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What to do in Grand caymon?


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Ok...this is the one new Port on our trip...what would people suggest we try? Is there anything we can't do elsewhere, or is it pretty typical dolphins, beach etc? Haven't done any research yet as im just decided to switch boats and sailings, but would love a quick narrowing down! Thanks, Jane

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If you just want some very good snorkeling without an excursion, I highly recommend Paradise.  It's walking distance from the ship and very affordable


Get off the ship, out the gates of the terminal compound and turn right.  Walk right along the sea wall.  You will pass the Hard Rock and the Harley Davidson store and soon you will see a restaurant with a big blue roof.  That is Paradise.  It's maybe a 6 - 8 minute walk.


You can rent your snorkeling gear from them (I think it cost $18 PP the last time we were there) and they will let you have a table and chairs under cover where you can eat lunch (if you want to do that) and rest between swims.  They have a nice sturdy ladder and steps to get in and out of the water.  Some HUGE tarpon hang out right there by the restaurant and it's very cool to swim with them.  Lots of fish.  Lots to see.  The locals will tell you that that many excursion boats will bring you to the very same areas to snorkel that you can swim to from Paradise.  There is a "shelf" (not to be confused with THE WALL) that falls off not far from Paradise and some very big fish hang out there.  Dan saw a big nurse shark the last time we were there and a local told Dan that he (the local) had not seen a nurse shark more than 10 times in his entire life so apparently they are pretty rare.


Everything in GC is expensive so if you decide to eat lunch at Paradise (and I always enjoy their food.  Make sure to get some conch fritters) be prepared to shell out some cash.  Probably $60 for lunch if you get something to eat and drink (that's for 2 !!).  Also, I recommend that you bring some flip flops or water shoes to wear down to the water.  The old concrete that leads from the restaurant to the water is very hard on the feet.....but everyone just leaves their shoes by the water.   Nobody will bother them.


I love GC,  I spent a week on a SCUBA trip there back in the 80's when there wasn't much there !!  I always enjoy going back.


Hell is fun to see once, and the turtle farm is surprisingly interesting and enjoyable.  As Doc said, everyone should go to stingray city at least once.  When I went there, back in the 80's, our boat was the only boat there that day.  Now, when you go, there are literally dozens of boats and hundreds of people there.  Of course, that is primarily b/c of the cruise ships...but it's still fun to swim with and feed the sting rays.


Oh....and if you go to Paradise, be sure and sneak some dry cereal from the WJ to take with you.  Feed the fish before you get in (the tarpon are too snooty to have anything to do with the dry cereal but the little fish love it !!!).

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