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  1. 26 minutes ago, Busylizzy108 said:

    If it is Lobster Night in the Main Dining Room, is it also available in Coastal Kitchen? What about escargot? I saw that is available in MDR, but wasn't sure if I could get it elsewhere.

    Yes.  You can always order something from the MDR when dining in the Coastal Kitchen. BUT be very careful ordering “the lobster” when you are in the CK.  Be sure you ask for the MDR lobster tail b/c they have a lobster dish on the CK menu that is a rubbery, globby plop with nasty orange sauce.  It is NOT good and it is NOT a lobster tail.  It is also advisable, if you are going to order something from the MDR when in the CK, to let them know ahead of time so that they can have the food for you.  They usually have a supply of lobster tails on hand b/c they get that request frequently, but if you order something from the MDR on any other night, it takes them a while to go and fetch it from the MDR kitchen unless they get a heads up ahead of time.  We frequently ask for the lamb shank as that is my husbands favorite dish. The same goes for escargot. They can get it but it helps if they know ahead of time that you are going to ask for it. This is also true in any of the other specialty restaurants, BTW.  You can order from the MDR when dining in the other restaurants as well.  I sometimes order the mushroom soup when dining in the CK or  Giovannis, for example.

  2. 37 minutes ago, SpeedNoodles said:

    Many airlines havr very generous cancellation and/or rebooking policies right now.  I think Delta does, so look into that. 

    I agree.  We had purchased airline tickets (American Airlines) for our now-cancelled trip to New Orleans and were able to switch those over for a trip to Miami in December at no cost (except for a small charge for increase airfare.....but no change fee).

    If the OP does not have any plans to fly later, then I agree; the best plan is to wait.  If, however, there is a trip to which the cancelled flight could be moved, I feel it's pretty safe to go ahead and book.  

    PS.  I have not found the flights to be particularly "cheap" right now.  I keep hearing about deals, but I haven't run into any, personally.

  3. 38 minutes ago, JLMoran said:

    I’m sure that as long as I replace my existing 14-night Iceland & Greenland sailing on Aug 2, 2020 with the one on Aug 1, 2021 it will be fine. Difference of one port stop and the disembarkation port, but same ship / departure port / duration. Would be amazed if they batted an eye.

    That said, I like that this is an option now and that it includes price protection at my current rate. The 2021 sailing is over 25% more expensive, so I might end up leveraging this.

    I agree, Joe.  I think that your swap would meet the intent of the offer....and that it would be a good move for you if the current cruise gets scrapped.  Sorry that you would have to wait another year but at least you would still get the cruise you have been so looking forward to.

  4. IMO, 2 weeks of UDP is too much food.  We are on a B2B on Oasis in December.  We purchased the UDP for the first week and the 3 night package for the second week.  For us, there is a lot of "pressure" (totally self-imposed) to eat specialty whenever specialty is available if we have paid for it.  By the second week, you will long for the ability to just SKIP a meal here and there and/or grab a quick gnosh somewhere without thinking, in the back of your mind, "I've just wasted money by passing up an opportunity to eat in a specialty restaurant".  

    We did a 12 night holiday cruise on Grandeur a number of years ago and did the UDP.  I was so tired of eating at 3 specialty restaurants by the time we got off that cruise....never again.


    penguin GIF

  5. These are really great changes !  How about being able to take advantage of price drops right up until 48 hours prior to sailing !!!!  This has always been a sore spot for me since I always book waaay in advance to get the room I want but then those who come along at the last minute get a super deal.  This is the best of both worlds !!!

  6. 3 minutes ago, Esther said:

    Hello. Help! continued.... I just checked  my Club Royal offers via their website and it still shows no offers.  I looked on the account that mine had been corrupted by and she has a new offer, 20May108,for a free interior room.  Have any of you received that offer?  It appears my offers are still going to her Crown and Anchor number.  She has only 16 nights and has never received even a $100 certificate at the casino.   


    That’s one I haven’t heard of before.  From the title of the offer, it sounds new.  I checked this morning and nada...but I will keep checking. Sounds like a new one coming...

  7. I don't think there's much need to read between the lines.  The lines themselves are pretty clear to me !  This cannot be good for their stock or their precipitous position in the industry.  For me....if I had any money in pending reservations, based on this statement, I would be doing everything I could to get my money out NOW.  I don't know if NCL has a version of Cruise With Confidence or not (I haven't followed their saga) but I would expect that there may be increased activity there, if they do.

  8. 2 minutes ago, mrp4352 said:

    Ours isn't quite that low - we're on the Anthem Oct '21 and got it for $199 - but when you figure it's an 8-night cruise it's less than $25/day!

    That's actually still a very good price.  Last year the Anthem 8 day was $229 on both of the cruises we were on.

    Just a little bit of secret intel on the lunches.  While usually the specialty restaurants are closed while in port, SOMEtimes, they will be open.  For instance, when we were at Coco Cay last year, we happened to pass by Izumi and it was open !  Nothing in the Compass about it being open, but there it was.  Sometimes they will just open for lunch.  Not all the time and there's no way to predict.  You just have to pass by and see. The same thing happened when we were on NAV last year.

  9. Yes, it sounds like you covered all of the important stuff, @mathbees.

    Depending upon the embarkation/disembarkation port and the specific situation, you may have to leave the ship for a brief period of time, but you are the last to leave and the first to come back on, if they do make you disembark (it all has to do with passing through customs).  They keep you all together to minimize the disruption and it's very easy and quick.  Sometimes there is a consecutive cruiser event like a special lunch, depending upon how many people are in the consecutive cruiser club that day. 

    It is important that you confirm with Guest Services that you are a consecutive cruiser BEFORE you get back into port.  Most of the time, they are aware, but sometimes they are not.  There are some logistics that they have to perform for consecutive cruisers so they need to coordinate all of that ahead of time.  You will receive a sheet of paper before turnaround day that will give you instructions on when and where to meet once the ship is in port. If you do NOT receive that sheet of paper before the evening of the last day, it means that they are not looking for you as a consecutive cruiser; go to Guest Services ASAP to clear it up.

    It is certainly easier if you do not have to change rooms but they make it very easy for you, if you do have to change.  Basically, you only have to pack up the "loose" items; the attendant(s) move everything and you leave whatever is hanging in your closet and they just swap the closet stuff into the new closet.  If you are able to keep the same room, they will allow you to go right back to your room once you board, even before the rest of the pax can go to their rooms.  If you have to swap rooms, you can usually go as soon as the new room is ready, well before 1:00 or 1:30 or whatever time the rest of the rooms are ready.

    B2B are so nice.  It is such a GREAT feeling when you see everyone else's luggage outside in the hallway and you know that you are NOT one of "those" people.  You have another WHOLE cruise to go !!

    We will have our first B3B in January 2022 on Oasis and I can't wait !!!

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