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    OrionJus reacted to Drewmommy in Adventure Ocean Ages 9-11   
    Thank you for the responses. Very helpful and much appreciated :-)
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    OrionJus reacted to donolog in Adventure Ocean Ages 9-11   
    That was my experience too. They definitely had the games, but that wasn't the main focus and there were only enough consoles for a handful of players. If you have concerns I'm sure you can discuss them with the AO staff (e.g. if you don't want your son playing the games, I'm sure they would accommodate that).
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    OrionJus reacted to Nonna4 in Magnets   
    we will be cruising on the Anthem next year.  Do passengers decorate their cabin doors with  magnets?
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    OrionJus reacted to DocLC in Adventure Ocean Ages 9-11   
    My son said they had games, but they weren't played very often. Usually just when it was sure with fewer kids in AO.
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    OrionJus reacted to JLMoran in 100 hour sale - my sailing isn't visible?   
    So I wanted to compare my currently paid price for the Oct 13, 2018 5-night Bermuda sailing on Anthem against the 100 hour sale. I go onto the RCI site and do a search just for any sailings to Bermuda on anthem in October, and the only sailing listed is for the 7th.
    I was thinking maybe that sailing is already sold out, but in the past, I've seen sold out sailings listed with a "sold out" label on them. Plus, that sailing was only announced last week with the seasonal Caribbean / northeast sailings.
    Could that sailing really already be sold out, and Royal just doesn't say that any more on the site?
    The part that worries me is that if they don't list it now, it may not be listed for any other promo than the one in effect when I booked. Then I'll never (ok, my TA Heather won't ever) be able to rebook for any kind of savings or OBC. I suppose that would mean I really did get the best possible price, but I always figured there'd be something small I could at least qualify for. Especially when Anthem seems to get "bonus OBC" or other offerings like "balcony for ocean view price" all the time.
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    OrionJus reacted to whitsmom in Stand Up Comedy Show (Oasis)   
    I just looked and we can now book our entertainment (Oasis).  The question I have is regarding the Stand Up Comedy show.  My Granddaughters are 9 & 11.  Is this appropriate for their ages?  
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    OrionJus reacted to RBRSKI in Pictures of Staterooms   
    Hello All,
    I am not sure who the person I would direct this idea to so I hope the correct person reads this topic.  So I was thinking it would be nice to have an area that post pictures of staterooms located on all RCCL ships.  Pictures of staterooms help me with the following:
    If bed is by window or slider The configuration of the bathroom Does it have a shower curtain or enclosure If it has a balcony does it have an obstructed view or the view it provides A way to confirm the "symbols" RCCL provides on deck plans match with picture (upper berths, sofa bed,connecting door, the location of the connecting door) I know the web has another site dedicated to this but it would be nice to just search RCCL.
    I have attached some photos that I  submitted to the other web site for examples.   I say the more photos out on the world wide web the better.

    Any Thoughts?
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    OrionJus reacted to atmuma in Quickest way to the airport from the port?   
    I completely understand the suggestion of not having a flight home too early in case your ship is late, you get caught up in customs, or whatnot. That being said, if time is our main concern, would the quickest way from the port to the airport be a cab? I know Uber or Lyft might be cheaper, an usually that is the way I go, but with time being more important this time around I am thinking there is a quicker way. Is there a line of cabs at the port waiting to take people? We will self-debark, handling our own luggage so we can get off the ship asap. We'll be at Port Everglades, flying out of the Fort Lauderdale airport. Thanks!!
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    OrionJus reacted to Labby in Suit longe and coastal kithen   
    Hi there we booked a junior suit. Is the suit longe and coastal kitchen open to us at anytime? Food and drinks? What time does it close down in the eve and open up in the morning? Thanks.
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    OrionJus reacted to mom2mybugs in What to do in Grand caymon?   
    Ok...this is the one new Port on our trip...what would people suggest we try? Is there anything we can't do elsewhere, or is it pretty typical dolphins, beach etc? Haven't done any research yet as im just decided to switch boats and sailings, but would love a quick narrowing down! Thanks, Jane
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    OrionJus reacted to RBRSKI in How can you tell if the bed is near the slider or the sofa in balcony staterooms on the Oasis Class Ships?   
    I much rather prefer to have the sofa by the slider vs the bed in balcony staterooms.  Is there anyway to figure this out on the Oasis class ships?  We are in 11300 on the Harmony on 5/20/2017.
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    OrionJus reacted to DocLC in You know you've been cruising for a long time when . . .   
    You remember ships having a "tween" deck where's they captured extra space for cabins by creating an in-between deck when transitioning from public decks with higher ceilings to cabin decided with lower ceilings.
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    OrionJus reacted to PTS73 in Drink Prices   
    Question, (First Timer Here) I know most hard liquor drinks seem to cost around 10-12 dollars each... What would a single liquor drink cost? Rum and Coke or Whiskey and Ginger Ale? (I prefer Makers Mark and Ginger Ale personally). Many Thanks!
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    OrionJus reacted to Jerry C in where could we reserve our dining time?   
    As topic, where could we reserve our seating online?
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    OrionJus reacted to Captain J in Getting shorted on alcohol   
    We bought the deluxe alcohol package for our trip on Freedom. Several times, I "caught" the bartenders not putting any alcohol in our drinks and had to remind them that Rum Punch has rum in it not just the mix and some soda. Is this a common thing? Has it happened to you?
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    OrionJus reacted to Matt in Official 2018-2019 deployment tracking thread   
    As many of you know, Royal Caribbean will begin releasing its 2018-2019 itineraries on the week of March 6: http://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2017/01/24/royal-caribbean-announces-2018-2019-deployment-opening-schedule-dates
    Please use this thread to discuss changes you see of interest, as well as any particularly good deals.  Personally, I'm always interested in odd-ball sailings, like a weekend sailing on a ship that does not offer it usually.
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    OrionJus reacted to Lyrical in 3rd & 4th Sail Free   
    When we booked our cruise we took advantage of the special offers they were running at the time......we have long since paid our invoice in full. Then just yesterday RCI pops on a $540.00 charge. Has anyone else had them mess around with your final total with only weeks to go until your cruise? Will be calling them this morning, but not looking forward to being shuffled around from person to person to find out why they are charging for 3rd & 4th persons----our two kids who were free when we booked back in November.
    Anyone else have a story to share that is similar?
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    OrionJus reacted to Jerel in Canaveral meet up on Dec 11th?   
    I'm sailing into Port Canaveral on December 11th (12-9) and was wondering if anyone would like to do a meet up?
    If you live in the area it would be a good excuse to meet up and talk cruising over a drink or meal. I was thinking Grills or Fish Lips but am open to ideas.
    So far it's my wife Jessica and I, Stephanie (AGSLC5) and her fiance Jeremy.
    The more the merrier, we don't need to know each other to have a good time. 
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    OrionJus reacted to davelliott in Empress Nov 28 Deal or Glitch at $70 solo in a junior suite!   
    Has anybody seen this deal or is it a glitch?  I was wondering if anybody had looked at a junior suite on the November 28th sailing?  Has anybody booked it?
    Michael Poole?
    I was just looking around and found a single rate of $70 for junior suite, but when I clicked through to the end, it jumped to $400.50!
    I have uploaded two screen shots to show what I found.

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    OrionJus reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Official 2018-2019 deployment tracking thread   
    Any day now, I think.  Keep checking !!
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    OrionJus reacted to cjones01 in A long Caribbean vacation plan!   
    Hello friends! I am not a regular traveller, but loves to take a vacation once in a while. I have went for cruise only once in my life time and that too several years back. Now my wife and I are planning a month long vacation next year by April-May. We haven't decided on a destination yet, but Bahamas and Caribbean islands are what we have in our mind. We are not even sure if it is a good time to go there. A little advise on that would be great. The rough plan we have is to visit both Bahamas and Caribbean islands in a cruise trip, then spend rest of the vacation somewhere in Caribbean islands, possibly in a good resort with a good view of nature. I would like some advise there as well. While searching on the internet, I found a few resorts in Barbados like The Crane, The Club and a few others. As we know nothing about any of those, we haven't decided anything . Anyway, the return trip will be by flight. This is just a small plan we made within a couple of hours. We will be making changes according to the situations and what the experienced advises us to do. Is there a cruise line that could fulfil our plan? Any other good suggestions to make our vacation as perfect as possible are also welcome.
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    OrionJus reacted to ecarswell in Advice Needed   
    Has anyone used this package/service??
    Any opinions and suggestions would be appreciated. Need transportation from MCO to Port Canaveral and back
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    OrionJus reacted to FManke in Food in theatres?   
    Do they allow food in the theatres on board like the Tropic Theatre? Do they have snacks available in the theatres? It would be nice to have a snack or dessert during a show.
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    OrionJus reacted to FManke in I finally told her   
    I finally told my wife about our anniversary cruise in Oct. Yesterday was our half anniversary and so I had a tee shirt made with a picture of Serenade of the Seas on the front and on the back was 2017 and the dates and names of our ports of call.
    She completely lost her mind!
    I'm glad I don't have to keep this secret any longer and sneak around on Royal Caribbean blog! :D 
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    OrionJus reacted to WAAAYTOOO in What is the best holiday to spend on a Royal Caribbean cruise?   
    I love Jet Blue.  Not quite as much as I used to when luggage was included, but I still love them. 
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