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    JoryikCat reacted to BugsyCruiser in Liberty of the Seas, a review of my first time ever on Freedom Class   
    Hello everyone!
    I am currently 40 minutes from landing at Chicago Midway so I thought I would start my review of my Liberty cruise! I will break this down into sections as to not try and cram everything in one post, and I will even include my thoughts on being Galveston and sailing from there for the first time ever.
    Overall I enjoyed Liberty very much. There are a few minor complaints that I will get to but they didn't even come close to impacting my enjoyment of the cruise. The voom issue is a very sore subject with me.... more on that later.
    And before anyone asks, I ate at Sabor four times. That pretty much says it all, but I will include a full review of the restaurant :)
    I will try to start up the first part of the review later this evening or tomorrow for sure. The first part will be Galveston and sailing from there.
    Stay tuned.... :D
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    JoryikCat reacted to Drewmommy in Adventure Ocean Ages 9-11   
    Does anyone know if Adventure Ocean activities for the 9-11 year olds (Voyager group) includes video games like the Wii U? All the research I've done seems to indicate that video games are for the teens. Was wondering if anyone who has been on a RC cruise with kids knows firsthand? Thanks!
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    JoryikCat reacted to cordlea in Moving a cruise   
    I have a few questions
    1.  How many times can you move a cruise before they say no more?  We booked a cruise for Jan 2017 on our last cruise in Dec 2015.  We moved it to Feb 2017.  Friends that were going are now on the fence and want to look into moving the cruise for them out farther and to a shorter time.  ****back story-we booked two rooms.  One in our name, one in their name.  We are still going on ours in Feb 2017 on Harmony.  They may want to change.
    2.  We paid a lesser deposit so if they decide to cancel before final payment do they pay the $250 or the deposit amount we paid, which was $100?
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    JoryikCat reacted to cjappert in Super excited!!   
    Thank you for all the recommendations! Tonight I booked Mr.Leo Brown for our tour of St.Marteen! I cant wait!
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    JoryikCat reacted to bsbrady in Drink package question re $12   
    Now that Royal has eliminated the different drink packages and there is only the one. I see it includes any drink up to $12. So if a drink or glass of wine costs more than $12, do I just have to pay the difference or is it just not included in the package?
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    JoryikCat reacted to DrunkysAmazingRaceWinner in Secret Menu Items   
    Are there any secret menu items anywhere on board? Like a 4x4 at Inn & Out burger or a Peanut Butter and Bacon Burger at Steak and Shake? We're going on Oasis next month and Independence in January so either class would be great. Thanks!
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    JoryikCat reacted to GeraldinetheQueen in ZIKA VIRUS in Mexico   
    We leave on the Liberty of the Seas on 2/28 from Galveston, TX.  We had planned on some excursions into the jungles and the Mayan Ruins but with the Zika Virus being prevalent there...we have cancelled the plans for these excursions.  I wonder if RCCL is advising cruisers of this danger and if they are doing anything to protect the passengers?  I think the cruise and ship itself are safe but excursions may not be.
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    JoryikCat reacted to Flypped73 in Royal Caribbean Merch   
    I have been lucky enough to sail on Royal Caribbean six times now and definitely consider myself Loyal to Royal!
    Does anyone know of any way to purchase Royal Caribbean merchandise off ship?  On my third cruise I began purchasing those square shot glasses with the pewter logo for each ship I'd been on.  It is a great and reasonably priced memento and I display them proudly, looking forward to the next ship I'll get to go on. The problem is those first two trips I neglected to buy them on.  Is there any way that anyone knows of (outside eBay and the like which I search constantly) to fill in those two missing ships (Adventure and Voyager btw).  Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.  [if someone is going on one of those ships in the future, I'd gladly pay the cost of the souvenir, shipping and an on-board drink ; ) ]
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    JoryikCat reacted to davelliott in Anybody interested in taking over a cabin on Harmony in March?   
    Is anybody interested in going solo on the Harmony of the Seas on March 4, 2017 on an Eastern route to Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten?  
    I booked a C2, Central Park Balcony, cabin in June 2015 for me and my nephew.  I got such a good deal, that my other nephew decided to join us (with his wife).  When I was on the Independence in September 2015, I put down a deposit for the two of them in a C2 cabin next to ours.  In the three months between these two bookings, the rate increased, but it has increased much more since then.  We then transferred both cabins to an online travel agency to get some great perks.  This second cabin has $300 OBC from Royal and an additional $175 from the travel agent.  The price as of today for a C2 with the BOGO60 sale is $3,022.
    The problem that we have encountered now is that my 2nd nephew's wife is pregnant and is due to give birth just before the sailing.  Therefore, they are not able to go with me and my first nephew.  Since this travel agent has a "change/cancel" fee, we haven't actually cancelled their cabin yet.  
    I am posting this here to see if any single person would be interested in "taking over" their cabin to get a good price and get some perks.  If so, this person would be responsible for paying the total cost of the cabin.  The price that they have reserved is $2,323 base plus $219.34 for taxes/fees.  The total due to Royal for the cabin is $2,542.34 (we have already put down $500 deposit out of this).  The travel agent fee if they cancel is $100.  We could just cancel and get back $400 of our deposit.  However, Royal does allow one name change on the reservation and still keep the existing reservation.  So if someone is interested in going solo, we can just change the wife's name and have my nephew be a no-show.  I read some reports online that people have been no-shows for various reasons and the person who traveled was awarded the double points for sailing solo.
    I was hoping that someone might be interested in this to get the $475 in OBC and this would also save me the loss of $100.
    Let me know if you are interested and I can talk to you in greater detail.  The final payment date to the travel agent is 11/17/16, so I will have to cancel the reservation by then if I can't find someone else to take over their cabin.
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    JoryikCat reacted to Todd in Bottles of Wine   
    Matt, sorry I was not clear in my post. I'm not talking about just sending a bottle through X Ray. What I am saying is purchase a bottle in a metal case or a metal tube. The X Ray Scanner Machine then just see a metal box, or metal tube. Back in the 35 & 120 mm film days I would carry my cameras inside zero metal cases. If the scanner see these do you really believe they would stop and catch them?
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    JoryikCat reacted to Belinda A M in European cruises   
    Hello, I am new and have booked a cruise to leave Southampton next year that goes to spain and france. Is this the correct forum or is it just for Caribbean cruises ?
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    JoryikCat reacted to UkuleleCruiser in Anyone live in DFW and have an upcoming Navigator cruise?   
    I'd love to get a Navigator ship figurine to commemorate my wife and I's trip last year. However, i neglected to pick one up on the ship, and they are apparently hard to get on land! I'm hoping someone might be able to pick one up for me! Thanks in advance either way -- You'll love the ship!
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    JoryikCat reacted to mom2mybugs in st maarten excursions   
    Hey all,
    We really stretched the budget with this freedom cruise, so we are planning on being low key with the cococay and st thomas excursions. However, st maarten has a gazillion things to do. Does anyone have any opinions on what is good to do, or if there is a good beach to simply taxi to (and what is a good taxi price?)
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    JoryikCat reacted to arsenio25 in Rental Car Option   
    Hi, I will be on a Caribbean trip on Adventure of the seas, next Nov. 19th.  I've on planned to rent a car on every scheduled island on trip(St. Maarten, Antigua, St. Lucia and Barbados).  I dont know if someone do the same, and I got some doubt in terms of how easy or difficult is drive on these islands.  I need some advice related.  Thanks
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    JoryikCat reacted to cdixon22 in Getting off ship in Belize   
    We have an excursion booked thru our travel agent for Belize next month on Independence of the Seas.  Since it is not booked thru RCL any suggestions on getting off the ship quickly in Belize?  Our tour starts about an hour after we arrive in Belize and looks like we are being tendered to shore.  Any help would be appreciated.
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    JoryikCat reacted to MLevin in Liberty of the Seas - 1st time and I have questions.   
    We have booked our second ever cruise on the Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston in early 2017.  (Our first cruise was on the Oasis).  
    I am looking for all kinds of hints, tips, and tidbits about the ship, shows, and sailing out of Galveston you may have.  I read a LOT about the other ship before sailing but don't seem to find as much information about this one.  Of course everyone's opinion is their own and I am certainly not looking for a debate, I would just like to know what you liked best or least.  Where are hidden gems or nuggets on board.  If it wasn't for the boards I would have never known about the late night shows like the Love and Marriage etc.  We booked traditional dining this time.....good move? What time is best?  Best dishes to get.  Which dining location is recommended? 
    Thanks in advance...looking forward to reading responses.  
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    JoryikCat reacted to harmenise in Holiday Cruise   
    I'm new to this forum, but I've been an RC cruiser for a few years and it's by far my favourite line!  We will be sailing on the Liberty out of Galveston leaving December 18th, and will be on board for Christmas.  We will have our two young boys with us (ages 4 and 7).  I've never cruised for the holidays before and I'm just wondering if anyone knows what kind of special activities will be available, for both adults and kids?  I looked at booking specialty restaurants for Christmas Eve and Christmas night dinner, but they are all booked.  Does anyone know whether there are waitlists for specialty restaurants?  Or is the Main dining room a good place for these special dinners?  Any other good things to know about holiday cruising?  We're all super excited!
    Any insights you can offer will be appreciated!
    Thanks much!
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    JoryikCat reacted to Debbie in Grand Cayman   
    Any suggestions on what to do in Grand Cayman? Is there anything by the port?
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    JoryikCat reacted to Mason in Anyone going on Empress, Navigator, Harmony or Anthem anytime soon?   
    Hi Everyone, I hope someone is able to help me please?
    I only have four ship models left to complete my fleet and am hoping you may be able to help me?
    Does anyone have any cruises coming up on Empress, Navigator, Harmony or Anthem? These are the only models I need. If you have a cruise planned, can I please send you the money to buy the model for me while you're onboard and pay you for postage to get the model to me here in Australia. A couple of people on here have generously helped me out previously and can vouch for me.
    Does anyone have a trip planned and if so, can you please help me complete my collection?
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Mason :)
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    JoryikCat reacted to benjaminshoe in Dress code for the shows   
    I searched and didn't see an answer. 
    What is the dress code for the shows? Traveling on the Independence of the Seas. 
    Thank you!
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    JoryikCat reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Blue Hole Excursion from Falmouth, Feb 21 Sailing   
    If anyone is interested in joining a small group of us who are going to the Blue Hole near Ocho Rios on the 21 Feb Allure sailing, please let me know.  Please send me a private message and we will arrange to contact.
    This is a private excursion coordinated by one of our group.
    Expenses (per person) are as follows:
    $30 for transportation to the site and back to the ship
    $10 for admission to the blue hole
    $20 for river tubing (this is an add-on and will only be attempted if there is sufficient time and if you want to do it)
    $10 tip for the driver/tour guide
    $?? for lunch.  Whatever you want to spend
    It is my understanding that this is at LEAST a 75 minute ride from the ship at Falmouth and another 75 minutes back.
    Our arrangement with the tour operator is that we MUST be back to the ship NLT 5:00 or 2 hours prior to sail time, if the sail time changes.
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    JoryikCat reacted to AyerJ003 in Thermal Suite Couple Pass   
    Hello Everyone - I was wondering if there will be a Couples Pass we can purchase to use the Thermal Suite all week during our Allure of the Seas cruise embarking this Sunday? If so, do you know how much it is?
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    JoryikCat reacted to Lora in Photo prices?   
    Can anyone give me round-about prices for the photos they take on the boat?  (not portraits...casual ones they take at ports, dinner & such).  Do they sell them actual photos or just CDs?  I will be cruising on the Oasis.
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    JoryikCat reacted to QueenCityCruisers in Galveston Cruise Port   
    We have cruised out of Galveston, Texas for many years and its reputation for being a poorly ran cruise terminal was well founded. However, we just got back from a cruise out of Galveston and the new cruise terminal plus streamlined embarkation and debarkation procedures has been a game changer for the port.  From porter, to parking, to waiting area was just 20 minutes.  This was during a very busy time of the day.  I was very impressed.  Anyone else had this experience in Galveston recently?--Justin  
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    JoryikCat reacted to AyerJ003 in Wine Packages   
    Hello Everyone - Question about the Allure of the Seas - I am getting ready to embark this Sunday on the Allure of the Seas. I don't think I can drink enough to justify one of the Drinking Packages. Does anyone know if there is a Wine Package I could buy one onboard? Maybe 4, 5, 6, or 7 Bottle Package for the cruise?
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