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Beach Club - It pays to watch

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For our upcoming trip on Freedom, I had been looking at booking the beach club. However, as many will know the prices are just way too up there, it was at $190 pp. So sadly it was not to be.

Until a week ago when I spotted the price had gone down to $75 pp...  Instant book and pay, locked in.  Just as well, it was back abov $150pp the following day.

Seems it pays to be vigilant



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On 4/20/2024 at 12:14 PM, Ryansox said:

Is it crazy that I check the cruise planner daily?

Not crazy at all; more should do it, I think.

One thing I do is use MEI for any booking that is not a casino comp. Takes the stress of checking away.

Additionally, I check anything purchased through the cruise planner daily and, where applicable, cancel and rebook at a lower price.

As a general principle, I set a glass ceiling for certain things, like the Beach Club. I won't book those things unless they are priced below my ceiling.

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