Six fun things to do in Labadee other than sitting at the beach


Everyone loves a good beach day, but sometimes you want to branch out and, to borrow a phrase from a past Royal Caribbean marketing campaign, get out there. Royal Caribbean's private destination of Labadee is well-known for its amazing beaches and serenity, but for those that want a little more active fun, here are some suggestions for what to do on your next visit there.

Ride the longest zip line over water

As soon as you step foot onto Labadee, you will likely notice the zip line cables extending down from the top of a nearby mountain, which seems to draw many guests who want to experience it for themselves.

The Dragon's Breath zip line takes you 500 feet above the beach as you reach speeds of 40-50 miles per hour. The zip line is 2,600 feet long and begins atop lookout mountain, and will take you above the ocean and land.

Arawak Aqua Park

If your idea of a good time is jumping, falling and canon-balling into the ocean off giant inflatable objects, then Arawak Aqua Park is perfect for you.  While there is plenty of time spent in the water, unlike a day at the beach, this aqua park is all about expending a ton of energy in this fun marine playground.

Floating trampolines, pyramids and water slides await you as you jump, climb and splash to your heart's content. It is fun for kids and adults who want to keep cool while having a lot of fun while enjoying picture-perfect views of the turquoise sea around you.


To get a full appreciation of Labadee's natural beauty, one needs to go about 400 feet in the air on an exciting parasailing adventure.

Going up in a parasail provides one of the best views of Labadee, your Royal Caribbean ship, and the surrounding area. Guests take a scenic journey to the parasailing area, where they fly in tandem high above Labadee.  Without a doubt, you will not find another view like this one.

Jet Ski

Anytime I think of jet skiing in Labadee, I am reminding of this classic Royal Caribbean television commercial.

Regardless of your nostalgia, a jet ski ride is the perfect way for anyone that wants to take a high-speed adventure through the waters of Labadee.  This is great for anyone that wants to indulge their sense of adventure and enjoy Labadee's natural beauty with the wind in their hair.

Deep sea fishing

Did you know you can go fishing while in Labadee? Royal Caribbean provides a 3-hour fishing voyage off the coast of Labadee, where your Captain takes you in search of saltwater fish to catch.

Guests embark on a 25.5 foot boat for an opportunity to try to find and reel in various large fish, such as marlin, tuna, wahoo and mahi mahi. 

Alpine Coaster

Located 680 feet up on Santa Maria’s lookout mountain, you will find the Dragon's Tail roller coaster, which is an alpine coaster.  You may have seen these sort of rides at some ski resorts during the summer months. 

Essentially it is a single car vehicle that races down a track at 30 miles per hour and features 360-degree turns as well as dips, waves and curves, you can catch glimpses of the ocean.

Royal Caribbean provides update on damage to CocoCay and Labadee from Hurricane Matthew


Ever since Hurricane Matthew passed through the Caribbean, many Royal Caribbean fans have been concerned about what damage the storm had on the cruise line's private destinations.  Royal Caribbean CEO Michael Bayley shared an update with guests aboard Allure of the Seas.

Thanks to Kathy Van Wormer Sanders for sharing this letter

Here is the excerpt from the letter regarding Labadee, "In Haiti, the area near Cap Haitien that is home to Labadee was thankfully spared the worst of the storm.  Our staff was able to remain onsite throughout the week and is making sure the facility is in a clean and safe condition.  The school we operate for local children was closed for several days but class will be back in session next week."

In regards to CocoCay, there were fewer details that Bayley shared, "There are fewer details to share yet in the Bahamas, but he need will no doubt be great, and we will do all we can to assist.  We are in contact with the Bahamian government to understand their most urgent needs and how we can help."

Royal Caribbean is also providing aid and supplies to the people of Haiti, as outlined by Bayley in the letter, "Together with our longtime NGO partner, the Pan-American Development Foundation (PADF), we are already providing relief supplies to affected areas near Port-au-Prince, and have established a matching fund for contributions.  PADF is using our seed money to purchase tarps, water, rice and beans for areas hit by the storm.  There's good news, in that hospitals are operating, but that means medical supplied will be needed soon.  We have also sent trucks with mattresses, sheets and blankets to some hard hit areas, and our ships will also be dropping off supplies."

Royal Caribbean is actively working on providing ways for its guests to donate to help support these efforts, "We expect to have our relief plans for the region fully shaped in the next few days, including ways guests can help."

If you would like to donate towards the rebuilding efforts, consider a donation to the Help Haiti Now effort by PADF.

Photo tour of the beach cabanas at Nellie's Beach on Labadee


At Royal Caribbean's private destination of Labadee, guests can reserve a cabana at Nellie's Beach to enjoy a secluded beach experience. The cabanas have become very popular with guests, and we had the chance to try the beach cabanas on a recent visit.

There are two types of cabanas available: over the water and beach cabanas. In the past, we have rented the over the water cabanas, but wanted to try the beach cabanas.

The beach cabanas are recessed at the rear of the beach, in a secluded area.  Beach cabanas cost $395 (for up to six guests).  Unlike the beach cabanas at the suite-only Barefoot Beach, the beach cabanas at Nellie's Beach are located in a private area, separated by a short wall.

There are two sub-types of beach cabanas: regular and handicap accessible.  The handicap accessible cabanas feature a ramp instead of stairs that lead to the cabana.

All the Labadee cabanas are equipped with two lounge chairs and a large seating area inside the cabana that features a fan and electric outlets. Cabana guest also get to enjoy complimentary bottles of water (in a cooler), two floating beach mats, snorkeling gear and towels. A cabana attendant is also assigned to you, who can assist you with any requests you may have.

Part of the reason we booked the beach cabanas instead of the over the water cabanas is because the over the water cabanas have a private staircase leading to the water, which is a bit too steep for my young children to navigate. The beach cabanas lead to the ocean via the beach, which was very easy for the kids.

Cabana guests at Nellie's Beach also have access to private golf cart transportation. Simply indicate to your cabana attendant that you would like to go somewhere (back to the ship, to the buffet, shore excursions, etc) and a golf cart will be brought to your cabana for your comfort and then you will be driven to your destination.

In short, we really enjoyed the beach cabanas at Nellie's Beach.  The over the water cabanas offer arguably a better view, but the beach cabanas still provide privacy and come in $100 cheaper.  For families that want a private beach experience, the beach cabanas at Nellie's Beach are a great choice.

Spotted: New souvenir cup design on Royal Caribbean's Labadee private destination


While at Royal Caribbean's private destination of Labadee, we noticed the design for the souvenir cups has changed.

Guests that have visited Labadee may remember the classic souvenir cups available for guest to bring home after enjoying a Labadoozie.  The cup design has changed, and now offers four different colors.

In addition to the color change,there is no longer an indication as to the private destination you are visiting.  

Do you like the new cup design? Share your thoughts in our comments!

Spotted: Beach Bungalows on Royal Caribbean's Labadee


Royal Caribbean has been busy adding new options for guests to enjoy on a visit to their private destinations, and today we spotted a new beach bungalow option in Labadee.

Priced at $250 for up to eight guests, these beach bungalows are located at Columbus Cove and offers a tranquil beach experience that is close to the family activities, such as Dragon’s Splash Water Slide, Arawak Aqua Park and a variety of other family-fun activities.

Each beach bungalow rental includes two floating beach mats, stocked water cooler, beach towels and the personalized service of an attendant on hand to bring you beverages.

Transportation to and from Beach Bungalows is via Labadee tram or tender boat service to Nellie's, with a short walk to Columbus Cove.

Royal Caribbean also recently added beach bungalows to its other private destination of CocoCay.

5 things to bring to Labadee to make your visit awesome


Royal Caribbean's private destination of Labadee is as beautiful as it is serene, and arguably any day there is a day in paradise. While Mother Nature has done an amazing job of providing the perfect spot for a day at the beach, there are a few items you might want consider bringing there for your next visit to enhance the experience.

After several visits to Labadee, I came up with a few items I think are important considerations to bring with you on your next visit.  You can easily have a wonderful day at Labadee with just a towel in hand, but these suggestions add to the experience.  Enjoy!

Bluetooth speaker

Photo by Fred Block

A day at the beach is about relaxing in the sun and surf, but passing the time enjoying those rays and waves is much more enjoyable with some great music.  Royal Caribbean does have some live music on the island, and some recorded music playing near the bars, but back at your beach chair it can be difficult to hear any of it.

We do not advocate blasting your music to disturb other guests, rather, provide a way for you and your family and friends to enjoy some background music while you take it all in.  Enjoying music among friends is a great way to spend the day, especially if you are in a cabana.

There are plenty of good Bluetooth speakers that will hook up to your phone or device, but we recommend one that is water resistant and wireless for ease of use, such as the UE Roll 2, UE Boom 2 or JBL Flip 3.

Water shoes

Photo by Amazon

Natural beauty in Labadee is all around you, including in the ocean.  There is plenty of sand but the beach at Labadee is a bit on the rocky side, so you might want to invest in some water shoes to make the whole experience better.

In my experience, water shoes are a nice-to-have option that makes for one less thing to worry about, but is not required.  If you want to enjoy the ocean without worrying as much about where you are stepping, or just want to have piece of mind (like for your kids), water shoes would be a good idea.

For adults, try the Aleader brand water shoes for men and women because not only do they protect your feet, they also do not look like typical water shoes.  For the kids, try the Northside Brille II Water Shoe for girls and the Aleader Boys Water Shoes.

Water resistant sunscreen

Photo by Jeff Robertson

This one should be obvious, but I feel so strongly about this that I am including it in our list as a sort of public service announcement.  Labadee is in the Caribbean and it is quite sunny in the Caribbean and you absolutely want to protect yourself if for no other reason that to avoid being that guy or girl on the ship that comes back onboard with the lobster look.

Invest in a good sunscreen that will not only protect you from the sun, but not wash off in the ocean quickly.  Consumer Reports recommends two sunscreens that are great for use at the beach. If you prefer a lotion, try the Coppertone Water Babies SPF 50.  If spray sunscreen is more your style, the Neutrogena Beach Defense Water + Sun Protection SPF 70 received high marks.

Waterproof case for your smartphone

Photo by Amazon

I am willing to bet most guests going to Labadee will bring their phones with them to act as cameras and absolutely no one wants their phone to be damaged due to water or sand.

The JOTO smartphone case will protect your phone against water, sand, snow, your toddler trying to eat it and more.

Just drop your phone in the case, seal it up and you can use your phone to take photos in the ocean, pool, beach and anywhere else you want.  


Photo by Amazon

If there was a place the folks that designed the GoPro series of cameras had in mind for their product to be used, it has to be Labadee.  Between the zip line, alpine coaster and time in the ocean, there are plenty of opportunities to record memories.

GoPro has carved out for itself a piece of the video camera market by offering a top-quality product that can record high definition video anywhere you go.  Under the water, through the trees and in the sand, the GoPro cameras work everywhere and do not get damaged.

The GoPro HERO4 is plenty good for most people that just want to record memories from anywhere in Labadee.  

Your thoughts

What do you bring to enhance your visit to Labadee? Or do you prefer a more minimalist approach to a day at the beach?  Share your best tips and suggestions in the comments below!

Labadee Guide & Tips


Labadee is Royal Caribbean's private destination in Haiti, and is a common port of call for many Royal Caribbean western Caribbean-bound cruise ships. This guide provides tips for visiting Labadee, including things to do and not not to do and how to make the most of your time on Labadee.

For starters, some basics about Labadee and then we will get into some recommendations.It is a a 260-acre private beach resort used exclusively by Royal Caribbean guests and crew members.  Royal Caribbean sister company ships, most notably Celebrity Cruise Line, have also been known to stop there. The Royal Caribbean ships dock right at Labadee, making for an easy on-off experience. You will need to bring your SeaPass card with you when you get off the ship at a minimum, but we recommend bringing a small day bag with you to keep valuables and belongings together.

Most times Royal Caribbean provides a towel station on the dock for guests as they exit the ship, but you can alternatively pick up towels to use on the pool deck.  Once off the ship, you will walk down the dock towards land and pass through the Labadee entrance area, which is your gateway to what Labadee offers.  Recently, Royal Caribbean has been offering a water taxi that picks guests up at the dock and takes them directly to Columbus Cove beach, which is the furthest beach to walk to.

Exploring Labadee

Royal Caribbean provides tram service to get around Labadee, but it is optional and we find walking to be quite manageable.  The tram is nice to hop on if it is convenient, but by no means necessary. Plus, Labadee has a lot of natural beauty to behold and walking around will give you a good sense of the layout of the beaches as well as an appreciation for the natural wonders.

It is not a bad idea to walk through Labadee and make your way to Columbus Cove and take the shuttle back at some point during your stay at Labadee, even if you are not interested in going to Columbus Cove. This is because you will be able to check out the striking natural beauty and great beaches and the walk really is not that bad, and can actually be faster than the trams.

Labadee itself has an interesting past.  It was named after the marquis de La Badie, a Frenchman who first settled the area in the 17th century. The peninsula was named Labadie, although Royal Caribbean spells it "Labadee" to make it easier for English-speakers to pronounce.


Labadee is made up of five main beaches.  Most guests arriving at Labadee tend to go to Adrenaline Beach, because it is located closest to the dock and when walking off the dock, it is the first beach guests see.  This beach is on the north side of Labadee and extends all the way down the north coast.  This combination of proximity to the ship and things to do is the kind of mix that leads to it becoming crowded first and ends up being the most popular.

If you do not plan on going to Adrenaline Beach all day, try to arrive either early or late.  We noticed it is the least busy and the most pristine first thing in the morning, so if you plan on doing any activity, early in the morning is the best time for that.  If you just want to enjoy the beach, the last couple of hours on Labadee is the best time to go.  Guests tend not to want to be stranded on the island, and overcompensate for the fear that this will happen by leaving the beach about 1-2 hours before the ship leaves. 

Barefoot Beach is a beach reserved for suite and cabana guests exclusively and located on the south side of the island.  It is a relatively smaller beach, compared to Adrenaline Beach and is more of a cove in shape.  By far, Barefoot Beach is the smallest beach of all the choices and access is controlled by checking a guest's SeaPass card. Because of its exclusivity, crowds on Barefoot Beach are not as much a problem.

Adjacent to Barefoot Beach is Nellie's Beach, which looks very similar to Barefoot Beach but is open to all guests.  About a 10 minute walk from the dock, Nellie's Beach features another cove-type beach, with rocks on both sides that enclose the area. Many guests looking for an alternative to Adrenaline Beach end up at Nellie's Beach because it is still close to the dock area and quite pleasant looking.

Columbus Cove is the furthest beach from the dock area, but offers a lot of space and the least crowds.  Columbus Cove features the Arawak Aqua Park along with Dragon’s Splash Waterslide.

Columbus Cove runs along the the southern part of the peninsula. The beach water is sheltered and there is a white sandy beach with trees that go down to the water's edge. This area has its own bar and dining facility.

Which beach you pick can depend on a lot of factors, especially what time you arrive at the beach.  Crowds will build as the day progresses and most guests tend to fill spots closest to the dock first, extending out towards Adrenaline Beach and Columbus Cove. 

Regardless of which beach you end up going to, you should bring some cash with you for tips.  Chairs are complimentary, but there are locals on Labadee who will help you set them up and it is customary to provide a tip for the assistance.


There are three lunch locations on Labadee, where guests can enjoy a BBQ-style lunch and it is included in the cost of the cruise.  Dragon's Rock Cafe is located very close to the dock area, Cafe Labadee is at the end of Adrenaline Beach and Columbus Cove Cafe is right in the middle of the beach area to serve guests on that side of Labadee.

Each of these locations serves almost exactly the same items, namely BBQ, including chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, fresh fruit, corn on the cob and more. The offerings are virtually identical in terms of food selection, so it is just a matter of which location is more convenient for you to go to.

Another option is to go back aboard your cruise ship, and have lunch onboard in the Windjammer or other location.  Some people prefer this for greater variety and a chance to regroup, but keep in mind that your time in Labadee is rather limited. The food on Labadee may not win any culinary awards, but there should be something for everyone, which fits in well on a beach day.

There are also at least 8 bars on Labadee, with roaming waiters that will also take your order.  Each bar location has a set of drinks available for purchase. Guests that have a Royal Caribbean drink package will be happy to know their package benefits work on Labadee, just like on the ship.

Without a doubt, the signature drink of Labadee is the Labadoozie, which is a citrus-based frozen drink best known for being served in sports bottles.  

After a little bit of time on Labadee, you will grow accustomed to the waiters walking around with a tray full of Labadoozies offering to sell you one.  They are as tasty as they are a spectacle to see.  You can have them with or without rum, but for the adults that opt to have rum, their beach day is sure to improve immediately.

Keep in mind Labadoozies are included in the drink package, but the souvenir sports bottle is not.  If you have a drink package and want a Labadoozie, go to the bar and ask for one in a regular cup.

Things to do

Royal Caribbean has been steadily adding more and more activities to Labadee over the years.  At its heart, Labadee is a beach day and you can go to any beach, have a seat and enjoy a day in the water with no additional cost. 

Guests looking for something more substantive to do will find quite an array of activities in Labadee.

Chief among the things to do in Labadee is the Dragon's Breath zip line, which is a 2,600 foot zip line over the ocean that takes guests across the span of Labadee. It is a bit pricey ($95 per guest), but it offers amazing views and one of the longest zip lines in the world.

On the same mountain as the zip line is the Dragon's Tail Roller Coaster, which is located 680 feet above sea level.  This is an alpine coaster that uses gravity to bring you down the mountain and combines thrills with fantastic views.

Essentially it's a single car vehicle that races down a track at 30 miles per hour and features 360-degree turns as well as dips, waves and curves, you can catch glimpses of the ocean.

Minimum age to be a single rider is 12 years old. Children between the ages of 5 and 11 may ride in the same cart with their parent/guardian. Maximum occupancy per cart is 2 persons with a maximum combined weight of 360 pounds. Total ride time is approximately 3-5 minutes.

There are also some simpler beach activities that can be reserved, such as snorkeling or renting a floating mat.  These cost just a few dollars per guest and allow you to enjoy the activities on your own.  The snorkeling at Labadee is not spectacular, but the ocean is clear and fairly calm.  It is a good place to practice snorkeling or test out new equipment.

Kids (and those young at heart) will gravitate towards Arawak Aqua Park, which is an aqua park in Columbus Cove.  There, you will find floating trampolines, pyramids and water slides.  You can jump, climb, fall, and climb again to your heart's content. Admission to Arawak is limited by times, which helps keep crowding issues down. We've generally found the cost here to be fairly inexpensive and a great way for kids to burn off extra energy.

While the Arawak Aqua Park has an additional cost, there is a complimentary splash pad area in the near center of Labadee, known as Luc's Splash Bash.  Kids will find lots of water fountains, buckets and sprinklers to enjoy and can be great for young children who are not comfortable in the ocean yet.

There is also the Dragon's Splash Waterslide located nearby to the Aqua park and features a 300-foot slide that drops you into a 18-foot splash zone.

Photo by TravnKC

For those that want a beach day but would like to enhance that experience, there are a few options available.  Beach loungers provide shade and a little bit of personalized service for a modest fee.  We really like the protection from the sun these provide and think it is a good choice for families. There is a private beach lounger area on Adrenaline Beach, which can be reserved in advance.

Guests can also opt to rent beach beds at the end of Adrenaline Beach.  The idea is to have a comfortable place to relax, while still being right on the beach.  From your beach bed, you can relax in comfort as the ocean breeze passes by you, with a great view of Dragon's Beach.

For those that want the ultimate beach experience on Labadee, it is hard to overlook the cabanas. The Labadee cabanas come in two forms: beach and over-the-water and are available to rent at Nellie's Beach and Barefoot Beach.  The cabanas at Barefoot Beach are reserved and offered to suite guests first, but the Nellie's Beach cabanas are usually available to all guests. Cabanas can accommodate up to six guests comfortably and provide privacy as well as a lot of nice perks, including complimentary floats, snorkel equipment, beverages and waiter service.

That rounds out some of the more notable things to do on Labadee, but there is much more available.  Fishing, parasailing, jet skiing, kayaks and boat tours are just some of the activities available while visiting Labadee.

All excursions and activities on Labadee are booked directly through Royal Caribbean and your best bet is to reserve it prior to your cruise via the Cruise Planner. You can wait to book onboard your ship, but there is a risk of some options selling out (such as the Cabanas).


While visiting Labadee, you might be inclined to bring a little bit of it home to remember it by.  Royal Caribbean provides two major spots to do some shopping in Labadee: the Artisan Market and the Artisan Village.  The Maket is more of a store, with pre-set prices and offering hand-made goods.  The Village is more of an open air market, where guests are expected to haggle with the vendors.  

You will find wood carvings, necklaces, paintings, shirts and other souvenirs in there. Be sure to bring cash for either location, because your SeaPass card does not work for these purchases.

It is worth noting we have heard from many guests who were turned off by the shopping experience in the Artisan Village. Specifically, the vendors tend to be pushy and not everyone is comfortable with that.  Still, if you want an authentic souvenir from Haiti, this is your only option and the Market is less intense, compared to the Village.

You will also find a couple of Royal Caribbean shops on Labadee, where you can buy t-shirts, beach wear and other knick knacks.

What to pack

There are a few things you will want to bring to Labadee that you not otherwise consider. First, quality water shoes. You will want these because the paved walkways and even that white sand can get hot, plus in the water there are plenty of rocks that could be stepped on. Second, bring a camera (a waterproof camera would be ideal) because there is a lot to see and do on Labadee and you will want to remember it all.  With decent underwater cameras costing less than $100, it is worth it to have one so that you can take photos in and out of the water.  Plus, you will likely be able to use it on other port stops during your cruise.

You might also want to consider bringing your own set of snorkels or water toys.  Both can be rented from Royal Caribbean, although guests cannot go to Labadee and rent snorkeling gear on the island directly.  Rather, guests can get snorkeling gear via any of the snorkeling excursions. On many Royal Caribbean ships, there will be snorkeling gear to purchase onboard the ship. Water toys, such as beach mats, are available for rent but will cost more than if you bought an inflatable one to bring with you.  Granted, in the case of snorkel gear and water toys, you must be willing and able to pack and bring them because they will take up space in your suitcase and then you have to haul them back and forth from the ship.  Not everyone is willing to do that.  Even if you do need them on Labadee, you might be better renting or buying. 

Other items are more common-sense based: sunscreen, hats, and other beach-ware. You don’t need to bring the whole kitchen sink of stuff off your cruise ship and onto Labadee. If you forget something in your stateroom, you can always go back and get it!

Your thoughts

Do you have any tips to add for enjoying Royal Caribbean's Labadee? Any favorite excursions or things you think are a good value? Drink recommendations? Any other secrets to share or questions? Hearing from you is half the fun, so please leave a comment below!

Spotlight: Labadee Beach Loungers


Royal Caribbean's private destination of Labadee is a beautiful beach paradise that offers guests spectacular views, warm blue waters and a relaxing day.

A somewhat new offering on Labadee has popped up, where guests can reserve beach loungers that promise a little bit of privacy, protection from the sun and some exclusive benefits.

While on a recent Royal Caribbean cruise to Labadee, we tried out these beach loungers for ourselves to see what it is all about.

The official name of these clamshell shades are the Beach Lounger for Two, and they cost $35 for each beach lounger.

Each beach lounger can accommodate two guests and what you pay gets you a few benefits

  • A private beach lounger reserved for you, that provides protection from the sun and a little bit of privacy too
  • A beach attendant, who can order drinks for you
  • Access to a beach area for guests that reserve a beach lounger.

The beach loungers are set up on Adrenaline Beach, which is the beach opposite of where your Royal Caribbean ship is docked, somewhat underneath the path of the Dragon's Flight zip line.

Once reserved online or onboard the ship, guests may proceed to the area at their convenience. Once there, a beach attendant will help pick out the beach lounger of your choice (based on what is available at the time of your arrival).  Beach loungers are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Each lounger can fit two lounge chairs, with a little space for bags and other personal belongings around and under the chairs.

While the lounger is meant to seat two guests, there is no limit of guests that can enjoy the lounger or the area. We saw families of 4 and more sharing one lounger in many cases.

We really liked having protection from the sun and a somewhat private area to enjoy.  Cabanas and beach beds offer similar experiences, but at a much higher cost. At $35 for each lounger, it is a solid deal.

The beach attendant experience is nice as well, as it is much simpler to have a single point of contact when you need a drink.  Keep in mind that while the beach attendant services are included with the beach lounger reservation, tips are expected.

Unfortunately, the beach lounger will not provide complete shade at all times of the day. Depending on the position of the sun, it is quite likely for there to be sunlight shining onto at least part of the lounge chairs at any given time. If your goal is to get somewhere on the beach with complete shade, a cabana is still your best bet.

Overall, the price makes these beach loungers quite a competitive option that is hard to overlook.

Unlike their CocoCay cousins, there are less perks available with the beach lounger, but the loungers on Labadee are also less expensive.

The Labadee beach loungers are perfect for anyone that wants to enjoy the Labadee experience without worrying about finding a spot and values a little protection from the elements while they are at it.

Nellie's Beach Cabanas on Royal Caribbean's Labadee


Guests that want a private beach experience on Royal Caribbean's private destination of Labadee are sure to enjoy the cabanas available for rent on Nellie's Beach.

Royal Caribbean offers cabana rentals at two of its beaches in Labadee: Nellie's Beach and Barefoot Beach.  

Barefoot Beach, and its cabanas, are reserved for suite guests only, but the cabanas at Nellie's Beach are available for rent to all guests.

Guests may reserve cabanas online via the Cruise Planner.

Cabanas at Nellie's Beach come in two forms: Beach cabanas and Over the Water cabanas.

Beach Cabanas cost $395 (for up to six guests) and Over the Water cabanas cost $495 (for up to six guests).

While on a recent Allure of the Seas cruise, we were able to check out the Over the Water cabanas.

Over the Water cabanas are situated on rock groupings that line the Nellie's Beach area.  They each have a walkway down to the ocean for private water access, and to avoid having to walk back to the beach itself.

As the day progresses and the beach gets busier, this private access is better appreciated.

By far, the views guests enjoy at the Over the Water cabanas are quite beautiful.

Also, no cabana experience is complete without a Labadoozie. Waiter service is included for all cabanas.

Each cabana is equipped with two lounge chairs and a large seating area inside the cabana.  A cabana attendant is also assigned to you, who can assist you with any requests you may have.

Cabana guest also get to enjoy complimentary bottles of water (in a cooler), two floating beach mats, snorkeling gear and towels.

Cabana guests at Nellie's Beach also have access to private golf cart transportation.  Simply indicate to your cabana attendant that you would like to go somewhere (back to the ship, to the buffet, shore excursions, etc) and a golf cart will be brought to your cabana for your comfort and then you will be driven to your destination.

The cabanas at Labadee are perfect for anyone that wants to spend the whole day at the beach and prefers to have a private beach experience.