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    whitsmom reacted to BrianB in Back to back procedure on Oasis   
    I just received my back to back letter last night (night 4 of 7) explaining what I need to do on turnaround day, Sept 26. There was a QR code that I scanned and it opened a page where I entered my information and chose a time for the rapid test to be given on the day before, Sept 25, in the Conference Center on deck 3. All of the times were available and I chose 8:10-8:20am. Test results will be sent to my email. We have to meet at the theater on turnaround day at 8:15 for our wellness check. Once that is completed, we will be checked in and our new seaPass card will be issued along with the In-transit card. We are to bring our passports, vaccination card and the credit card we plan to use. 
    I’m staying in the same room so I don’t need to pack up. My room will receive priority service. 
    We have to leave the ship and go through customs. We will be escorted off and pass by the facial recognition scanners and then be escorted right back on. If we choose to venture out in Bayonne, we can use the In-transit card to bypass check-in, but cannot re-board until general boarding commences. I have no intention of leaving the ship. 
    Consecutive Cruisers will be offered lunch in the MDR on deck 3 (V) from noon to 1pm.
    **On another note…it was addressed in another post but, any liquor purchased during the current cruise will be held until the end of our time on board.
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    whitsmom reacted to RWDW1204 in CVS Covid Test Results   
    So, no video of swabs up the nose? 
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    whitsmom reacted to mathbees in The Passport Game   
    I was checking on the status of my wife's passport (https://passportstatus.state.gov/) and saw that they added a message to their page. UGH!!

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    whitsmom reacted to KirstenCapeTown in Travel ban lifted, our cruise is happening!   
    I am over the moon!
    A few nights ago, it was announced that the USA travel ban is lifted for vaccinated travellers with testing requirements. We've planned this cruise aaaages, had to move it, and were waiting with bated breath for this announcement!
    We will be coming to Orlando late April 2022 and cruising on the Harmony in mid May, I am the most excited I've ever been.
    Here's a shout out to the international cruises who are probably as thrilled as I am!
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    whitsmom got a reaction from WAAAYTOOO in Double Points and Repricing   
    We are Emerald now and will be Diamond after our two cruises next year! 
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    whitsmom reacted to CHRIS WONG in Odyssey Of The Seas - Chris Wong   
    So, after doing a search online, it seems cases in Florida are declining.
    I hope this could be a turning point for cruising.
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    whitsmom got a reaction from Jill in How long is TOO long aboard?   
    We went to his museum and enjoyed talking to him.
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    whitsmom reacted to BrianB in Royal Caribbean Optum Store VS eMed   
    Same tests…same online proctored procedure. I ordered my six pack from eMed, the process was easy and the tests came within days. The expiration dates are all 10/5/2021 with a production date of 2/3/2021. According to eMed, the FDA has now approved the kits for one year from production…so the new expy date would be 2/3/2022…at least some lot numbers. I still can’t find definitive information on this being a blanket approval or just individual test lots.
    I leave on the Oasis tomorrow so I had scheduled a test at CVS two weeks ago, as soon as appointments opened for yesterday. Had it done…CVS called within the hour to tell me it was negative, then sent the email about an hour after that.
    I also did the eMed test. I started at 11:00am. Thanks to all the info shared by others, I pretty much knew what to expect. I used an iPad (held inside a napkin holder so I could tilt it forward🧐) and was ready with my ID. My call connected immediately and the person was very clear and friendly. The test was done without an issue. It seemed the proctor was able to control my camera and reversed it so that the scan would work and my ID could be read. Fifteen minutes later I was connected to another person who concluded I tested negative. I received the email from eMed and it was on my Navica app within minutes. Ready to go! Can’t wait….
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    whitsmom reacted to skittermagoo in changing cabin type (yet another first timer question)   
    Thank you all so much for your answers! I called this morning and not only changed from a GTY ocean view to an assigned balcony stateroom, and I actually saved $40!  
    Y'all rock! 
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    whitsmom got a reaction from LifesEz in How long is TOO long aboard?   
    We went to his museum and enjoyed talking to him.
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    whitsmom got a reaction from BrianAlt in Report inappropriate email messages   
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    whitsmom reacted to CHRIS WONG in Odyssey Of The Seas - Chris Wong   
    America to open its boarders again to the UK in November?
    Looking forward to hopefully seeing my fellow Brits onboard US ships again. This is great for cruising!
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    whitsmom reacted to BrianB in Time for some fun dreaming: What ports of call would you like to see developed?   
    For my own selfish reasons, I would like to see ports where more passengers get off. I’m done with lines, shuttles, ferries, fees, beach-hawkers…NO! I DO NOT WANT MY HAIR BRAIDED!😜…iffy food choices, stress. I love having the ship virtually to myself. Calm, quiet, peaceful….
    I have had some great times visiting so many wonderful, new and exciting places…been there, done that…but now I’m just content to stay aboard. Except CocoCay. That place is freakin’ great!
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    whitsmom got a reaction from Heymarco in Global Entry   
    Oh good to know!!  Thanks for the heads up!
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    whitsmom reacted to SPS in January 2-Harmony of the Seas   
    Press the "Person" icon in the app to the right and your Sailing info will appear, including the Check-In date.

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    whitsmom reacted to Baked Alaska in Global Entry   
    I just spoke with the Universal Enroll people about the whereabouts of my husband's KTN. They said that applications are taking 30 days and that they are "swamped." She said that at 46 days, that is too long. There were no flags on him and no correspondence emailed or snail-mailed to him. She escalated the application (who knew?) and said he should have his KTN in the next week; otherwise, we should call, and they will escalate it higher up. They were pleasant to deal with, and hopefully, that will be the end of that. If anyone needs to follow up with them on a similar situation, their number is 855-347-8371. 
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    whitsmom got a reaction from Baked Alaska in Global Entry   
    I had to add it to my Delta Profile and I had to had it to my existing flights that were already booked.  Now that it is on my profile I won't have to add it anymore.
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    whitsmom got a reaction from WAAAYTOOO in Global Entry   
    I couldn't believe how fast mine went.  I did my application on line on 8/30/21 and had my interview 9/17/21. 
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    whitsmom got a reaction from WAAAYTOOO in Global Entry   
    I had to add it to my Delta Profile and I had to had it to my existing flights that were already booked.  Now that it is on my profile I won't have to add it anymore.
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    whitsmom reacted to BeachGal in Navigator - Pre/post cruise activity ideas   
    Hey all, I know there are a bunch of you that are coming to Cali for a cruise on Navigator at some point this next year. Living in the area I thought I would roll out the welcome mat and give you options for some of my local favorites that are within an Uber/Lyft drive. 
    If you are staying in San Pedro, one of my all-time favorite breakfast spots is San Pedro Cafe (605 S. Pacific Ave.) - try the strawberry stuffed French toast (to die for!!).  Can get a little crowded on the weekend, so plan accordingly.  Most of my favorites are breakfast options, but I will check with some locals for dinner options... more to come!  OK, back again (edit) with some additional ideas/recommendations: Think Cafe (302 W. 5th St) - casual dining, breakfast/lunch/dinner.  San Pedro Brewing(331 W. 6th St.) - lunch/dinner.  22nd St. Landing (141 W. 22nd St.) - lunch/dinner, a little pricey.  After looking at the menu, I might have to check this one out (just to make sure it's OK for you all... you know, taking one for the team! ha ha)
    Ports O' Call Village isn't what it used to be (filled with shops & restaurants), but it's still a nice spot to walk through, with some terrific spots for fresh fish.  Battleship USS Iowa opens at 10 am for visitors.
    If you want to wander a little further, you can check out the Korean Friendship Bell located at 3601 Gaffey St., or further into Palos Verdes you can visit the Wayfarers Chapel.  Located just past Portuguese Bend, it is a small chapel, tucked away in the trees. It is also known as the 'glass church' because its walls and ceilings are made of glass.  The winding road to get there affords amazing views, and the chapel is truly amazing. It is one of the most peaceful and beautiful spots that I know.
    Long Beach is a close Uber/Lyft drive if you want some options for dining overload, or just a nice spot to stretch your legs and enjoy the view.  Shoreline Village is one of those spots to simply take in the world around you (located on Shoreline Dr.).  If you want to dine there, I would suggest Parker's LIghthouse or Yard House, but there are many options in the area.
    A further drive into Long Beach, 2nd street (between PCH and Livingston Dr.) is another lovely spot to wander, shop and eat.  Looking for a romantic gondola ride around Naples island?  Check out Gondola Getaway (http://www.gondolagetawayinc.com/).  Just up Ocean Blvd. a bit is Belmont Brewing (good food and great views).
    If you have a day to spare, I would highly suggest a drive down PCH to Laguna Beach.  The views on the drive there and back are definitely worth the time spent getting there.
    Suggestions for getting around in the area:  If you are looking to check out anything in Long Beach or further out to Huntington Beach, be aware that weekends are crazy crowded, especially on Sunday.  Plan accordingly, head out early, and know that traffic in So. Cal is truly insane!  Use a ride service to get around if you can, it will take the stress out of getting somewhere and then looking for parking (which is a whole next-level challenge).
    More ideas to come as I think of them.  Feel free to ask any questions and I'm sure that more of the locals will chime in with their answers/suggestions as well.
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    whitsmom reacted to AshleyDillo in How long is TOO long aboard?   
    It's kind of the same thing. If you are onboard for long enough the body will adapt to keep you from being unsteady on your feet. It's engaging muscles to assist with the extra balancing effort. Those muscles don't get used in the same way on land, so they can start to feel sore if you aren't used to it. It's the same thing that contributes to you still feeling like you are moving when you get back on land.
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    whitsmom reacted to twangster in How long is TOO long aboard?   
    I'm always amazed how quickly longer cruises like this reach their conclusion.  In the beginning it's like "I have lots of time to try this or that" then all of a sudden it becomes "there's only a day left and I haven't done everything I planned to".
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    whitsmom reacted to steverk in Alaskan cruises   
    Enjoy your cruise. 
    Not clothing related, but here's my advice for your cruise:
    Whenever there's a line for something,  run to the nearest window,  point in the distance and yell "whale!" Everyone will run over and you go to the head of the line. 😉
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    whitsmom reacted to Akeka in Global Entry   
    My husband was one of the lucky ones that has to have an interview for his renewal.  The first available appointment in San Diego was a year out and it's not even the airport; we have to go to the border crossing station.  
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    whitsmom reacted to KLA in Global Entry   
    I did mine at CVG - They were booked out for months and I sat on the scheduling page refreshing until I saw a cancellation a couple days out and I grabbed it. 
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