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Take a look inside a cruise ship captain's living quarters

04 Sep 2023

Have you ever wondered how cruise ship captains live compared to other crew members?

Captain Johnny shares a look at this room

On his last contract as Captain of Harmony of the Seas, Captain Johnny Faevelen, took to TikTok (@captainjohnnyfaevelen) to show viewers what his living quarters were like

Spoiler alert: Captain accommodations are nothing like the videos you have seen of the tight living quarters of those who have to share rooms and sleep on bunk beds.

Keep reading to see just how luxurious Captain Faevelen lived while he was commanding one of the world's largest cruise ships. 

Who is Captain Johnny Faevelen?

Harmony of the Seas

Captain Johnny is perhaps Royal Caribbean's best known Captain, primarily because of his flamboyant style. 

The Captain known for having a parrot and motorcycle, "We were encouraged many, many years ago to pop up unexpectedly and do something funny or something memorable. I have kind of followed that idea for many, many years."

According to Faevelen's LinkedIn, he is an experienced Royal Caribbean Officer with 45 years of international sailing experience, the last 26 of which he has been a Captain for Royal Caribbean International cruise ships. 

Captain Johnny in Labadee

Previous ships he has worked onboard include Nordic Prince, Sun Viking, Sovereign of the Seas, Monarch of the Seas, Splendour of the Seas, Voyager of the Seas, Explorer of the Seas, Adventure of the Seas, Navigator of the Seas, Mariner of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, and, of course, Harmony of the Seas. 

When Harmony of the Seas set sail in 2016, she became the world's largest cruise ship, surpassing Allure of the Seas. Today, she is still one of the largest cruise ships at sea, followed only by Symphony of the Seas, Wonder of the Seas, and -- in January 2024 -- Icon of the Seas

Harmony of the Seas pool deck sunset

The ship measures a whopping 226,963 gross registered tons, 1,188 feet in length, and has a width of 215.5 feet. Any captain who mans a ship this big has to be more than experienced in order to keep everyone safe! 

Let's take a look at Captain Faevelen's living quarters

A Captain's room is surprisingly large, and it provides a lot more space than most cruise ship passenger cabins.


As soon as he opened the door, we are greeted by a spacious foyer.

To the right is the guest bathroom, and directly across the hall is the Master Bedroom. 


The Master Bedroom is complete with a queen bed, walk-in closet, flat-screen television, and large ensuite bathroom. 

You might be surprised to find a Captain's room just as nice looking as guest cabins.

The typical crew member room is much more spartan in design than what passengers enjoy, but the captain's quarters definitely look more like guest accommodations.


The Master Bathroom has a large shower and soaking tub, as well as an expansive vanity with plenty of storage.

There are no dual sinks, though. Imagine if all cruise ship bathrooms were outfitted this way! 

Non-suite cabins on a Royal Caribbean ship for passengers will have a sink, shower, and toilet.


The open concept main living area features a dining table that can seat four, as well as a sofa, loveseat, comfortable recliner, coffee table, and 55-inch television.

It is decorated with pictures and gifts from guests, which gives it a more personalized touch, rather than feeling like a suite that greets new passengers each week.

Just like a Grand Suite, Captain Johnny's room has lots of space.  Part of the appeal of a suite is to get more living space (along with the incredible suite perks). 

Most rooms on a cruise ship feel smaller than your average hotel room, but suites offer substantially more living space.


Plus, he has his Martin Guitar on display near the television, which allowed him to keep his brain and fingers moving when he had some free time! 

If you're unfamiliar with guitars, Martin Guitars are crafted of a higher quality, and they are rather expensive acoustic guitars.

It's a brand that's been around for a very long time, and they've carved out their section of the acoustic guitar market.


The living and dining area flows seamlessly into the kitchen. It, however, is not a standard kitchen that you would find on land. While there's no oven or range, it is equipped with a fridge, dishwasher, microwave, and toaster oven.

Fire is the biggest threat to any cruise ship, so open flames are major no-no.  It's why you can only smoke in designated areas, and will never see lit candles onboard.

If you look closely above the counter, you will see Captain Faevelen's collection of coffee mugs! 

Additional seating for two is available at the kitchen island's bar.

The amount of counter space that the Captain's quarters have is really impressive.  


Next to the television in the primary living area is a door that leads directly into the Captain's Office.

Like his personal quarters, he has pictures hung throughout to make it feel more homely. The Captain's Office is connected to The Bridge, which gave him possibly one of the shortest commutes ever! 

You might wonder why the Captain's room is so close to the bridge, and that's to make it as easy and quick for the Captain to reach the bridge at any time.

Navigator bridge

The bridge is where the Captain and officers navigate the ship. It's command central and somewhere passengers are not allowed to go, unless part of a pre-arranged tour.

Since the situation can change at any time, it's important the Captain be able to get to the bridge for any emergencies or important situations without having to wait for an elevator or walk up and down stairs.


Captain Faevelen's tour is not the first time a cruise ship Captain has gone to social media to give viewers an insider's look at their living quarters

Captain Kate at the helm

In August 2020, Captain Kate McCue posted a TikTok about her living quarters! Since then, the video has amassed over 1.1 million likes.  

In 2015, Captain McCue made history as the first American woman to be named captain of a mega cruise ship when she became the commanding officer of Celebrity Summit. Plus, she was only 37-years-old!


Captain McCue made history as the first American woman to be named captain of a mega cruise ship. In 2015, she became the commanding officer of Celebrity Summit at only 37-years-old. 

Today, she is the captain of Celebrity Beyond, one of Celebrity Cruises' newest Edge Class vessels, and continues to post on social media to give viewers an insight into what being a captain is all about! 

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Who a cruise ship Captain works with onboard

Royal Caribbean veteran Captain Sindre Borsheim

A cruise ship Captain is the person in charge of the ship, and it's why they are referred to as the "master of the vessel".

Of course, the Captain is supported by other officers in the operation of the ship.

Spectrum of the Seas bridge

While on the bridge, there's always at least two licensed officers, and one lookout. Usually, there's more people there, including the Captain.

Similar to an airplane, routes are often navigated by the ship's autopilot, until manual intervention is needed.

Captain Johnny in front of Harmony of the Seas

While many people imagine a cruise ship's bridge handing where a ship goes, it's also the primary hub for the ship-wide safety operations. Any emergencies or situations are managed from the bridge, and orders are given from there.

The Captain has many responsibilities, and it's why all of that duty gets you a really nice stateroom.

Social media star

Captain Johnny and Shrek

Cruise ship captains are not usually known for having a big personality, but Captain Johnny certainly breaks that mold.

He has amassed over 115,000 followers on TikTok, where he shares glimpses of his work on cruise ships, golfing, and time at home.

Engine room tiktok

In one video, he shared a look at the engine control room, which is usually a restricted area. He showed what the engineer on duty has to do in order to monitor the ship's operations, with a possible 40,000 alarms to track.

Captain Johnny guitar lessons

He also has a video where he gave crew members guitar lessons.

Off duty in his regular clothes, he guided other crew members in learning how to play.

The variety of content has endeared him to his viewers, and catapulted his viewers considerably.

Crew member shows what it's like to sail on an empty cruise ship with no passengers

23 Aug 2023

Have you ever wondered what it's like for crew members to sail onboard an empty ship with no passengers?


It is not uncommon for ships to change home ports to offer a wider variety of itineraries. This is why you will see ships make transatlantic and transpacific voyages throughout the year, so that they are able to offer voyages in different regions of the world, including Alaska, the South Pacific, and Europe. 

Oasis of the Seas recently sailed from Miami, Florida to Cape Liberty, New Jersey, where she will remain until November 2023. She'll return to Florida for a couple of months before crossing the Atlantic Ocean in April 2024 to start her summer season in Europe. 

When Oasis of the Seas repositioned from Miami to Cape Liberty, the ship operated without any guests, meaning that the crew had the entire Oasis Class vessel to themselves for a few days. 


Oasis of the Seas turning basin

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Lera, a crew member onboard the ship who has been working with the company for five years, recently posted a YouTube video shedding some light into what these passenger-less days were like. 

Three days without guests


While Oasis of the Seas sailed from Miami to Cape Liberty, crew members got to enjoy the ship's amenities without any guests onboard. Synchro said that it felt like a mini-vacation. 

The first day started with a crew sail away party in the Royal Promenade, but before festivities on the second day could begin, they had to complete a crew drill. 

Once that was over, though, they were treated to a street food festival on the Boardwalk! This event was organized by the HR team, and crew members from different countries prepared their national food for everyone to try. 


According to Synchro, her favorite dishes were those from South Africa, Mexico, and Romania! Some other featured countries were Jamaica, India, and the Philippines. 

Plus, they didn't have to wear their crew uniforms. From what she documented, it looked like a fun event for guests.

They were also able to enjoy the arcade games on the Boardwalk and in the ship's arcade on Deck 15, as well as partake in a game of bingo in the main theater. 


"It's just [those] little that you don't feel that you're on a ship." Synchro said these moments are the most priceless, especially after spending nine months onboard as a crew member. 

Passenger cabin auction


While she did not participate in this, there was an auction for crew members to potentially win a stay in guest cabins.

When the pandemic was ongoing, Synchro said that she spent a lot of time in passenger cabins, so she did not feel like she had to spend money to experience this! She was, however, happy for those that got the opportunity. 

She visited some friends who were staying in cabin 9260, which is a Grand Suite, and were having a mini dance party!


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After showing viewers around the stateroom, which she considered to be pretty luxurious considering it had a dual sink and bathtub, she stepped out onto the balcony to take in the beautiful sunset and hang out with her friends. 

If you are interested in seeing more crew member content, check out Synchro's YouTube channel. She currently has a little over 7,000 followers and posts a wide variety of videos, including those showcasing her crew accommodations, day in the life vlogs, and more. 

In the past, she has posted other videos of what it's like for crew to be alone onboard a Royal Caribbean ship. In 2021, she gave a tour of Harmony of the Seas when it was empty

A look at the secret crew-only restaurant on the world's biggest cruise ship

03 Aug 2023

Have you ever wondered what it is like for crew members to eat onboard a cruise ship?


Passengers have a seemingly endless number of dining options, especially on the newer ships. Whether you want more complimentary options or are hoping to splurge on specialty dinners, there is something that will satisfy everyone! 

Bryan James, a musician onboard Wonder of the Seas, shares insight into what crew member life is like on social media. As of August 2023, he has amassed over 760,000 followers on TikTok and over 20 million likes! 

In the past, he has posted videos about secret crew-only areas, cabin tours, and more. Plus, he has talked about the crew buffet quite a bit!

Where and what do crew members eat?


According to James, every single crew member onboard Wonder of the Seas eats at the crew buffet, which is located below deck.

In one video, he showed what options were available for breakfast. 

"You, of course, have your staples like sausage and eggs," he says, "[but] It's an International crew so lots of rice in the mornings, as well as beans and tomatoes..."


He even showed pastries, pancakes, and a toppings bar! In other words, there's no shortage of options for crew members, either. 

In another TikTok, James showed a crêpe station at the buffet. He he explains it sometimes offers other made-to-order dishes like fried rice or pad thai. 

Regardless, quantity is not the most important thing, it helps that James claims the food is pretty good. There are even some dishes that he would say are amazing. In a separate video, he panned to bibimbap that he would rate 10 out of 10. 


All of the food is free, whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just dessert! Because of this, James says that it is really easy to overindulge or not think too much about the nutritional value of what he is eating.

What if they get hungry in between meals?


Crew members are able to pick up snacks and other day-to-day essentials at the crew store. Here, crew are able to buy toiletries, detergent, and a wide variety of snacks, ranging from chocolate to Takis, nuts, and more. 

James recalls a time in which this was important during the pandemic when they were not allowed off of the ship for eight months. 

"It was like Christmas morning every single time the store got restocked," he says. 

Crew dining on Icon of the Seas 


When Icon of the Seas launches in January 2024 and becomes the world's largest cruise ship, she will have a redesigned crew buffet. 

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"The crew can looking forward to in the crew Windjammer a lot of the same options that we serve to our guests," said Rebecca Burns, Senior Manager of Restaurant Operations for Royal Caribbean International, "That was something that was very important to us when developing the menus."


Like onboard older ships, the buffet will have both hot and cold food stations. She will, however, stand out in that she will be the first to feature live cooking stations in the crew buffet.

Plus, the crew will actually be able to look outside at the ocean through the porthole windows. 

Royal Caribbean is adding the best crew member cabins and areas on its next new cruise ship

29 Jun 2023

At the heart of every Royal Caribbean cruise vacation are the crew members who work to make sure each guest has a memorable experience. 


Royal Caribbean shared an inside look at how they designed the crew's neighborhood onboard the highly-anticipated Icon of the Seas, which will have over 2,300 crew members from 80 counties. They will have their own indoor and outdoor pub, gym, and even salon. 

"Building Icon of the Seas and putting all these amazing neighborhoods and 'wow; moments on there," said Jason Liberty, President & CEO of Royal Caribbean Group, "that's really the beginning of the experience. But in order to deliver on that experience, it will require what makes Royal Caribbean so special, which is our crew."

The crew neighborhood spans four decks and will feature redesigned accommodations


"Well, the good thing about a new class of ships is that we really get a chance to start from scratch and elevate the crew life onboard," said Henrik Loy, Captain of Icon of the Seas.  

Royal Caribbean sent our surveys to crew members asking them what they wanted to see onboard Icon, and at the top of the list was a place their home away from home: their cabin. 


In fact, the new design has been patented for its unique L-shaped layout. Other features include privacy curtains, enhanced finishes and materials, as well as easier to climb beds. 

"This [L-shape] accommodation allows each crew member to have their own private space where they can really relax and have their own time," said Michael Bayley, Royal Caribbean International President and CEO.


After architects designed what they thought crew members wanted, Royal Caribbean gave crew the chance to sit down and be involved first-hand in the process. Over 1,000 crew members reviewed the mockups in person, and they were not all the same position. 

In total, the represented members were from 25 different nationalities and from 25 different onboard positions, with the estimated age range begin 22- to 55-years-old. 

Crew amenities 


For the first time, the finishes that are found throughout the passenger areas will be similar to those found in crew spaces. 

"One of the things that we've enhanced is what's called The Clubhouse," said Robert Hines, Newbuild Human Resources Manager for Royal Caribbean International.

"It's an area at the front of the ship, and it's our space to really chill out and relax...It's our space to really bond as a team."


Here, they will be able to grab anything from a coffee to a cocktail while relaxing in a massage chair, or they can challenge a fellow crew member to a game of ping pong, foosball, or pool. 

Plus, there will be four digital windows that allow for real-time views outside. 


Onboard, crew members will be also able to take care of their grooming needs with a crew-only salon. There will also be a crew store, as well as a gym. 

Dining and lounge options


"The crew can looking forward to in the crew Windjammer a lot of the same options that we serve to our guests," said Rebecca Burns, Senior Manager of Restaurant Operations for Royal Caribbean International, "That was something that was very important to us when developing the menus."

In addition to both hot and cold food stations, Icon of the Seas will be the first to feature live cooking stations in the crew buffet.


And the best part is that there will be ocean views from the crew Windjammer through port hole windows.

When it comes to crew bars, there is both an indoor and outdoor space that have forward facing views. 


There is also a multipurpose room that is meant to give crew members an area to host celebrations. It is not just an entertainment venue, either, as it can also be used for trainings. 


For gamers, there is a dedicated game room just for them. This room will feature seven divided spaces that allow for everyone to have their own nook.


"There's a degree of practicality that has to be applied for all of our crew spaces because we have a lot of crew, so you've got to find that balance between functionality, practicality, and comfort and design," said Bayley. 


Icon of the Seas progress


In June 2023, Icon of the Seas completed her first round of sea trials. On June 22, the ship returned to the Meyer Turku shipyard after spending four days at sea. 

During the trials, she traveled hundreds of miles and had the main engines, hull, brake systems, steering, noise, and vibration levels tested by hundreds of specialists. 

Despite her initial departure being delayed, all tests were completed on time as outlined in the schedule. 

Icon of the Seas sea trials

A lot still has to be done in preparation for Icon's maiden voyage on January 27, 2024. There is, for instance, another round of sea trials set for later in 2023.  

7 most important crew members to meet on your cruise ship

08 Jun 2023

You'll meet lots of crew members on your cruise ship vacation, but there are a handful that are the most important to seek out.

Important crew members to meet

The crew are so important because they can really enhance your cruise experience. Most guests have a great cruise regardless of which crew members they interact with, but if I've learned something over all my cruises, it's there are a few crew members that can greatly enhance it.

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That isn't to say if you don't meet these crew members you'll be at any kind of a disadvantage.  Rather, think of it like ice cream toppings: they make what is otherwise really good even better.

The next time you're on a cruise, see if you can find these crew members to at least say hello to and put a face to the name. Some may make a big difference, while others may simply be a good resource to be aware of, should the need arise. 

Stateroom attendant

Inside cabin on Symphony of the Seas

It may seem obvious and obligatory that your stateroom attendant is on this list, but some cruisers don't really interact with their attendants and that's to their detriment.

Your stateroom attendant takes care of your cruise ship cabin every day of your cruise. She or he will visit it once per day to fresh up the room, and they're probably the crew member you'll see the most.


I recommend meeting your cabin attendant on the first day of the cruise so they can be aware of any special requests you may have, such as:

  • Extra towels
  • Splitting or combining the bed
  • Providing ice in the cabin
  • Laundry services

They're also the person to get a hold of if there's a maintenance issue with your cabin.

Over my years of cruising, I think the cabin attendant has had the most direct impact on my experience. From making towel animals that impress us, to transforming our kids' mess into organized order, cabin attendants have stood out for how helpful they can be on nearly every cruise.

Hotel Director

Royal Promenade on Adventure of the Seas

It took me years to fully appreciate what the hotel director does, and how they can impact your cruise.

The hotel director is in charge of the hotel operations of the cruise ship.  If you think of your ship has a floating resort, there's the hotel operations, marine operations, and food and beverage. A cruise ship hotel director is in charge of all aspects of the hotel-type operations, including everything related to your cabin and housekeeping.

While you want to start off with your stateroom attendant for nearly every issue, if a problem lingers or the resolution is not up to your liking, be sure to reach out to the hotel director.

You can always call down to Guest Services to get the extension of the hotel director and quickly get in touch with him or her.

Suite Concierge

Radiance of the Seas concierge lounge

If you booked a suite (Grand Suite or above), one of the best Royal Caribbean suite perks are the services provided by the suite concierge.

It is the job of the suite concierge to make sure everything is going well, and they are the problem solver for suite guests.

Part guest relations, part dining guide, and part event coordinator, the concierge is empowered to do a lot, especially when problems arise.

In a lot of cases, the concierge may have inside information on changes occurring onboard and know exactly who to reach out to about most situations.

The suite concierge will have regular hours they are available in the Suite Lounge, so be sure to stop in and say hello on the first day to not only meet them, but get a copy of their schedule.

Lead bartender in your favorite bar

Imagine this: You find yourself gravitating towards a certain bar for one reason or another. Maybe it's the live music, maybe it's the menu, or perhaps the atmosphere.  Whatever the rationale, you find yourself spending more time in one bar over another.

Look for a bartender who has a uniform that looks different from everyone else, and that's probably the lead bartender. And if you can't spot them, ask one of your other bartenders for whom it is.

The lead bartender has enough experience to catapult them up above the other bartenders, and these are great mixologists as well as crew members to get to know.

In my experience, the longer a crew member has worked for Royal Caribbean, the more "tricks of the trade" they seem to posses, and that's an asset to you. They can mix drinks better, might know cocktails not listed on the menu that you might want to try, and have enough stories to pass the time when the bar is slow.

Cruise Director

Marc Walker on Royal Promenade

Every cruise director has their own style, but you'd be surprised how helpful a cruise director can be to your sailing.

They're not only the emcee for all the activities onboard, they can also help with other things to do.

One of my favorite TikTok cruise ship hacks I learned about a cruise is to ask the cruise director for an activity you might not see on the schedule.

You can ask the cruise director to add events to the calendar if there's something you think is missing.

An example was when a guest wanted more outdoor deck parties on a recent sailing instead of the one they had on the schedule.  They ended up adding one every day of the cruise as a result of the request.

Casino host

Casino host

Not everyone gambles, but if you do, be sure to meet the casino host.

The casino host is more than a friendly smile. They are there to answer any and all casino questions you might have.

Royal Caribbean's Casino Royale program is complicated, but there are some seriously good benefits if you can get status with them.

Don't hesitate to stop by the casino host's desk and ask for more information on how the casino loyalty program works, how to play a new game, or what your progress looks like so far.

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Loyalty Ambassador

I get asked many questions about Royal Caribbean's Crown and Anchor Society perks, and the best person to solve these quandaries is the loyalty ambassador.

This crew member's job is to look after every single member of Royal Caribbean's loyalty program, and you'd be surprised how much they can fix for you.

Explaining benefits, changing your preferences, answering frequently asked questions, the loyalty ambassador is the person to meet for these types of issues.

The biggest problem is locating the loyalty ambassador. On some ships, it seems their office is hidden around the ship.  But once you find them, they are a terrific crew member to know.

Take a look inside a cruise ship captain's living quarters

08 Jun 2023

We have all seen the videos of how crew members live onboard cruise ships. They live in tight quarters and often have to share a room with another member in their department. 

Captain Kate shows what her cabin looks like

Cruise ships captains, however, live a little bit more luxuriously. A captain oversees all onboard operations to ensure that the ship is safely operating during each and every sailing-- it is not an easy job! 

While captain of Celebrity Edge, Captain Kate McCue posted a TikTok showing what her living quarters looked like. The video, which was published in August 2020, has amassed over one million likes! 

Keep reading to see Captain McCue's living quarters while captain of Celebrity Edge!

Who is Captain Kate McCue?

Captain Kate at the helm

Captain McCue made history as the first American woman to be named captain of a mega cruise ship. In 2015, she became the commanding officer of Celebrity Summit at only 37-years-old. 

During her time at California State University, she landed an internship with Chiquita Brands International, where she worked on one of their cargo ships and helped to transport bananas between Ecuador and Los Angeles. 

After graduating with her degree in business administration, she moved to Hawaii and worked as a general deckhand on a catamaran. When Captain McCue began to apply for positions with cruise lines, it took her nine months to be offered an entry-level third mate role by Disney Cruise Line. 

In 2003, she moved to Royal Caribbean after being offered the role of second officer, and only one year later, she was promoted to first officer. 

Her dream was to take command of a vessel one day. In order to accomplish this goal, Captain McCue knew that she needed to further her education, and in 2009, she earned her Chief Mate and Master's License from the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies

By 2011, she was working as a staff captain for Royal Caribbean. This position is second-in-command! 

Celebrity Cruises asked Captain McCue to consider applying for a captain’s position in 2015, and she accepted the job of commanding officer for Celebrity Summit, making her the first first female commanding officer of a mega ship in the United States. 

As of June 2023, she is captain of Celebrity Beyond, the cruise line's newest ship that is sister to Celebrity Edge. For those interested in following along on her journey as a cruise ship captain, you can subscribe to one of her social media platforms. On TikTok, for instance, she has around 3.5 million followers on TikTok, as well as a total of 8.6 million likes!

What does the main living space look like?


"Welcome to my humble abode also known as the Captain's Quarters!" says Captain McCue as she began the video and opened the door to her cabin.

There is no shortage of natural light in this stateroom thanks to the amount of windows and infinite veranda. 

Immediately, viewers get a sense of how important Bug Naked, an elf sphynx cat that lives with Captain McCue onboard the ship, is to her! You see a plush bed directly under the infinite veranda, perfect for Bug. 


The room is furnished with a large couch and coffee table, media console, and television. As she continues on with the video, she shows a framed picture of Saint Nicholas on one of the built in shelves. 


"Because we're superstitious," she says, "there's somebody we never travel without; this is our patron saint of seafarers, Saint Nicholas." 

What do the bedroom and bathroom look like?


Overall, the bedroom feels pretty standard for Celebrity Cruises. She shows a king sized bed, night stands, and another television. As soon as she walks into the bathroom, however, you realize that this is no ordinary stateroom. 


There is a double sink, rain shower, and even soaking tub, which is great for Bug! The bathroom even connects directly to the primary entry hallway, as well as the bedroom. 

Let's take a look at the main galley and office


Directly across from the bathroom is the main galley, and yes, there is another television in here! It is also home to Bug's litter box and stroller.  

Despite not having a fully equipped kitchen, Captain McCue's Captain's Quarters does have a full-sized refrigerator that is stocked with water and Bug's cat food. Likewise, the drawers of the galley are packed with snacks, such as gummy bear and candy bars. Plus, there is a large table that is able to seat six guests. 


Connected to the main galley is Captain McCue's office, which in turn is connected directly to the ship's Bridge. 

The Bridge is where the ship is commanded, and it is located at the forward of the ship. This is where the captain and other crew members carry out navigational duties. 

"We have a minimum of three very qualified and licensed officers manning the bridge at all times," said McCue. 

"Three different teams rotate every four hours on and eight hours off....[and] the teams are made up of an officer of the watch, assistant officer of the watch and a quartermaster look out."

How do other crew members live?


Kristine Kugler is currently a dancer onboard Royal Caribbean's Odyssey of the Seas, and she posted a video to her YouTube channel in March 2023 showing what her living situation is like. While Captain McCue has her own stateroom, Kugler shares a stateroom with another crew member. 

Depending on the crew member's position onboard, they, too, might be able to have their own cabin, albeit not as luxurious as Captain McCue's. 


Kugler shows a bunk bed, large television, drawers purchased from Amazon for additional storage, closer, and foldable table.  

While the room itself is in no way a spacious suite, Kugler provides the most commentary about the size of the bathroom. "The first time we stepped into these bathrooms, it was definitely a culture shock," she said.


"Because it's a lot tinier than really anything we're used to, and we have to share it with another person."

At the end of the day, the stateroom that a crew member is assigned to is based on their position. Since Captain McCue is the ship's highest responsible officer with decades worth of experience, she has earned the right to one of, if not, the best possible accommodations onboard. 

If you are interested in learning more about Captain McCue, check out her social media pages! She has a TikTok and Instagram and posts content regarding operational duties onboard and ports of call. 

Royal Caribbean performer shares what it’s like to work on a cruise ship for a week

01 May 2023

Every crew member plays an integral part is making sure that you have a memorable vacation, from those who you directly interact each day of your cruise with to those who work behind-the-scenes. 

Cruise ship performer Jordan

The responsibilities of crew members, however, often entail more than what you see at the surface, and thanks to social media, we are able to get a more in-depth view as to what working as a crew member onboard a cruise ship is really like. 

Jordan Bauth, a 25-year-old professional figure skater working onboard Wonder of the Seas, documented her week in a recent YouTube video. The video blog spans the course of one week from April 9 to April 16 and shows what she does in addition to skating during the ice shows. 

Jordan's YouTube channel has amassed over 60,000 followers and 8,130,476 views. While she posts a lot of content about her life as a cruise ship crew member, she also enjoys making videos about fitness, health, figure skating, and travel. 

Keep reading to learn more about crew life from Jordan's perspective working in entertainment!

Day 1


Jordan begins the video on turnaround day, when Wonder of the Seas was docked in Port Canaveral and a new set of excited guests boarded the ship. 

Since the two ice skating shows were not until later that evening, she was able to get off of the ship for awhile with some other crew members to run errands, with their first stop being the port to pick up some packages. 


Next, she visited Walmart to pick up some snacks and other necessities. "Our holy grail for turnaround said," she chuckled, "we're ready to spend some money!" 

After what she claimed to be a successful Walmart trip, they made a stop at Starbucks before going to eat at Thai Thai Sushi Bar. 

When they returned to the ship, she had a little bit of downtime before she had to get ready and warm up for the first of two shows. At 6:45pm, she and her fellow cast members met to discuss some notes before hitting the ice. 


"It was so rocky...that was a tough show to do," she said after finishing the first show of the evening. 

It was not until afterwards that she was able to eat dinner, which was some oatmeal with bananas. 

Day 2


The first full day of the cruise started out differently, as she was scheduled to work at the Voom internet desk in the Royal Promenade from 9:00am to 12:00pm.

Immediately after her shift, Jordan had to change into a pirate costume and meet the other cast members for the parade. 


This was followed by lunch before heading to the ice rink at 5:00pm ahead of the warm ups for the 8:30pm and 10:30pm shows. 

"Today's been like a chill yet productive day," she said in the video.

"I did work Wi-Fi from nine to noon, then I went straight to parade at twelve o'clock call, had lunch, and then I edited for a couple of hours and watched an episode of Euphoria." 

Day 3


The third day of the cruise was the first of three in a row where there were no ice shows. With her free time, she hung some LED string lights that she purchased at Walmart on turnaround day. In the video, she got excited talking about how she could change the color of the lights with a small remote! 


After walking around the jogging track soaking up some sea day views, she made her way to the fitness center for a bit, grabbed some lunch, and then returned to her cabin to work on some editing for a few hours and repaint her nails. 

Day 4


On Day 4, Wonder of the Seas was docked in St. Kitts along with Celebrity Apex, Carnival Magic, and Marella Explorer 2. Jordan got off of the ship and went to a nearby resort for a little while to relax. 

This was the only time she would be in St. Kitts during this contract, so she made the most of her time here by lounging in the sun, reading some of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, and grabbing a vegetable plate to eat.


Despite not having any shows that day, she had to return to the ship to work All Skates, which is when Studio B is open for guests to skate. 

To prepare, all of the helmets and skates have to be moved out into Studio B. "...we had to set up all of the skate racks; they're quite heavy as you can see," she said, "It's taller than I am by a bit. [We also] set up all the helmets, chairs, and we're waiting to open the doors."  


Afterwards, she went to the crew dining room to eat dinner. 

Day 5


On Day 5, she had more ship-wide responsibilities than the previous day. 

First was the all crew drill, which she claimed gets repetitive. Once the announcement was made, she headed to her muster station to complete the drill and then got off the ship to spend some time in St. Thomas.

She and a few other crew members headed to the Crown Bay Marina to eat at Tickles Dockside Pub. On the way there, they admired the large yachts that were docked. "Just boat shopping," she joked!

At Scoops and Brew, she got an iced latte with almond milk and caramel that she ate with her wrap and fries from Tickles. 


Note: Tickles Dockside Pub is actually right across from Dock D, which is where you can board a short ferry to visit Water Island

Jordan had an early all aboard time due to the second "Anchors Away Street Spectacular" parade of the week, and she used her GoPro camera to capture some live footage during the parade, which was full of energy and confetti. 


Afterwards, she headed to the gym and was surprised that the stair master was available! Here, she watched the ship sail away from St. Thomas before doing some pilates and stretching. 

"I had such a good little gym session," she said, "My lower body feels really just tight today, so a nice long stretch was very much needed." 


She returned to her cabin to shower before a 5:30pm meeting and did laundry before going to bed. 

Day 6


On the second to last day of the cruise, Jordan started off the day by showing her breakfast. After three days off from shows, there were two that evening at 7:00pm and 9:00pm. Beforehand, though, she walked around the track outside, made some phone calls, and worked on editing a video. 

"I'm really excited to perform," Jordan said, "because it feels like ages since our last show day." At 6:15pm, she and the other cast members reported to discuss notes. At 11:00pm, she was finally able to eat dinner, and she used some quinoa that she took from lunch to make a salad. 

Day 7


Is any cruise to the Caribbean complete without a stop a Perfect Day at CocoCay? Jordan went to South Beach thinking it would be less crowded than other areas; however, she was surprised to find it just as busy! In fact, she had to walk around for a bit before she was able to find an open chair. 

She was not able to get off first thing because she had a meeting about brand standards. 

While on the island, Jordan was able to enjoy the island's buffet and had half of a portobello mushroom salad, some french fries, and a taco salad. 

"One thing I will never able to comprehend is the size comparison between any oasis class ship and the other ships in the fleet," she remarked on her way back to the ship. 


At 4:00pm, she had to report to understudy rehearsal and then warmed up before the final ice skating show of the cruise, and per usual, she ate her dinner afterwards. 

Jordan ending the vlog by saying, "It's been such an eventful cruise. I'm grateful everyday to be here and loving every second! I appreciate you all for being on this journey with me."

The crew member only beach at Labadee and it's where no passengers can go

12 Apr 2023

There is a beach in Labadee, Haiti that you have probably never heard of, even if you have been there multiple times!


It is not Dragon's Beach, Adrenaline Beach, Barefoot Beat, Nellie's Beach, or Columbus Cove. In fact, this beach is not even on the map!

Belly Beach is located a little further south than Columbus Cove; however, it is only accessible by boat if you are a crew member.

Cruise passengers are not able to visit Belly Beach since it is not part of their privately-owned destination; it is located just outside of the boundaries. 


Oasis of the Seas crew member Lera Synchro recently posted a video on her YouTube channel that documented her day spent at Belly Beach. 

Synchro's YouTube channel has amassed over 7,000 followers, who follow her on her adventures as an AquaTheatre performer onboard, including show rehearsals, exploring in Mexico and Jamaica, and what spending Christmas onboard was like. In one video, she even gives viewers a glimpse into the AquaTheatre's pool, which is one of the deepest pools at sea!

Keep reading to see what Belly Beach is like!

What is Labadee?

Mariner of the Seas docked in Labadee

Labadee is Royal Caribbean's private destination on the northern coast of Haiti. While it is not a private island like Perfect Day at CocoCay, it does promise guests a relaxing (or thrilling) day with other Royal Caribbean passengers. 

You can spend the day on one of four (or five if you are a suite guest) different complimentary beaches, go zip lining over the ocean or parasailing, ride a jet ski, take a nature walk, and more.

For those looking for a more luxurious beach day, you can rent a private cabana at Nellie's Beach. Only those staying in suites can reserve a cabana at Barefoot Beach. 

There is even an artisan market where you can buy souvenirs from locals. Unlike CocoCay, though, they are unable to take your SeaPass card, so be sure you bring some cash with you when you get off the ship!

How do crew members get to Belly Beach?


A small boat docks near the jet ski landing to transport crew members from the privately-owned section of Labadee to Belly Beach, which is a public beach for locals that crew members are able to visit. 

After a short scenic ride with views of the ship and surrounding mountainous landscape, the boat pulls right up to the beach to let Synchro off, and whomever else is on the boat, off. 

She never expressed any concern of making it back to the ship on time, so it is safe to assume that departures are scheduled around the crew's all aboard time. 

What is the beach like?


Compared to Royal Caribbean's beaches, Belly Beach looks like a private oasis! 

On the day Synchro filmed, there was hardly anyone else there. In fact, some of the footage from the beach revealed empty beach chairs, which is often a rarity on cruise line private islands!

Anyone who has visited a private island will tell you to secure a chair as early as possible, especially if you have your heart set on a first or second row seat. The beaches are packed in the afternoon!


She filmed a group of people in the ocean throwing a ball around, while others were seen lounging in the available chairs. She was able to swim freely without bumping into anyone, and from the clips, it did not seem as though there were any water sports available for rent. 

While there was enough seating to accommodate everyone on this particular day, there were not any umbrellas to provide shade. 

Dining options at Belly Beach


There is a restaurant on-site that is situated feet from the ocean; however, since this beach is not owned by Royal Caribbean, all food items are priced a la carte. And even though the restaurant is open-air, it is shaded. 

Synchro showed fresh mango slices, rice, and lobster! Google reviews indicate that you can purchase a whole fish, too. 

What do crew members do during shore leave?

Royal Caribbean ships docked with gangway

Do crew members get to spend the day ashore like passengers? Not always, as only a certain percentage of the crew in any given department are allowed to get off the ship.

If everyone was able to get off, who would be on the ship to attend to the passengers who opted to spend the day onboard or who return early?

Those who do have time off usually do not have as long in port as guests; however, they make the most of it by visiting local hotspots, eating at restaurants, or going to supermarkets to stock up on non-perishable items and other necessities that may either cost less than the onboard crew store or that are not available. 

They may also want to search for Wi-Fi to connect with loved ones back home. Regardless of how they spend their time ashore, they are always sure to make the most of it. 

Crew only areas onboard the ship

Just as Belly Beach cannot be visited by regular passengers, there are areas onboard the ships that are off limits, too. And thanks to social media, it is easier than ever to see how crew members live during their contracts.

Bryan James, a former guitarist and vocalist in The Mason Jar Bar onboard Wonder of the Seas, posted videos to his TikTok of crew life and currently has a following of over 730,000! He is no longer on Wonder of the Seas, though. His current contract is onboard Celebrity Edge. 

His previous videos show a secret hangout in the ship's funnel, a shop filled with essential items and snacks for purchase, his tiny cabin, the crew laundry room, and even the crew lounge where they have a foosball table. 

If you are interested in learning more about ship life for Royal Caribbean crew members, follow Bryan James' TikTok @bryanjamescruises, as well as Lera Synchro's YouTube @LeraSynchro! 

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Royal Caribbean crew member reveals what it's like when joining a cruise ship

16 Jan 2023

Have you ever wondered what it’s like for crew members when they join a Royal Caribbean cruise ship? 

Chris Wong signing onto Symphony of the Seas

Royal Caribbean employs thousands of crew members to operate each cruise ship. With any given cruise, you undoubtedly interact with tons of crew members from all over the world. Without passionate, hard-working crew members, it would be impossible for us to enjoy the cruise vacations that we all love and look forward to. 

Just like any job, Royal Caribbean has an onboarding process for its new crew members. One critical component of onboarding is sign-on day, which is a new crew member's first day of joining a cruise ship. 

Crew members signing onto Symphony of the Seas

Read on to enjoy an in-depth look at what happens when a new crew member joins a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. 

Symphony of the Seas crew member, Chris Wong, shares about his experience as a crew member on his YouTube channel

Chris Wong works onboard Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas, one of the biggest cruise ships in the world. 

When he’s not working in the casino onboard Symphony of the Seas, Chris Wong films vlogs for his YouTube channel, Chris Wong Vlogs.

With almost 70k subscribers on his channel, Chris provides viewers with a unique perspective of life onboard for Royal Caribbean’s crew members. 

On his YouTube channel, Chris films everything from day-in-the-life vlogs as a Royal Caribbean crew member to his port day adventures. As a crew member in the casino, Chris has also provided viewers with a behind the scenes look at how Casino Royale works on Royal Caribbean cruise ships. 

Just recently, Chris Wong started his 8th contract with Royal Caribbean on Symphony of the Seas.

In an in-depth vlog, Chris takes viewers along for crew member sign-on day. When new crew members join a cruise ship, they must complete an extensive onboarding process, which includes documentation checks, security training, safety briefings and ship tours. 

Chris chronicles his journey to onboarding Symphony of the Seas, starting in his Miami hotel room

Chris explains to viewers that crew members spend one night in a hotel before sign-on day after traveling from their home country. During Chris' vlog, he is staying at a Holiday Inn Express in Miami.

Royal Caribbean’s crew members are each given their own room at a hotel located near the cruise ship’s embarkation port.

From the sounds of it, crew members aren’t entirely sure if they will be sharing their hotel room until they arrive. Interestingly, when new crew members join a cruise ship, they also do not know if they have a single or double cabin onboard for their contract's living arrangements. 

Of course, most crew members hope to receive a single cabin for their contracts, but aren’t surprised if they need to share their cabin, as is standard for most crew living quarters. 

Since Symphony of the Seas sails round-trip sailings from Miami, Chris was flown from his home country to Miami to board the cruise ship. Crew members of all different jobs and positions onboard at the same time to Symphony of the Seas. 

From the hotel, 130 crew members are shuttled to the cruise port to begin the sign-on process.

Upon arrival at the cruise port terminal, Royal Caribbean crew members begin the sign-on process

Similar to any job, Royal Caribbean requires crew members to have all of their documentation checked before boarding the ship for new contracts. 

Crew members first check their luggage before having their medical forms checked, along with required training certifications. One by one, Symphony of the Sea’s medical team verifies that each crew member’s medical documentation is up to date. 

This process can take a while depending on how many medical team members are verifying documentation; for Chris' sign-on day, just two nurses were looking through crew members' paperwork. 

As of January 2023, crew members are still required to take a COVID-19 self antigen test at the cruise terminal before boarding the cruise ship. The vlog does not specify what would happen if a crew member were to test positive at this point. 

Interestingly, masks are still required for new crew members that join a cruise ship. Chris explains that he will be in ‘soft-quarantine’ for his first 5 days once he boards Symphony of the Seas, which means he needs to wear a mask at all times.

After documents are checked and before officially signing on, crew members also receive their ID cards and cabin keys during this time. 

Once finally onboard, crew members see the cruise ship for the first time and attend mandatory safety trainings

After long lines for documentation verification, crew members can finally board their cruise ship to begin the start of their next contract.

At this time, most will journey to their cabin to see if they won the lottery (i.e. received a single cabin). In Chris’ sign-on vlog, he is ecstatic to discover he does not have a cabin mate and instead has the entire cabin to himself. 

Much to my surprise, the crew cabin is extremely small. With just a bed, sink, storage and small TV, the stateroom is no bigger than my master closet. 

However, Chris’ excitement is evident, as he is pleased to have a flatscreen TV, a bed that is not bunked and space to call his own. 

It’s at this time that most new crew members will check out their new home for the next 7 months and wander around the ship. For Chris, this means checking out the casino for the first time. 

Part of the sign-on process is showing new members where fire exits and extinguishers are located, as the ship’s crew is expected have extensive safety training. Understandably, fires are the biggest safety threats to cruise ships. 

In addition, crew members are required to attend a mandatory briefing called pre-departure safety training during their sign-on process. For Symphony of the Seas, this mandatory training took place in the theatre. 

With no time to waste, crew members settle into their cabins before starting their first work shifts.

Since cruise lines have removed almost all pandemic-related policies, Chris explains in his vlog that there’s no longer a quarantine period for Royal Caribbean crew members. For much of the post-pandemic, crew members were required to quarantine for 2 weeks in a balcony cabin.

As one would expect, Chris shares that he will miss having that required quarantine period, as this was an opportunity to relax a bit after onboarding and sleep off the jet lag. 

Before beginning his first shift, Chris spends some time unpacking and getting acquainted into his new cabin. Presumably, Chris has previously worked in Casino Royale during other contracts with Royal Caribbean and did not need to receive additional training before starting his first shift on sign-on day. 

As such, it would appear that some, if not most, crew members are expected to start work right away on sign-on day. 

After the first sign-on day, all crew members receive a safety training tour of their cruise ship

Regardless of a crew members’ prior experience onboard Royal Caribbean ships, Chris shares that all crew members are required to attend safety and security training when they start a new contract. 

It does not matter how many contracts you’ve had with Royal Caribbean, or whether you’ve been on the same cruise ship before, all crew members must attend this training. 

During this training, a safety officer takes all of the new onboarded crew members around the ship for very important briefing on safety and security. This entails a tour around the ship to locate fire doors, water-tight doors and fire extinguishers. 

Royal Caribbean's crew members are required to complete this important safety training; in the case of an emergency, all crew members onboard a cruise ship are expected to know how to respond to virtually any potential emergency situation. 

During Chris's vlog, we can see two crew members learning how to use a large hose in the case of a fire emergency. 

Although this training was done virtually during the post-pandemic cruising restart, crew members are given the tours in-person now as part of a large group. 

At the end of his first week on Symphony of the Seas, Chris shares that he finally feels settled into his new routine. 

Between working and training, the first week onboard a cruise ship can be exhausting for new crew members. 

Chris states in his sign-on day vlog that new Royal Caribbean crew members can expect to receive extensive training throughout their first week onboard their new cruise ship. Working long shifts and attending multiple trainings is certainly tiring and leaves little time for relaxing and resting. 

Not to mention, most crew members have traveled long distances to board their cruise ship and are still fighting off jet lag. 

By the end of his first week onboard Symphony of the Seas, Chris shares that he feels settle into his new home onboard. Coming previously from Wonder of the Seas, another Oasis-class ship, the transition has been pretty seamless for him. 

Of all his 8 contracts, Chris believes that his single cabin on Symphony of the Seas is the best crew cabin he's ever lived in. 

During the next 7 months, Chris will be working in Symphony of the Seas’ Casino Royale while the ships sails around the Caribbean until moving to Europe this summer. 

If you're interested in learning more about life for Royal Caribbean crew members, including the sign-on process, be sure to follow Chris Wong on his YouTube Channel at @ChristopherWongVLOGS for more videos!

A look at the secret crew-only areas on the world's biggest cruise ship

26 Oct 2022

There’s no doubt that working on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship is a unique job, but what is life actually like in the crew-only areas onboard?

Aside from the 2-hour behind-the-scenes tour offered by Royal Caribbean, most guests have no idea what life is like in the crew-only areas of the ship.

It’s possible to catch a glimpse of a crew-only stairwell from the hallway or peek down into the crew-only bar from the Promenade deck, but most of these “secret” crew areas are left up to our imagination.

In the age of social media, however, we’re able to learn more about the life of crew members onboard Royal Caribbean ships. Several crew members run YouTube and Tik Tok channels, and today we’re going to go behind-the-scenes on the world’s biggest cruise ship, Wonder of the Seas.

Wonder of the Seas crew member's Tik Tok

Bryan James works onboard Wonder of the Seas as the guitarist and vocalist in The Mason Jar Bar. When he isn’t singing country tunes in Royal Caribbean’s newest restaurant and bar, you can find him making videos for his Tik Tok following of almost 700,000.

While all of his Tik Toks revolve around life on a cruise ship, he has several that focus on the day-to-day life of crew members onboard. In these videos, we can catch a glimpse of crew-only areas and learn more about the hangout spaces, food, and cabins reserved for crew members.

Let’s take a look at six of James’ Tik Toks to learn more about life for crew on the biggest cruise ship in the world.

#1: Secret hangout in the ship’s funnel

Located at the very top of Wonder of the Seas is the ship’s funnel, but did you know that this is a crew-only hangout space?

Accessible from a crew-only stairwell is a spacious deck with views of the ship’s aft and Sports Court. The hangout space has tables and chairs, allowing crew to relax with expansive ocean views.

James states that “It’s like a secret hangout that’s by the funnel of the ship… and not even by the funnel. I mean, it’s like… in the funnel and it’s so pretty.” Who's sneakin round the crew areas? #royalcaribbean #wonderoftheseas #cruiseshipcrew #🛳 #cruiseship ♬ original sound - Bryan James

#2: Shop for crew members

Crew members on Wonder of the Seas can purchase items like snacks, toiletries, laundry detergent, and other day-to-day essentials in a “secret” shop reserved just for crew members.

James mentioned that this shop was extremely helpful when crew members were not allowed to disembark the ship during the pandemic. Now that crew members are able to disembark in port, they can choose to purchase items at the onboard shop or in local stores in port.

When asked about the prices at the crew-only shop, James mentioned “It’s not too bad! There are weird taxes being overseas right now so everything is about 30 percent more expensive than it should be.”

In front of the shop appears to be a dining and lounge space for crew members, as seen in James’ Tik Tok. What other below deck areas do you wanna see? #cruiseshipcrew #belowdeck #wonderoftheseas #cruiseship ♬ original sound - Bryan James

#3: What is the food like for crew members?

A major part of going on a Royal Caribbean cruise is dining at the ship’s restaurants, but what type of food do crew members eat onboard?

James gave an insight into dining options for Wonder of the Seas crew members on a recent Tik Tok, where he mentioned that “it changes quite a bit.”

In his Tik Tok, we can see a crêpe station at the buffet. This is similar to the live cooking stations we passengers see in the Windjammer buffet. This section seems to change day by day; he explains that this area sometimes offers other made-to-order dishes like fried rice or pad thai.

In addition to the live cooking station is a standard buffet, which has a salad bar, fruits, cheeses and cold cuts, and a section of hot foods like meats and side dishes.

James also shows an extensive selection of desserts, many of which are the same desserts you’ll find in the guest dining areas onboard. Crew members dine in the crew-only dining space located near the buffet. Would ya trade the guest buffet for this one? #cruiseship #cruiseshipfood #cruiseshipcrew #royalcaribbean ♬ original sound - Bryan James

#4: “World’s smallest cruise ship cabin”

Bryan James moved into what he called the “world’s smallest cruise ship cabin” earlier this year as Wonder of the Seas geared up for its inaugural voyage in March.

He gave followers a behind-the-scenes look at where crew live, which is, unsurprisingly, quite different from the ship’s biggest guest suites 15 decks above.

James lived in a single room, which had one twin bed, a tv, mini fridge, small wardrobe, drawers above the bed, small desk, sink, toilet, shower, and full-length mirror. The bathroom is shared between two cabins.

The cabin is anything but spacious. In fact, he later shared in another Tik Tok that “I can touch every single wall at the exact same time!”

Not every crew cabin is the same size, however, and many crew members share a room. In another Tik Tok, James’ friend Zoe shared her crew cabin and it appears much more spacious. It also has a virtual balcony. A biiiittt smaller than I expected. #cruiseshipsinger #cruiseshipdancer #cruiseshiplife #cruiseshipcrew #cruiseship #cabintour #🛳 ♬ Wii - Mii Channel - Super Guitar Bros

#5: A day in the life on a cruise ship

We caught a few more glimpses of crew life onboard Wonder of the Seas with a “Day in the Life” Tik Tok from Bryan James.

What you may not know about cruise ship operations is that there are frequent training, drills, and events for crew members.

James explains how, on this day, he had a CPR training in the morning followed by the weekly crew drill, during which crew members practice the ship’s safety procedures. Following the safety drill was a crew meeting in the Royal Theater led by the captain to discuss how the ship is doing.

After an afternoon in port, Bryan and a fellow crew member headed to the crew laundry room. Crew members have access to self-service laundry machines unlike guests.

Later in the evening, we see the crew members enjoying a crew-only party in the Solarium followed by a game of foosball in a crew-only space. Looking for suggestions of where to hide the duck. #royalcaribbean #wonderoftheseas #symphonyoftheseas #utopiaoftheseas #iconoftheseas ♬ original sound - Bryan James

#6: Lifeboat drills for crew members

Our last Tik Tok doesn’t show a secret crew space per se, but Bryan James revealed an interesting snippet about lifeboat drills for crew members on his Tik Tok channel.

He mentioned how crew are randomly selected to test the capacity of the lifeboats on Wonder of the Seas. During this test, crew members must put on lifejackets and board the lifeboat, and red dots in the lifeboat indicate where to sit.

He jokes how “It’s just as hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable as it looks, but technically I’m getting paid to do this, so I guess it’s not too bad!” How do we know the lifeboats still work? Pack em up with crew members. #cruiseshipcrew #royalcaribbean #belowdeck #wonderoftheseas ♬ original sound - Bryan James

If you're interested in learning more about life for Royal Caribbean crew members, be sure to follow Bryan James on his Tik Tok channel at for more videos!

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