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  1. Just booked a 2 BR Aqua and the spa balcony right next to it for February 2022 on Allure. That dang spa balcony was crazy expensive but we really wanted cabin next door to Aqua. I finally convinced our kids and wives to join us. We will have a new grandchild this next March and he will be 2 by 2022. That will be a new way to cruise. Never cruised with our kids since by the time we found the cruise craze they were in their late teens and didn't want to go on vacation with Mom and Dad. Their loss for sure. Also @twangster you are right once you go Star/Suite life it is hard to go back to "normal". We are doing Liberty in a few weeks in a lowly regular balcony. It is going to be a tough transition! But hey a cruise is a cruise no matter where your cabin. So looking forward to it. Shout out to Sharla at MEI travel. I had asked her to be on the lookout for us for the Allure Galveston and she was right on it and got it done before it even showed up on the website. Love MEI!
  2. We were on a cruise where an adult in the solarium was becoming a little too rambunctious. Security came and asked them to leave the solarium. No other consequences just to move along type thing. If you want to be rowdy, go to the other pools. But typically the Solarium is very sedate on the cruises we have been on. People reading and napping typically.
  3. I would splurge on a Beach Cabana at the Royal Palms Beach Club in Grand Cayman. It has always been the best day for us hands down. We even took our group of 15 there and rented two cabanas. Everyone said it was their best memory of the cruise. It can be as relaxing or as crazy as you want. They have a fresh water pool also so we spend the first part of the day at the beach going into the ocean walking the beautiful beach and then about an hour before heading back we go up to the pool and swim. We even have a favorite waiter named DIP that we have had 3 times when we have been there. Here is the website - check it out. https://royalpalmscayman.com/ Looks like the beach cabana is $125 for the day. The food and drinks are ala carte but we have never thought the prices were overly expensive. The food is really good too. Good luck finding something special to celebrate.
  4. I agree totally with what you said Todd. I just shake my head and then close the site. Just think if you were a Newbie cruiser. I think it might turn me off of cruising if that was where I had to go for my information. It wasn't like that 20 years ago when we first started cruising. It was a helpful fun site. Thank goodness @Matt started this site for the rest of us who still want to be helpful to others in the fun world of cruising.
  5. We just got back from the Allure in a 2 Bdrm ATS with a Genie. We were 2 couples and we each tipped $200 per couple so $400 for the week for our room. Our genie was awesome and made this a magical week for us. He made all our reservations to shows and dining, we got to do some behind the scenes tours, specialty cocktails hand crafted in our room each day if we wanted, Starbucks and donuts delivered every morning to our room, cake for an anniversary and a birthday, dining on our balcony to watch the Aqua Theater show, and many more small things that made us feel special that didn't impact other guests. It was pretty much the most stress free vacation we have ever had. We got a really good price for the room and would do it again in a heartbeat.
  6. Just booked us for Nachi. We are in Cozumel so long that day I figure we can go to Nachi until 3 or so and then taxi into the shopping area to walk around for a bit. Beach and shopping - now that's a perfect day. Lynn
  7. I agree with Cruisinmom315. I have always used a larger internet cruise travel agency in the past so this is my first experience with MEI Travel. I have been impressed so far with all my interactions with them. Their response to my questions has been quick and their suggestions have been spot on with what we wanted. Yes you might get some extra OBC with a large agency and I thought that was the best way but MEI is making me rethink that strategy. The extras so far with the group cruise has more than made up for the OBC I might have received. I am so excited to be going on the group cruise on Harmony of the Seas. Come join us for the fun. As Matt says it's more fun to cruise with friends!
  8. We have only been to Nachi. We have been there 3 times and all 3 times were excellent. It looks like Cozumel will have a huge 19,000 passenger load that day so that would lead me to Nachi since they limit the number of people they allow. I was also trying to figure out what to do in Cozumel for the group cruise. Lynn
  9. Awesome! Thanks so much. Looking forward to it. Wish we were doing the single digit dance this week. I need a break from work now! Lynn
  10. We are in DFW but going to Montana July 15th to get out of the Texas heat. Love Austin so any excuse to go there any other weekend is fine with us. Lynn
  11. Brian, My husband John and I would be interested if you haven't filled it yet. A cabana sounds wonderful. We have only just done beach chairs in the past. Lynn
  12. My hubby and I would love to join the cabin crawl. It's always a fun time. We have an Ocean View on Deck 8 forward if you need that type of cabin. We can be a shower and a crawler or just a crawler. My screen name on Cruise Critic is DLSCRUISER. i have to catch up reading the posts on that Roll Call since we just booked the cruise this weekend. Thanks for organizing. Lynn
  13. We had friends who did the sushi class on Jewel of the Seas and they loved it. The benefit is we met them for lunch after their class and we got to eat some of it too! It apparently is a lot of food. Have fun! Lynn
  14. I always use a lanyard. On one cruse we sat down for lunch before we went to our cabins. I hadn't put my sea pass in my lanyard yet. My sea pass fell out of my pocket at lunch and I didn't notice until we were going to get into our cabin. Needless to say a trip to customer service for a new one certainly made me realize I am a lanyard person! I get the one with bling for fun.
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