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  1. If you are tipping the room steward and bartenders at the beginning of the cruise in order to get to know them, etc, roughly how much do you tip? I'm just clueless about tipping. Is $20 enough? And then they will get the prepaid gratuities at the end? Should it be more or less? We are going to be on board for Christmas, so I'll want to give a little extra in honour of the holidays, but I don't even know where to start! Any ideas?
  2. Thanks so much for your answers! I wonder how much extra they will charge on the special nights in the other restaurants. I'm definitely looking forward to the cruise for Christmas. Escaping the silly madness with extended family that seems to happen every year recently is VERY attractive! I hope my husband and kids enjoy it as much as they enjoyed their first cruise on Oasis a few months ago! Cheers!
  3. Hello! I'm new to this forum, but I've been an RC cruiser for a few years and it's by far my favourite line! We will be sailing on the Liberty out of Galveston leaving December 18th, and will be on board for Christmas. We will have our two young boys with us (ages 4 and 7). I've never cruised for the holidays before and I'm just wondering if anyone knows what kind of special activities will be available, for both adults and kids? I looked at booking specialty restaurants for Christmas Eve and Christmas night dinner, but they are all booked. Does anyone know whether there are waitlists for specialty restaurants? Or is the Main dining room a good place for these special dinners? Any other good things to know about holiday cruising? We're all super excited! Any insights you can offer will be appreciated! Thanks much! Cheers, Heather
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