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  1. Just checked. Yes there is a sale, but it is only 3 items on my cruise and none are things I want.
  2. Hi everyone, Just seen the blog about discounts on the cruise planner. Is this just for the American market or can we do it from the UK ?
  3. i agree with Sarah, We haven't got free drinks on our cruise for next year. they have been offering discounts on the drinks packages, but this is only if you book now. If I cancel and rebook the cruise it would cost a lot more.
  4. Thank you everyone for all your good ideas. does anyone know if the UK cruises do the drinks cards ? we don't drink a lot but sometimes like the odd cocktail.
  5. Thank you. We are booked on the Independence for next August. We have been on this ship before but I didn't know about this website then. I will check it regularly.
  6. Hello, I am new and have booked a cruise to leave Southampton next year that goes to spain and france. Is this the correct forum or is it just for Caribbean cruises ?
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