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  1. Thanks Matt and rjac. Looking forward to that Bloody Mary...yum!
  2. Question to the esteemed group: Heading out next week! Can we take a case of water on the boat? What is the best way to do so? If you have on board credits, can you transfer them to another room (i.e. pay for someone else's gratuities)? Any reports of the Drink Cards ever available on the Allure? (Alcohol Card for 10 drinks and also the Coffee Cafe one for 15 drinks) Can you store items in the mini bar fridge? (I.e. buy a bucket of beer, and take a few back to the room for later) Thanks Folks, getting excited! PS, open to any tips for the Allure also!
  3. Thanks for the informative replies! Heading out on the Allure next week. If you get the drink package, I'm not a heavy drinker, and decide on ship it's not working...can I cancel and get it prorated money back to my CC?
  4. Question, (First Timer Here) I know most hard liquor drinks seem to cost around 10-12 dollars each... What would a single liquor drink cost? Rum and Coke or Whiskey and Ginger Ale? (I prefer Makers Mark and Ginger Ale personally). Many Thanks!
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