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  1. I am sailing on Jan 2nd. It is a 6 day cruise. So....how does that shift the entertainment and dining schedule? I want to book speciality reservations (at least one night) but want to look at what the menu is in the Main Dining room first. How do I find that information out? Also, for those who have cruised on Liberty before, what are you favorite hang out spots?
  2. Thank you for the feedback. Are you sure for answering all my questions....???? lol. We are excited but confused. The cruise we will take is 6 nights not 7. I am curious as to how that will effect the schedule or events on the ship and the menus in the dining ..etc. Is there a copy somewhere of the cruise daily schedule or menu that can help us decide and plan? We want to book a specialty restaurant but want to plan it around what is being served in the main dining. We also are curious as to when the fun shows are so we can book meals around those. The other set of questions have to do with excursions. The one excursion type that my husband wants to do is see a mayan ruin. Any recommendations? I think it is crazy to do soem of them that require a 2 hour ride there and a ferry for 45 minute tour...but if it is amazing...then we will do that. We have all the tips/tricks from our first cruise to bring a power adapter, magnets, highlighter, clorax wipes.....what is your must have in your bag that you recommend? Thanks for your help!
  3. We have booked our second ever cruise on the Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston in early 2017. (Our first cruise was on the Oasis). I am looking for all kinds of hints, tips, and tidbits about the ship, shows, and sailing out of Galveston you may have. I read a LOT about the other ship before sailing but don't seem to find as much information about this one. Of course everyone's opinion is their own and I am certainly not looking for a debate, I would just like to know what you liked best or least. Where are hidden gems or nuggets on board. If it wasn't for the boards I would have never known about the late night shows like the Love and Marriage etc. We booked traditional dining this time.....good move? What time is best? Best dishes to get. Which dining location is recommended? Thanks in advance...looking forward to reading responses.
  4. question about eating while on an excursion or in port. Some of the excursions I am reviewing for an upcoming cruise include a snack or lunch (Cozumel, Beleize and Costa Maya are the ports). Is it safe to eat this food? Silly me, but I was always taught to never eat food off the ship because it may make you sick particularly in Mexico etc. Being new to cruising etc......I just need to understand this. I would imagine with all these ships and all these tours that people are fine eating the food/beverages offered off the ship. Love to get feedback. I am a bit nervous about it.
  5. We are booked for a cruise in January (western) out of Galveston on the Liberty of the Seas. It is our second cruise and my husband wants to see the ruins. What are the best excursions to take? Or better yet which ruins are the ones to see and the ones to miss? Besides the ruins what would be the next best excursion you recommend in Cozamel, Belieze or Costa Maya?
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