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  1. 1 hour ago, Jilybean23 said:

    What are some of the requests you have asked your genie for? We have traveled Star Class in a two bedroom aqua theater several times, but never really ask our genies to go above and beyond. Any ideas for this sailing? Traveling with 5 seventeen year old girls and my husband. Looking for some good ideas to make this year's high school girls amazed! Thanks!


    We normally ask for specific foods delivered to the room or if we want to have a family gathering in one room. We did ask to have a private ice skating session and it was going to be close to $400.... so we ended up skipping it. We haven’t really asked for a ton of stuff mainly just food and activities. We also had a private mixology class set up on the rising tide but it was our final sea day so we decided to pass on it and hang by the pool. 

  2. On 2/17/2020 at 2:25 PM, DDaley said:

    I will be on that cruise too and am about to pull the trigger on the $96 UDP because I know Sabrina's fabulous blog will get me wanting specialty dining! We are only doing a OVB this time so no Coastal Kitchen for me (YET!) 

    I don’t blame you at all.The food is a huge part of why I love cruising.  We have changed rooms for this reservation 3 times.... we finally talked ourselves into star since we knew it would be an “adult cruise” and we also know that won’t happen again for another few years. Maybe we will cross paths onboard 😃

  3. 22 minutes ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

    I know!  Finally, less than 30 days!  Cannot wait for many reasons!  We still are undecided about hotel.  This is cutting is close, for us lol.

    I will ask for sure.  If I had to make a guess right now, I would guess no for Smitha and Allan.  They have been on board since the first cruise out of dry dock.  I would say they are headed on vacation soon in April or so.  Izzy came on board on the December 8th sailing.  He might still be there.  But I will ask.

    Oh I am the same way on the hotel. I had that issue on my January cruise and almost missed getting a room where we wanted 😩 but it all worked out in the end. 


    Thank you so much. From what I have read all of the genies onboard Oasis are fabulous! It’s going to be our first cruise in a long time with just the two of us. We always take Lexi or one set of our parents. 

  4. I go to Atlantis both through cruises and flying there for a vacation. The cheapest way to go off a cruise ship is to call the casino at Atlantis and request a room at beach tower, most of the time it’s free. I paid $140 for 2 adults and one child to go there for the day. They charge you for two nights ( basically just the service fee and maid fee) ,we got to Atlantis around 9am and left at 1pm due to our ship having to leave at 2pm. If you gamble with other casinos (m life or total rewards) let them know that on the phone and just say your coming in for a short trip and wanted to see what kind of a offer you can get to stay on property while you gamble. If you do go over there it might  worth it to you to sign up for a players card in the casino because you will start getting complimentary mailers for beach tower. 

    Atlantis it’s self is very nice and safe. The water park is a ton of fun. We really enjoy going there but it was a lot of work for the short amount of time this past cruise. So we won’t do that again unless we don’t leave port until dinner time. 

  5. Wow this trip was amazing. It went by pretty quick, Luciano was outstanding. He went above and beyond for us. We will request him again for sure!

    Quick tip for anyone coming in this room before refurb( and possibly after) bring a towel clip for the downstairs blackout blinds they don’t close properly and let a ton of light in. Also we said goodbye to champagne bar, we really loved it there. 

    Izumi was delicious on this ship. I also added some photos of the desserts from the tapas menu at Vintages! 

    So genie update, Anna is leaving Allure tomorrow to go to Quantum, they need her there so Agostina came back onboard Thursday and we got to say hello to her. Upon meeting Anna she was just so friendly and personable, it was nice to get to meet her. Lexi was beyond excited to see Agostina again. It was a really neat trip and thank you all for following along. 







  6. Nassau was a blast today!! We went over to Atlantis ( we got a room there through the casino so it’s a lot cheaper than buying the ship passes) 

    We played at the waterpark then did some shopping and came back. Ended up having lunch at Giovanni’s. We were supposed to have dinner at Izumi but there was a scheduling mix up so we ended up back at Giovanni’s.... no big deal!

    Lexi is making a towel animal zoo, I will post a photo at the end of the cruise.  We are attending the love and marriage game show now then off to bed to get some rest. I hit 10,000 steps before noon.... so I am good and tired.


    Goodnight all!







  7. Cococay was so much fun. We just got back onboard for the day. We took lexi to the waterpark and got a cabana there, she loved it we stayed a little over 3 hours. The wave pool was her favorite but I really enjoyed the dueling demons slide and the sling shot. 

    Then when we got back Luciano had a surprise waiting on us! He is so great. Now we are going to hang out at the  pools and wait for a nice dinner at 150 Central Park.






  8. So we had dinner at Giovanni’s! It was excellent as normal. No shows tonight, just wanted to chill. Update Luciano was able to help us get the liquor at a reasonable price and surprised my dad and father in law with it! He is by far amazing. In one short day we have already learned he is to be asked for if you can. 

    The food coma starts soon! We are at karaoke now for some entertainment.





  9. 2 hours ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

    Random question....actual books on the bookshelf by the piano?

    Yes they are!!!! And it’s a huge selection! 

    We had a huge spread sent for lunch, we had Sabor chips and guac/ salsa, burgers, fries, onion rings and part of the seafood tower brought to the room. That was really nice. We  finished  the muster then we hit the champagne bar for some martinis now we are on the deck waiting for sail away!





  10. Thank you all!


    So we met Luciano! He is super nice and helpful. He took us straight to our room. Lexi had to be the first on and she couldn’t wait to hang out with him. 

    Big difference we noticed between the RLS on Harmony and Allure.... the carpet downstairs. However the room is so nice and clean. 


    I will post photos of my in laws owners Pan in just a bit. 

    lexi is already in the hot tub playing and we are waiting on lunch. 













  11. 3 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

    Delighted to hear that you made it !  Good luck getting any sleep tonite.

    Your experience with the liquor in the cabin is the same as our friends experienced a few years ago - after many denials, they finally agreed, but at an outrageous price.  I find it an interesting policy since you can drink anything on the ship in as great a quantity as you desire, but they refuse to allow a bottle of liquor in your suite.  Perhaps they fear that people will request many bottles of liquor and it will go to waste...

    I just don’t understand the extremely high price I could see double or maybe even triple but $220 for a $30 bottle worst case is just crazy and we couldn’t even keep it in our room. So no crown peach this week, but that is okay! We plan to head over around 10am. Im going to try to sleep, because I know I’ll be going everywhere tomorrow but I’m just so excited! I feel like a kid again. 😁

  12. 4 hours ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

    Nope.  Way shorter.  Genie contracts are typically 5 months and sometimes they get extended to 6 moths.  Only under extenuating circumstances do they go past that.  

    Our weather here is not much better today.  I am even more jealous now!!

    Safe travels!

    Thank you soo good to know. Then do they get like 2 months home? I find their jobs so fascinating. 


    We are here and it’s a lot better  weather here! Update on the bottle request, they can get it onboard but it would be a $220 cost to us soo that was a pass.


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