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Labadee Zipline

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The requirement to use both hands to hold the bar while going down is apparently variable based on how windy it is that day. If the wind isn't bad they're more OK with people going down with only one hand hanging on, or even no hands like you see in some of the promotional photos on the Cruise Planner. Long as you have a chest or head mount you'll most likely be OK.

There's actually a YouTube video out there of a young woman doing the zip line with her GoPro on a head mount, and almost as soon as they all started she reaches up and takes the camera off the head mount and holds it one hand while pointing it at herself, then back at the landscape; before she hits the ends she puts the camera back on the head mount so she can hold on with both hands for the sudden stop.

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On ‎9‎/‎17‎/‎2019 at 9:06 AM, Apatt08 said:

Hey friends!! If my 9 yr old son chickens out and decides he doesn't want to do the zipline in Labadee, can I get my money back or is it a loss?  He says he wants to do it but I had a hard time getting him to go on roller coasters this summer at a small amusement park!  I am worried he will chicken out! 

So, how did it go??

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