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  1. Tiny260 Thankyou. You were very helpful. And the link to the video was great happy sails to you.
  2. Thank you WAAAYTOOO. I wasnt planning on bringing an iron on board just wondering what to do if something is wrinkled and needs a quick press. Someone mentioned an ironing room ??? Would that be possible ? Or is it the case where you have to send it out for a service
  3. Thanks so much Matt. You are so helpful on this Blog. Your immediate responce is great. But i still would like to find out if there is an iron in the room. And if by some CRAZY chance the coffee maker might be a kerig or other. Cause i will bring my own coffee. Thanks
  4. We are in a junior suite. On the Harmony. Is there a coffee maker in the room? If so, wondering what type it is. Also would there be an iron in the room as well? I do know they dont allow you to bring a travel iron.
  5. Hi there we booked a junior suit. Is the suit longe and coastal kitchen open to us at anytime? Food and drinks? What time does it close down in the eve and open up in the morning? Thanks.
  6. Would anyone have a list of inclusive restaurants and eateries on the Harmony? Feel free to pass on any reviews as well. Thanks
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