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Shhh, Sharla Manglass MEI Travel


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Don't tell anyone please....I have been stalking my "possible sailing" scheduled for Thanksgiving this November because I lost my August VP cabin this past August and I really needed this cabin. (only 1854 or 1804) and both were previously booked so unavailable for this sailing. Of course we have no assurance this sailing will go, BUT it appeared available Friday night, OMG can I switch ??  Enter Sharla our MEI guru, I called her and shot off an email, understanding fully it was after hours so I did all I could do. 

Within minutes of my email I received a response simply saying " I'm on it" I was flabbergasted, this amazing lady interrupted her personal evening and secured my preferred cabin, shhh don't tell anyone SHE.IS.AMAZING. 

I am so thankful for the day I reached out on this blog and was put in contact with Sharla, I feel like she is more then a TA, she is a friend. Thanks @Matt for being the conduit for our amazing advocate all things Royal, @Sharla. [email protected]

LISTEN CDC, we are more then ready to sail, let's go!

r and r vacation GIF by Hallmark Channel


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