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100 hour sale - my sailing isn't visible?

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So I wanted to compare my currently paid price for the Oct 13, 2018 5-night Bermuda sailing on Anthem against the 100 hour sale. I go onto the RCI site and do a search just for any sailings to Bermuda on anthem in October, and the only sailing listed is for the 7th.


I was thinking maybe that sailing is already sold out, but in the past, I've seen sold out sailings listed with a "sold out" label on them. Plus, that sailing was only announced last week with the seasonal Caribbean / northeast sailings.


Could that sailing really already be sold out, and Royal just doesn't say that any more on the site?


The part that worries me is that if they don't list it now, it may not be listed for any other promo than the one in effect when I booked. Then I'll never (ok, my TA Heather won't ever) be able to rebook for any kind of savings or OBC. I suppose that would mean I really did get the best possible price, but I always figured there'd be something small I could at least qualify for. Especially when Anthem seems to get "bonus OBC" or other offerings like "balcony for ocean view price" all the time.

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Might have been a website glitch. I'm seeing it now




Yup, confirmed. And the price on the website is a little over $100 more than my original booking, not enough to make the OBC worthwhile.


Thus, why my TA hasn't called me today. ;)


Wilson, when I was doing the search it showed that room 9644 was available. Isn't that the room you said you booked for this itinerary?  :o

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