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  1. Does anyone know if we're allowed to have more than 6 people at the thrill waterpark cabana? We have 8 in our group, but not all of them want to do any waterpark stuff. I'm not sure if you need a waterpark wristband to get to the cabanas though, or if it's only for the rides. We'd like to all hang out there while the kids run around and play if that's an option.
  2. I've noticed some serious variation in cabana pricing for our cruise, I'm wondering if this is normal or if they're still trying to figure out demand... Our cruise is still almost a year away, sailing the end of august 2020. When I first booked months ago I noticed a south beach cabana was pretty reasonable at like $599. But then a bit later I noticed it was $999. The cheapest cabana at that point was I think $899 for a cabana at thrill waterpark with 6 waterpark passes. But today I logged in and a cabana at thrill waterpark was only $499. I actually went ahead and booked that as I figur
  3. We're flying into FLL to sail out of port everglades, hope it's not that bad! We're flying in the day before and staying in a hotel though so there is no time pressure for us. Our previous cruses have been out of Port Canaveral, Long Beach and Seattle. All were mostly ok though somewhat time consuming, but this was before everyone got on board with online checkins and such, so I'm expecting this time to be smoother. Overall I'd say Seattle was my worst experience and least favorite port. It's pretty small and seemed completely unable to handle the crowds of the larger ship (a few years a
  4. If there are no customs forms does that mean the mobile passport app doesn't buy me anything?
  5. Yep already have it downloaded! Also from looking at maps it looks like there are no shuttles required at port everglades, is that right? It looks like parking is close enough that you could just walk to your car, though it's kind of hard to tell the scale from maps.
  6. We are sailing on Harmony of the Seas out of Port Everglades. There will be six of us, we're all arriving the day before and staying at the fairfield inn by the airport. My mom is driving down in her van and will meet us at the hotel and then we'll all drive over to the port in the van so we'll be parking there. Any tips are welcome! Our last royal carribean cruise as a real mess (out of Seattle to Alaska). The port of seattle was a real nightmare, getting on took forever (this was a few years ago and I don't think online checkin and photo upload was an option), but getting off was the worst.
  7. We are sailing in 30 days and I'm wondering about online check in. Specifically, it asks for your form of documentation and I am still waiting on the passport for a few passengers (some might be close only arriving 1-2 weeks before). My main question is about choosing your boarding time, I see various timeslots available starting at 11:30 and I'm wondering of those boarding times "sell out" so to speak. Or if they even matter (will we be denied boarding earlier than our chosen slot?). My concern is if I wait until close to sailing time to finish everything once I have the passport number
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