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  1. Thank you everyone for your input, our boarding is at 12:00 but we will get to the Anthem earlier hopefully we can get on
  2. We’ll be on the Anthem of the Seas in a few days, so we check in, drop off luggage, what’s next? Do we go to have lunch somewhere (recommendations?), explore the ship Also we we need to sign up to ride the bumper cars? TIA!
  3. WOW, what a wealth of information on this blog! Thank you every for your input and suggestions, I didn't realize dining would be this easy, I guess the hard part will be deciding where to eat. Any food favorites/non favorites? Does the main dining room have made to order breakfast, like omlettes, pancakes etc? What I"m reading here is the Windjammer is the most popular? .what time does the dinging rooms/buffets open for breakfast? My hubby loves his ice cream, is there an ice cream bar to stand the he get some whenever he wants? thank you everyone again!
  4. Humm, so you only eat In the main dining room one night? What is the difference between the main dining room all the othe dining rooms? We have a 5:30searit for dinner so do we just show up any di ing room (of course the ones that are included) and have dinner? Any suggestions on the better/not so good dining room. Are real fast and lunch sit downs or buffets? Sorry for all these questions, things keep popping in my head
  5. W a k again, si there a “formal” night in a 5 night cruise? TIA
  6. i need to get some magnet hooks, I did order some magnets from Etsy, thank you everyone!
  7. Another request for you input- restaurant preferences? Are any of the beverage packages worth purchasing we don’t drink hard liquor or beer, bottled water, tea coffee, lemonade maybe a virgin Pina Colada
  8. Wow, this is great, thank you!
  9. Si wiil check out the live blog TIA🛳
  10. Thank you for this info, I am trying to purchase some magnets, I will look for the cruise compass, so helpful🛳
  11. Thank you everyone! Does anyone have a cruise compass from the Anthem they can post? Just trying to get idea is goes on in the ship, does anyone have a reataurant preference, hints, order don’t order . What is a must do on the ship? TIA!
  12. ? what is sea pass card? and what happens? Do you need that to turn the lights on in the room like DCL?
  13. Hello everyone fist time cruising on RCL (Anthem of the Seas), any hidden secrets, suggestions must dos that I should know about? Is there anywhere on this site to get the daily schedule of activities (not sure what's called on RCL, best shows, best dining room suggestions ? Are the items on "room service" free, just pay the up charge: Thank you all!
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