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  1. @twangster Thank you for the info. I am looking forward to St. Maarten and excited about Perfect Day so that is why I booked. The one in April was going to San Juan and this one will be going to St. Thomas that's no biggie for me. Does anyone know if the whole itinerary could change or more likely just 1 island?
  2. Thank you @ChessE4 ! I will definitely look into what the insurance will offer. I normally purchase through Costco not sure of the brand though.
  3. Hello, Due to some unfortunate circumstances the cruise I had planned for April to the Caribbean had to be rescheduled for September. I have never cruised in September before and I an nervous because I know that it is in the middle of hurricane and rain season. Has anyone cruised during this time before and had good weather through the whole cruise? I haven't been on a vacation in YEARS and I do not want to spend this one with rain most of the time. Please let me know if you think I should just try to look for ones in 2021 instead. I am going to St. Thomas, St. Marteen, and Perfect Day. Thank you,
  4. Greetings! So doing some research today, I found out that we will be in St. Maarten during their 2 week Carnival time frame. I think the day we will be there is 4/21. Has anyone been during that time? If so, are there any special activities during the day? I know the parade is happening a week later so we will miss that but was hoping to get to get to see some other things.
  5. Last time I planned to bring back bottles, I packed a few sheets of bubble wrap . The ones with the small bubbles that is perforated. They sell it at Walmart in the office/packing section. I wrapped my bottles with that and tape and it held up great during the travel home.
  6. Def will be trying this one! Should I be bringing metal straws aboard? I haven't heard great things about the paper ones.
  7. Thank you! I wonder if this was named after Prince lol
  8. Greetings Fellow Cruisers! I am going on cruise #4 and I am finally taking a dive at getting the Deluxe Drink Package! ( I have had the royal refreshment package in the past because I typically do not drink much alcohol). I am worried about wasting money because I am particular about my drinks ( I typically only enjoy fruity/sweet beverages). I tried looking at pictures of drink menus to try to find somethings that I would like but couldn't really find anything. Does anyone have an recommendations of drinks I could try onboard that would suit my taste? Any suggestions of sweet wines, cocktails ( on menu or off), or flavored malt beverages would be greatly appreciated!
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