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  1. 17 minutes ago, lisa6191 said:

    I was able to do it successfully. 

    I was told it is limited to one casino redemption per cabin.  They just pointed me to the T&C's but those are so vague its up to interpretation.

    Per your below request.

    Please seen 3rd sentence below advising, "Reward is applicable to NEW INDIVIDUAL BOOKINGS ONLY and is SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION".

    Must be redeemed within 30 days of a new cruise reservation. Limited to sail dates within one year of redemption. Reward is applicable to new individual bookings only and is subject to verification. Only valid for new reservations made through Royal Caribbean Reservations at clubroyale@rccl.com. Not available for reservations made through online travel sites. Only one myVEGAS Reward can be used per reservation. Credit is in USD, non-transferable and shall not exceed $100.00. Credit is combinable with standard/full fare rates and restricted rates. Credit is not combinable with any other offer or promotion. Must be 21 years of age or older. Misrepresentation of reward will void this offer and re-fare booking to prevailing rate. Royal Caribbean International reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions at any time without prior notice.

    Also you can not use MYVEGAS if your reservation is in a group booking: 

    Since your reservation is booked within a group booking, we will not be able to apply a MyVegas offer to it.

  2. 9 hours ago, S0nny said:

    Great advice! What's nice about this response is if you don't like their answer, you can call again on a different day and hope for leniency. On the cruise ship, if you don't like their response, you will not get so lucky to have an exemption. 

    They can add notes to your account so be careful if you get someone who does take notes, make sure your stories are not changing each time.

  3. 2 hours ago, Matt said:

    Classic example is the warehouse clubs that offer cruises.

    Sams Club got out of the travel business completely.

    Costco has never had any Agency Change fees or fees of any sort.  They tell you up front how much money you will get back (Used to be On Board Credit now its a Costco Cash Card).  If you know Cruising well enough and you pay attention to price changes they work out great.  I had to switch a cruise to a different week due to a school schedule change and Costco used its size to work with Royal to waive the NRD deposit fee of 100.00 per person. 


  4. 20 hours ago, PG Cruiser said:

    Just a thought ... If I had the Refreshment Package, will Royal let me bring the soda of my liking onboard that exceeds their 12-unit limit?

    No, the package you bought really doesnt have any affect on the rules of what you can bring on.  With that being said I saw one gentleman with a dolly of 3 cases of water on my last sailing.  I dont think they really police the non alcoholic drinks too much.

  5. 3 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

    I don’t believe that they will give OBC or any kind of refund for a price drop after final payment anymore (for US bookings).  That used to be possible but to my knowledge, there are no refunds of any kind after final payment.  If the price of an upgraded cabin falls below what you paid for your room or you want to pay to upgrade if an upgraded cabin is available, they will usually allow that - in other words, they will gladly take more money from you - but no refunds as far as I know.

    This is absolutely true now, no more credit or refunds after final payment.  Tried it back in Aug when the sailing went down 200 per person.

  6. Just now, RatedPG said:

    I wonder if I can get the free item from the BOGO offers at a later time or day.  I almost always sail alone.

    You can not get it at a later time unless you have some sort of pre-arrangement with a bartender, ie slip them some bucks to do this for you.  Typically they will just hand you both at the same time.  I will say this though, if you are hanging out at the bar im sure they would keep one beer cold for you.

  7. 1 hour ago, Dogberry said:

    Their rationale is that since this was a "complimentary amenity," they can remove it with no harm.

    Their rationale is that since this was a "complimentary amenity," they can remove it with no harm.

    MDR, Sorrentos, El Loco Fresh, Windjammer, Park Cafe, Cafe Promenade, Dog House are all complimentary amenities, wonder when they start chopping these and charging?

    Broadway shows, Comedy, Ice Shows, Headliner are all complimentary amenities today, will they be chopped too?

  8. 13 minutes ago, princevaliantus said:

    Another way around this is to call your credit card company and see what avenue's they have.  Usually, if it's not  something you "originally" purchased, the credit card company will call the vendor  and dispute the charge since the "original" purchase was altered. I know Chase does this very well.

    This is a very good point, the Credit Card company really hates when companies "steal" from their customers.  RCL will have to prove that those perks were not part of your cruise stateroom you chose which will never happen.  Likely they will not respond at all to the Credit Card inquiry which means the card company will refund you and hold funds from RCL.

  9. I cant understand how they can remove something that is included in the package you chose at the time of your purchase.   Can a pizza joint just remove some toppings as they see fit to make themselves more money?  Can a car dealership just replace the leather interior with cloth after you purchase?  

    I understand in the cruise contract that ports are not guaranteed etc.....   Can they just change the MDR from included in cruise fare to 50.00 / day now since its technically "a perk" just like these were for the boardwalk balconies?

  10. Just now, RatedPG said:

    I would rather have the guests use what they have on them rather than something that's on the table at all times.  There is a greater probability that guests will not flip them to indicate that they are done and that will leave many unoccupied tables unavailable for other guests.

    And thats different from today?  Isn't improving this by even 25% better than nothing?  I am like the original poster, i carry NOTHING with me and my GF and I always have to take turns going up to get food / drinks for this specific reason.

  11. GO to the pub, ask for a pint of Cider (if it's on tap) or a bottle of strongbow.  Might have to wait a few minutes (some bartenders wont serve you a shot and a beer).  Get a shot of Fireball, proceed to dump the fireball into the cider.  You now have a cinnamon-y delicious and strong concoction.

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