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Can an MEI agent check for me?


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All suites are gone for my Oct 2022 Explorer 8 day cruise so I can’t see what my JS would be under the new sale.  I’m paying $3700+/- including trip ins plus $60 OBC.  My agent was kinda testy last week.  I saw something she said couldn’t have been right but by the time she actually hit back to me, the sale was over so I have no proof of it.  Don’t really want to ask her right now.

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They'd have to know if you booked refundable/nonrefundable deposits and if you had any C&A discounts.  

My opinion only, but I personally wouldn't ask an agent who is not going to receive commission from my sailing to do anything.  It's a really bad habit to get into.  One person asks, they are nice, suddenly you get more people asking for favors.

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Here we go.  4 prices.  Oct 1 and 15 (both are 8 night and I don't know which one is the right one).  J3 and J4 since I don't know which one.  No special rates.

Keep in mind that these prices do NOT include gratuities so if your price includes grats just subtract that amount from your total to compare.

Notice that the J4 for Oct. 1 is currently sold out....so there is only a base price.  Truthfully, for purposes of checking your current cruise fare, it's best to just look at the first price (total price per guest) before any discounts have been applied.  That's the best way to know whether your price is lower or higher than the current price.  After you make that determination, then look to see if there are any discounts that the current price includes, that your prices does NOT include...for example, all of these (except for the one that is sold out) show 2 discounts ("Extra Savings" and "Kicker").  These are short-term, current additional discounts and they may or may not combine with any special discounts (military, etc.) that you might be entitled to.

Also note that these are nonrefundable prices. If you have a refundable deposit rate these won't be accurate.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.


Oct 1, J3



October 1, J4



Oct 15, J3



Oct 15, J4



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One thing I should have mentioned...

To find the true, per person, non-discounted fare, you must add the base fare plus the NCCF (which stands for non-commissionable cruise fare) together.  So, for the first one, (Oct 1, J3), the true baseline cruise fare is $2931 + $215 = $3146.

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