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Big Congrats (a few days early) to KLAConQueso!


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Kayla, just wanted to say congratulations and best wishes to you and your fiancé as you take the next step in your life as a married couple. Hope the wedding is great and worth all the planning-related stress and anticipation. Have a great honeymoon, and we'll look forward to the report after you're back.

Don't spend too much time Periscoping or blogging or what have you; you're newlyweds, you've got better things to be doing! :10_wink: :7_sweat_smile:

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Let's see:

  • First anniversary is paper -- tickets for a cruise, of course!!
  • Second is cotton -- upgraded 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets for your cabin's bed
  • Third is leather -- Ummm, I'm not gonna go there... :7_sweat_smile:
  • Fourth is fruit -- The complimentary bowl of the stuff that comes with your suite booking!
  • Fifth is wood -- Banister to the second floor of your crown loft suite!
  • Sixth is candy -- That'll be the name of your genie!
  • Seventh is copper and wool -- Of course, the bath and robes in the spa (they have copper tubs in there, right?)

How far can we get with this? Ideas people (especially for the next few -- bronze, pottery, and tin!)

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