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  1. We are signed up to swim with the dolphins in Cozumel - just wondering what happens to our personal belongs while we are swimming? Is there a secure place for them? Are we close enough to keep an eye on our things? Lockers to lock them up? Thanks, Debbie
  2. Any suggestions on what to do in Grand Cayman? Is there anything by the port?
  3. Looking for recommendations on a hotel in Tampa. We are driving. So hope to find a good hotel to stay the night before we cruise that we can park our car & have shuttle service to & from the port. I've looked on line. Scary to book the unknown.
  4. Any opinions on which is better swim with the dolphins at Cozumel or Grand Cayman??? There's a price difference as well. I'm looking at the Royal Caribbean on line excursions. Just not sure if one is better than another. One was $129 the other $89.
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