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  1. On 1/31/2022 at 7:10 AM, PG Cruiser said:

    For me, I don't think I will be doing a lot of excursions.  The ship is the destination for me on this sailing.  Right now, the only thing I'm looking at is the zipline in Labadee.

    Only thing I am doing is Thrill water park again at CocoCay and wandering around the island. That is the only place I am getting off... Labadee looks nice, I may get off for a little bit but the ship is the place for me too!

  2. It's just a rumor at this point. We really need to hear it from Royal Caribbean directly. They should announce something in the coming weeks if it is true. It would be a big bummer for sure since I know so many people are looking forward to this one. If it happens, that would royally be painful but I will just book another cruise.

  3. Looks like I am slowly heading towards the decision to cancel as well, unfortunately. I am booked on Navigator 1/17 and as of now I am still on it, however with everything going on, not knowing what could happen with things on the ship and ports etc, and most importantly having an unvaccinated 4-year daughter at home, I don't know if I want to take any chances of bringing something back home and giving it to her. I know she can catch it at school too but their daycare is also impacted as staff/classrooms have had positive cases, so we are keeping her home for the next week and maybe longer. Sigh...don't know what to do... I had to cancel my LA hotel tonight before the 6pm deadline for a full refund...what's weird is the rates are now even less than when I booked the hotel a few months ago. Guess everyone is cancelling literally everything. Omicron has really impacted so much. Still blows my mind that airplanes are packed, sports stadiums and the like... wish i didn't have to fly to LA from Seattle to get on the cruise...

  4. Hopefully we avoid another shutdown as that won't do anyone good and it will just leave people more frustrated and angry that we can't seem to get a handle on this thing and we'll be spinning in circles forever as new variants come out every year. Personally, I am going on Navigator of the Seas in 18 days. Am I cancelling? No. Am I aware that my cruise experience may be impacted? Yes. Am I still going to enjoy myself regardless if no ports or shows are there? Yes. As much as I love to visit ports and watch shows, the main draw for me about a cruise is the ship itself and the ocean views. I can walk around the ship and watch the ocean for days without knowing anything else is going on. Just get me out to sea and I am a happy camper. I will continue to mask up and protect myself and those around me. I wore my mask in vaccinated areas during my 4 cruises in 2 months and returned home healthy each time. 

  5. Finally visiting CocoCay after nearly 2 years of waiting was the best part! I was really happy and fortunate to go on 4 cruises in 2 months between August and October, and one of my favorite things about being back onboard was seeing all the smiles on the faces of crew members excited to see us back doing what we love, and vice versa. It had been a rough 15+ months for everyone and simply having the chance to go back out to sea and enjoy what we love most was truly the best part. And of course I love love loved the limited capacity, the amazing shows, the late night Sorrento's pizza and the drinks flowing nonstop. Cruising is back and I am so glad to be part of the comeback like everyone else! Here's to 2022!

  6. 3 hours ago, IRMO12HD said:

    @Cruising With JT, @AshleyDillo, @James Mills I have a favor to ask of you.  When you board Freedom, could you see if it's possible to book the Sushi and Sake Lunch onboard?  I purchased it in Cruise Planner, but since The Key now includes 25% off Dining purchases ("25% discount for onboard dining purchases") I'm curious as to whether it can be booked onboard, and how much it costs?  It's $39.99 on Cruise Planner.  I'm not sure if it will be on your 3-Night sailing, but I'd really appreciate it if you could check for me and let me know what you find out.  Thank you -- and have a great cruise!

    I would love to but am no longer booked on Freedom! Change of plans this year! Hope to go some time in the future 🙂

  7. On 10/22/2021 at 10:47 AM, MaryS said:

    I have only started cruising solo about 4 years ago and I LOVE it.  I have done 3 solo cruises on RCCL, 1 on Celebrity and 2 resort vacations.  My last was on Oasis this past September and I am thinking about Anthem for this Christmas. What I like about solo vacations is that you can do whatever you want when you want and no arguments (unless you argue with yourself) .  The first night in the MDR can feel a little awkward but with the right waitstaff you will do fine.   I enjoyed eating in the MDR solo because the waitstaff seem to pay special attention to us solo cruisers (at least I feel that way).  Also there is no one at my table to judge me or comment if I want 2 desserts every night.  I did have a few invites to join others at dinner because they felt sad that I was eating alone.  I thanked them and told them that I enjoy my own company.    I am also one that always carries my e-reader with me when I eat (I do it at home too).  As @Ampurp85 said when people hear you're cruising solo they tell you how brave your are and they wish they could do it.  I only had 1 little problem travelling by myself & that was at Thrill Waterpark and I wanted to go on the Slingshot and had to have 2 people but I managed to find @Cruising With JTand he went on it with me (he was cruising solo too).  

    Hi @MaryS! I am so happy that I met you at Thrill Waterpark and we got to go on the Slingshot together, that was so much fun 🙂 I miss it and can't believe it's been over a month now! How have you been? I just wrapped up my 4th and final solo cruise of 2021 last week (on the Norwegian Encore, last ship to go to Alaska in 2021 and it was epic!). I shared a bunch of pics, reels and videos on my Instagram, Facebook and YouTube pages, more coming soon. Hope you enjoy and get to relive some of the memories that I posted from our Oasis cruise 🙂 

  8. On 9/23/2021 at 5:21 AM, Vancity Cruiser said:

    From a video of his I saw when he was on-board Ovation a few weeks ago it was not in operation yet. 

    Hey there! Was on a cruise on Oasis and not checking these forums! Ovation was not operating when I was onboard in August, but it sounds like it is back up and running from the last few cruises.

  9. 49 minutes ago, janderson said:

    Never been on an inaugural sailing before.  The wife was asking me last night if they do anything special for celebrations (fireworks, parties, etc).   Has anyone heard the plans for this one?   I watched the video of Symphony's fireworks and such however it didn't show anything on the ship.

    I am pretty sure they'll be doing something special, but not sure what yet... usually inaugurals have cool festivities and stuff, like balloons when entering, music, maybe fireworks at CocoCay are in store for the world's soon to be largest and newest ship! I am WONDERing myself as well.

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