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  1. Thanks so much :) We are going with the tux because he doesn't currently have a shirt and tie that anywhere near matches the dress I'm wearing (woman problems lol) and by the time I buy those two items it will cost me the same as renting the tux. We also won't have the added weight of the suit in our suitcase :). We are celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary as well. We don't get to dress up too often so it will be fun. @DocLC
  2. Does anyone know the cut off ( how many days before you said sail) that you can rent a tux online?
  3. We are staying in a spa junior suite on our next cruise. I understand we can eat in coastal kitchen for dinner. I don't see if it is for one night only or if we can multiple nights if you want...??
  4. Couple Questions.... Thoughts on Abe Hughes as Cruise director and Chris H. as activities manager? Last, and most important question, when the ship leaves port at 5:00, what time do they normally set to be on board? Trying to plan our time. We are not going to be runners!!!! 😊 Thanks!
  5. Are there websites or links within particular websites that will tell you the entertainment that will be on board for every sailing ahead of time? Tribute bands, comedians, etc?
  6. Is there anything on board that you need cash for? Do they take your luggage when you check-in before getting on board? I've seen people carrying their luggage on board and with some chips they have a place to put it but not all. This is the first time we are not flying so we do not have a transfer. Thanks!
  7. We are sailing on Anthem in July and I'm looking for reviews/thoughts on the sushi class and the bottemless galley brunch. My husband is a foodie so I thought I'd surprise him with one. Is there one that you would do over the other? TIA
  8. There is a group of 12 of us sailing in July. We have five separate reservations. Three people went through the same travel agent, one person went through Royal directly, and one person went through interline. We are trying to link our reservations so that we can sit together to eat in the main dining room on two nights of the cruise. What is the best way to go about this? We are getting different responses from the different agencies involved and no one seems to have a straight answer. Any travel agents in this group who might know how we can accomplish this? I would greatly appreciate it !
  9. I thought I had heard that there is something in the stateroom restrooms to dry bathing suits? A line of some sort? True?
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