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    Deedeelynn reacted to Pima1988 in Pricing Dead Halt?   
    My husband and I always get the deluxe.  The way we look at it is that we would never get anything less than the refreshment, since that also includes water bottles.  For our sail date we got the deluxe at 47, the refreshment was 21.  That meant to make up the difference we had to get 2 $13 drinks per day to break even if we did refreshment and out of pocket for alcohol.   Honestly it isn't hard to do, especially on my upcoming cruise since we have 4 sea days in total.  1 cocktail at the pool, 1 glass of wine at dinner, a cappuccino and amaretto side with dessert,  and a cocktail at the shows at night means I am making $$$.
    Plus, remember if you are going to Coco Cay the beverage package works there.
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    Deedeelynn reacted to Yo2slick in Key on Harmony   
    What just a minute......there is going to be other people on the ship???  😀
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    Deedeelynn reacted to AGSLC5 in Key on Harmony   
    I agree with above posters.. The guy who wrote this was very dramatic.. I have been on 53 Royal Caribbean cruises including 2 on Oasis, 6 on Allure, 2 on Harmony, and 1 on Symphony and I have never ever seen the golf course with 100 people and it being chaotic.. Like Matt said maybe 1 or 2 people ahead of you yes but this guy was just not happy about anything on his cruise and was determined to be dramatic about it.. I really think you will have no problem at the mini golf course! Have a great time! 
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    Deedeelynn reacted to twangster in Key on Harmony   
    With the added benefit of not baking in the sun.
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    Deedeelynn reacted to Rose City Cruiser in Key on Harmony   
    The mini golf course was pretty empty at night.  Good way to work off the dinner with some putt-putt and laughs.
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    Deedeelynn reacted to Matt in Key on Harmony   
    First, the mini golf course is not exactly Torey Pines (that's a major golf course in Florida), so I think we need to keep things in perspective. Second, I always try to point out that one person's experience (sensationalized or not) is not a guarantee it will be your guarantee.
    So bottom line, don't worry about it one bit!
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    Deedeelynn reacted to twangster in Key on Harmony   
    Oasis Lagoon, largest fresh water pool in the entire Caribbean is "people soup"?  I don't think so.  
    People are free to post whatever their interpretation of reality was for them.  
    From my perspective when I read that post it appeared this user thought they were exclusively booking the entire ship for just themselves.  When I visit a local bar at home it's not unusual to have to wait my turn for a bartender to get my drink.  When I flew to an all-inclusive resort it was not unusual to have wait my turn to order a drink at the bar.  When I vacation on ship it's not unusual to have to wait my turn to order a drink.  Come to think of it, that's pretty much normal, everywhere.  They did get the title of their post right though, it appears cruising is not for them.
    I'm not saying you'll have the entire mini-golf course to yourself, there may be other people playing ahead or behind you, just like a real golf course, but lines?  Not very often.  
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    Deedeelynn reacted to Zacharius in Stateroom Attendant Issues   
    The first day is always hectic, and you just want a clean room to come back to. If they hadn't been able to find their attendant yet, what can they do? Have to go somewhere...and Guest Services is the logical option. That's where I would have gone in their situation. Not their fault they couldn't find their attendant and just wanted a clean room to go back to.
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    Deedeelynn reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Stateroom Attendant Issues   
    BS.  Even a "Do Not Disturb" sign from embarkation - disembarkation would not prevent the attendant from cleaning the room after it had been vacated.
    Too bad if she's in trouble.  She should be.
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    Deedeelynn reacted to mworkman in A New List Of Sailings......   
    How many ships do they need to sail to CocoCay? I'm starting to not like this CocoCay Perfect day taking away other ports of call.  I for one will not sail on any under 6 days as it's not financial smart since i have to include airfare.  So Perfect Day is out for me unless it falls into a 6 or more day sailing.
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    Deedeelynn reacted to princevaliantus in Independence of the Seas 2020 – no more Southampton but COCO CAY!   
    I guess it's time to spread my wings!!!!
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    Deedeelynn reacted to monctonguy in Independence of the Seas 2020 – no more Southampton but COCO CAY!   
    I would say its Royal pricing itself out of the market..which results in a lower demand......Royal is defn not the cheapest over on this side at all. There are many other cheaper options and other options with way more perks and benefits....And just think of all the extra cabin space that Royal is adding with all these mammoth ships...something has to give at some point.
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    Deedeelynn reacted to Jaymac Radio in A New List Of Sailings......   
    So It Looks Like Royal Will Be Sailing Brilliance Of The Seas From Tampa To Perfect Day And Back Next Year !!!
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    Deedeelynn reacted to Fairlynew in Booked by mistake   
    No, it was pinot gris
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    Deedeelynn reacted to Sh2738 in Dining booking logistics   
    Do you have My Time Dining? If so it’s very easy. Make your reservations in the cruise planner, go to the MDR at that reserved time and let them know your room number for the reservation for a table for 2. Shouldn’t have any issues. We did MTD on our last cruise as we hate to eat with strangers, very uncomfortable, and we never had an issue with getting a table for two. 
    Now if you have traditional, I’m not sure if it is possible to get a table for two, I’ve never tried it. Thanks and Happy Cruising. 
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    Deedeelynn got a reaction from SweetHomeLady in Solarium Bistro Dinner   
    We have eaten at Solarium Bistro on Oasis on two different sailings, we enjoyed it both times. My husband loves Mediterranean food, so he was quite happy. The appetizers and dessert are buffet style and you order your entree. We really enjoyed our meal, the ambience was beautiful and it was quiet. We have it booked for our Harmony sailing in September 2019, we will see how that one is compared to Oasis.
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    Deedeelynn reacted to RickinSTL in Windjammer Themed Dinners on Harmony   
    I've wondered about this myself.. So, I've come up with a plan.. With the exception of formal nights.. Ill run up and check what theme it is while my wife is getting ready for dinner.. If its a theme we like.. then its back to shorts and t-shirts lol.. if not.. Time to throw on Khakis and a polo and head to the MDR
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    Deedeelynn reacted to twangster in Solarium Bistro Dinner   
    Like that's ever going to happen.  :) 
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    Deedeelynn reacted to twangster in MDR Menu   
    When I did a galley tour on Navigator a couple months ago (right after refresh) they explained how the menu was created.  It varies by ship and sometimes even sail date.  
    The food and beverage manager sits down with the head chef and they plan the menu.  They have a budget, such as $100,000 for a 9 night sailing.  Historically they know how much lobster will be consumed on the 2nd formal night so that consumes so much of the budget.  So many nights will have a steak entree so that consumes more of the budget.  Historically they know for each and every entree -  chicken, lamb, beef, etc. how much will be consumed so each offering is calculated how much of the budget is consumed.  
    As the cruise progresses they track their estimates versus actual budget dollars consumed for that sailing.  If near the end there is surplus budget they may alter a menu and add something they know will be popular and consume more of the surplus budget.  They might even place lobster and other seafood in the Windjammer on the final night if the budget allows it.
    It's all tracked against the budget so they are constantly fine tuning the menu to stay within the budget as seasonal and regional or cultural differences trends change over time.
    Consequently they don't publish the menu in advance and the menu in the app doesn't always match what is actually offered on any given night of the cruise.
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    Deedeelynn reacted to RTripp in Coco Cay Three Ships!   
    Mworkman, oh my...thought Hubby and I were the only ones that had seen that video! Thanks for the laugh!
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    Deedeelynn reacted to mworkman in Coco Cay Three Ships!   
    I hope that island doesn't capsize with that many people....😂😂
    For those that don't get it...google island capsizing..watch that video
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    Deedeelynn reacted to tonyfsu21 in Oasis' Amplify....What do you think?   
    I think the entirety of the Oasis Class is perfection in its current form. Adding $168m in upgrades to an already amazing ship can only be a huge win for everyone! 
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    Deedeelynn reacted to yzfmik in Digital SetSail pass   
    I used my phone for all 4 of us.  After boarding I went to the bar to get a drink for my wife and I (both had DX) and the bartender just swiped from mine to hers to ring up the drinks.
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    Deedeelynn reacted to Mljstr in New Table Please!   
    Yes, absolutely. On our second cruise, we were seated for 11 nights with two couples who complained about every meal to the waiter and the supervisor. They thought the sauce wasn't right for the dish and this was too cold or tool hot or they prepared it better at some restaurant in NYC The waiter was so nervous bringing them food that his hands shook. One night we received a basket of chocolate covered strawberries from the head chef apologizing for the food and service. We were so embarrassed because we loved the food and the only problem with the service was the complaining couples.
    So on the next cruise we determined that we had paid for this cruise and we would not be miserable. My husband went downstairs when we got on the ship to find our table and there was a group of elderly women also waiting to talk to the Maitre D. He overheard one of them say, "I have my table and I have my seat and I am not moving!" Sure enough they seated us at their table. It was a group of 6 elderly women and 1 gentleman who was deaf and us. We knew this would not be a good match. and this was a 12 night cruise. So the next day we found the Maitre D again and asked to be moved. We were seated at a table with 3 couples close to our age and had a wonderful time. 
    It does happen and it should because you are paying for the cruise and should be satisfied.
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    Deedeelynn reacted to SpeedNoodles in New Table Please!   
    Wait, family doesn't count WHY? (And that's why I would never cruise with family beyond my DH, lol)
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