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  1. Has anyone experienced the Escape the Rubicon escape room on Harmony? How quickly does it fill up?
  2. We're scheduled to sail on Odyssey on January 15th but I just learned that a Carnival ship was denied access to Aruba & Bonaire due to an "undisclosed number of passengers & crew testing positive for Corona". Royal Caribbean has already been denied access to Grand Cayman and substituted Nassau Bahamas and another day at sea.
  3. I just read in our local newspaper that a Carnival ship was denied access to Bonaire & Aruba due to an undisclosed number of passengers & crew testing positive for Corona. Our January 15th cruise itinerary has been changed to remove Grand Cayman and substitute Nassau Bahamas. Now with this news, if there are positive Corona cases we might not be able to go to Aruba... Honestly, I'm thinking of cancelling this cruise all together. I've already done the lift & shift twice due to Corona.
  4. We had a cabana at Coco Cay a few yrs ago. We only saw our cabana attendant one time when we first arrived. He never came back to replenish our water or take drink orders. We had to walk down to the bar to get drinks. Not a huge deal but he got a $0 tip from our party of 6 when he could have gotten at least $75 had he checked on us throughout the day.
  5. We bought the deluxe alcohol package for our trip on Freedom. Several times, I "caught" the bartenders not putting any alcohol in our drinks and had to remind them that Rum Punch has rum in it not just the mix and some soda. Is this a common thing? Has it happened to you?
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