodles in C&A Status   
    I wish my actual C&A status was Pinnacle!
    In reality it just means that I'm a blabbermouth.
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    Deedeelynn reacted to RCIfan1912 in Crown and Anchor Program/Benefits Post Covid-19   
    Please just grant me the last 9 points so we can be "Diamond" tier. That is all we really want to or have any realistic plans to get to. I think we are 16 point away or something. After Oasis in Sept we will be 9 away. For some reason this is a goal of ours. 
  22. Haha
    Deedeelynn reacted to Andrew72681 in Crown and Anchor Program/Benefits Post Covid-19   
    You guys are safe now, I’ll bet on benefits going away after I make diamond in April of 2022. 
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    Deedeelynn reacted to RCIfan1912 in I'm being tested today   
    Still no results and I just don't get it. Emailed and called, no results yet. Kind of a joke to be honest.
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    Deedeelynn reacted to RCIfan1912 in I'm being tested today   
    The antibody test is simple too, just a prick of the finger like checking blood sugar level. I think a lot of places are doing that now. Its a key to getting things open and going again. Thank you for wishes. I hope and you and the family safe or have antibodies already. Not the worst thing that is for sure. 
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    Deedeelynn reacted to bossdog421 in I'm being tested today   
    We have been doing antibody tests for a week now. Script from doctor for Blood draw (SARS CoV 2 AB IgG). We use Quest and get results back in 24 hours most times. We are mostly testing people who had symptoms at some point at the moment. We like a min of 4 weeks without symptoms, pref 6 weeks or we wont order the test
    I assume most places NJ would be able to order it since Quest / Labcorp are offering it.
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