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  1. Hey ya'll, been reading a lot about price adjustments and I have a couple questions. I booked a cruise almost 2 years ago, we are set to sail in 73 days on Indy. There were 3 rooms booked and 1 family has decided that they can not go on the cruise so they forfeited their deposit and gave up the room. I got an email today saying there is a huge sail going on with kids sail free. I went on Royal Caribbean and priced out the room that was forfeited, even was able to select it from the cruise diagram and that room is now $815 cheaper then my room was for the same occupancy. So, w
  2. we don't set sail until January, so not sure yet. Still haven't decided if I will let him try it or not!
  3. thanks! The lowest price I am seeing right now is 93.99, which I am not sure if that is really a sale or not! Not sailing until January so I'll keep on eye on it! We are all going to try it (family of 4) so we'll see!
  4. Hey friends!! If my 9 yr old son chickens out and decides he doesn't want to do the zipline in Labadee, can I get my money back or is it a loss? He says he wants to do it but I had a hard time getting him to go on roller coasters this summer at a small amusement park! I am worried he will chicken out!
  5. did either of you end up doing this excursion and have anything to report? I am looking at booking the same one for Jan 2020. It would be for myself, hubby, 12, 9 and 4 yr old children.
  6. Has anyone done this excursion recently and want to share thoughts or experiences? Falmouth Jamaica shore excursion named Dolphin Cove Aquatic Encounter or Dolphin Cove Swim? Since I have a child younger then 8 in my party I think I will have 1 adult with her do the encounter and the older 2 kids and other adult do the swim. In my research it looks like there are 2 dolphin coves and I just want to make sure that we are not going to be split up and go to different ones if we aren't all doing the same experience? Looks like the main one is in Ochos Rios. Wanting to pick the brain of someone
  7. Seems like I have seen this topic before but I could 't find anything on here specifically. I set sail on Indy in 150 days and today I reserved a beach bungalow for Labadee. When I added it to my cart is asked me for the number and guests and when I tried to put in anything but 1 it wouldn't take the number and let me proceed. The description says occupancy is up to 8 people, we will have 7, but I was only able to book it for 1 person. Is that ok? Will I be able to show up with my group and it all be legit?
  8. thanks, these are pretty extensive lists, I am now freaking out that I don't have enough luggage!!
  9. anyone care to share your document of packing materials? Just curious if I am forgetting anything on my list!!
  10. are there places inside the compound to buy souvenirs, t-shirts, keychains, post cards that sort of stuff? Also is there anywhere nearby in the port to get the famous jerk chicken?
  11. Hey everyone! So, I have been doing much research for my upcoming sailing in January on Indy. My second stop is at Falmouth Jamaica, I am planning to not get off the ship as I haven't seen any excursions that I can't live without going on and/or any that accommodate my 4yr old! Am I really missing out on anything by just staying aboard the ship and enjoying a few on board activities?
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