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  1. Hi, everyone, I am going to take symphony on 2nd FEB 19, however , I don’t see 3 nite package on cruise planner, I can only see Ultimate Dining Package ,BOGO 2 Night Dining Package , RCCL don’t sale the rest dinning packages or something wrong with my planner?
  2. Just want to remind everyone that when I was in Naples, I wanted to bring pizza onboard, but stopped by Custom, I don't undersand why. I saw many people did it , so don't bring it onboard.
  3. mobile passport app? Is it the one called Royal Caribbean International?
  4. Thank you for your very clear info.
  5. Hi, does anyone know this new tech Facial recognition avalible now on the new ship now? I have not heared this news for a while.
  6. Hi, Does any know which port Royal caribbean will dock the ship in Napoli? I am little confused.
  7. Do you guys know this activity? Guess the price of the Peter Max? How does it work?
  8. Tahnk you , man it is all solved, it is what you said, it's all about the name I put on the Crown & Ancho, as long as I changed it, that are all fine now. However, I still got one more error Error locking the Cruise Reservation. I will try again tomorrow.
  9. When I logged in the new website, the wed told me that it could not find my reservation, but I asked agent about it, they said it is all find, I think this is because of the web-upgrade, Then how we book a shore excursion or make reservations?
  10. Hi, I don't if anyone has done that before, Could we get on the ship on the very first day, then get off the ship and come back two or three hrs later
  11. Hi everyone, I just bought a 3 nite dining package for my June cruise, Do you know how to make a reservation with the 3 nite pacakge? or we just can't make reservation with this plan until get onboard?
  12. I dont get any info about WOWbands for Symphony. Does any one know about it, Will it be on this ship?
  13. oh Thank you for the tips. one more question, once I select 3 night package, how do I choose restaurants? is there anyway we could book online or have to book onboard?
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