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  1. I'm really curious to know what they're going to do with Empress. I like there being a ship that small in the fleet. I would hope, after all the money they spent on her, that they'd keep her for a few more years at least.
  2. Hi Bob, I wanted the whole fleet, not just ships I've been on. ? I'll make room! ? Thanks Jerel, I'm so happy with it. Indy bugs me too (so small), along with Enchantment (she's huge compared to the other Vision class models).
  3. First of all, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to those members who helped me complete my collection (special mention to Jerel and Steve L). I now have the entire RCI fleet in model form. I think I need a bigger display cabinet!! Pics are below...
  4. If you could Steve, I'd really appreciate it. I'll shoot you a private message if that's okay?
  5. After the lovely Jerel helps me out next month by picking me up a Navigator model, I will only need Empress to complete my model fleet collection (with the exception of Monarch, but I'm constantly scouring eBay in case one of those comes up). Is anyone sailing on Empress anytime in the next couple of months? Can you please help me and pick up the ship model whilst onboard? I'm happy to send money beforehand if need be. Most people buy the model for me and then, once we know what postage to Australia would be, give me a total price. I can transfer funds via PayPal, which is totally secure. I'd really appreciate your help. Anyone, please?
  6. You're the best Jerel! It was waiting for me yesterday when I got to work, thank you.Now, just need Empress! Come on peeps, please help me! :)
  7. No one's sailing on Empress anytime soon? :(
  8. Soooooo...anyone going on Empress? Anyone...? Pleeeeeeeeeeease? :D
  9. Thankfully, due to the wonderful members on this forum, I've now got Harmony, Anthem and Navigator sorted. I just need an Empress model if anyone is sailing anytime soon please... Then my RCI model fleet will be complete!! :)
  10. Yes, please. Thank you so much. I will send you a private message. Thank you :)
  11. Hi Sweety, thank you for this. I have sent you a private message. :)
  12. Oh my goodness, that would be amazing please Dirk. I would be so grateful. Would you like me to transfer funds to you now or when you get back? Thank you!
  13. I don't have them on display at the moment (doing some renovations), but this is the last pic I took...
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