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"Core Market"


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Extracted from roundup:

" While speaking at the Seatrade Global 2021 conference earlier today, Royal Caribbean Group Chairman Richard Fain was asked his thoughts on getting back to full capacity as early as next year.

"In terms of numbers next year, I definitely think so," Mr. Fain responded.

"In our core markets, we expect to be essentially there by the end of this year."


Mr. Fain did not elaborate what "core markets" exactly means.  "



Doesn't it mean the participants of this blog site?

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Opened ended enough to give lots of wiggle room. 

Not Australia.  Royal doesn't do Europe in the winter so once could eliminate that region too.  Galveston could qualify.  Bayonne soon enough once Anthem comes home. 

US home ports could be considered core and no reason why Bayonne and Galveston can't run or be offered at the same capacity as Florida.  Guests may not book to capacity but who is to say the ships are not available at capacity.  

"we expect to essentially" is also somewhat elusive.  No investor can sue them over that ambiguity.

Core market could also mean the drive to cruise market.  Bayonne and Baltimore have high drive to guest volumes.  I imagine Galveston does as well.  That's not to say no one is flying to cruise this year, just that the core volume of guests will be drive to market guests.

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