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    Informative post. Thanks for sharing 
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    Symphony OTS Western Caribbean and Perfect Day. I'm already on the list but I changed my name and it is no longer "Cruisely"
    Thank you!
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    cruisestuff got a reaction from JohnK6404 in When is your next cruise?   
    Symphony OTS Western Caribbean and Perfect Day. I'm already on the list but I changed my name and it is no longer "Cruisely"
    Thank you!
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    Day 2 - Nassau Day (aka Sea Day)
    Pool, Slides, Foozball and Trivai
    We docked early in Nassau and as we've been here a few times, we decided to stay on the ship to enjoy the facilities with smaller crowds.  We all put on our bathing suits and headed to the Windjammer.  DH and I really like the MDR for breakfast, but our DS really wanted the full buffet experience so we went to Windjammer.  There's nothing better for him than piling up a plate of french toast, various breads and bacon.  (Don't know where he puts it all as he's quite slim...lol)
    After breakfast we headed to the pools.  (This was the morning we saw Mario when exiting the Windjammer).  Again, best time to enjoy the pools is first thing in the morning and on a port day.  We weren't the only ones with the same idea, but it wasn't that crowded.  The slides opened at 10:30am and we got there a bit after they opened.  Our kids went on The Blaster and this was the time where people got stuck and they had to wait in the hot staircase for about 15 minutes.  That prevented them from wanting to go on again.  I think they went on The Riptide a few times on the mats and then had enough.
    We hadn't eaten for about 3 hours so we headed to the Windjammer for lunch.  The selection was good.  (I remember last year on Mariner, I wasn't thrilled with the options.  Navigator seems to have more options for non-meat eaters like myself at this one).  
    My son loves trivia so we went to the "Where in the World I Am?" trivia.  DH was good at this one.  Me, not so much.  
    We wandered in the afternoon for a bit and played some foozball and pool at Playmakers.  This was our "Go To" spot when there were no specific activities going on.  A bit later, there was another trivia by the pool so we headed there to join in.  
    Laser Tag & Jenga
    We had a lull in the afternoon, and we knew that Laser Tag was opening up at 4:30pm.  This is my one complaint with Navigator compared to Mariner; the hours of operation for Laser Tag. DS loves Laser Tag, but it was opened during inconvenient hours from 4:30pm - 8:30pm.  The time kind of sucks as our dinner was 6pm and then a show afterwards, so it doesn't leave much time to play.  So in order to maximize our time, we decided to take our "dinner" showers in the mid afternoon so that we could play from 4:30pm to close to 6pm.  
    But of course, sometimes there is nothing going on in the cruise compass, and other times there are multiple things at the same time.  At 4pm, there was a Giant Jenga Tournament that our kids wanted to join so we started there.  DS and DD were on a team.  DH and I were on a team.  And there were about 4 other teams.  The tournament went on for a bit and we ended up competing with our kids for the winning spot.  They won (oops...my bad move) but close game....and we all came away with a "fancy" prize.  i.e. we have a few Royal keychains...lol.
    Anyways, the game went past 4:30pm but we still had time for 1 Laser Tag game...but there were line ups, and even waits once they took you inside.  The Laser Tag is the same as on Mariner and Symphony with Bladimus Blorf (I forget his name of the dude talking in the video but something like that).  It's tons of fun and I love how Royal is adding it to their ships. It's pretty cheap and easy to add, and it typically runs on days when there are no ice shows, as it's at Studio B on top of the ice rink.
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    Hey, it is the fun ship afterall! 😁  Maybe they think that'll add to the excitement. 
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    Maybe when they finish all the construction, they could offer a All Access Island Tour with behind the scene areas.
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    cruisestuff reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in THE TRUTH! What Life Working On A Cruise Ship Is REALLY Like!   
    @CHRIS WONG VLOGS meet @twangster...our resident photographer, Mr. Knowledgeable, and climbing the C&A ladder probably faster than anyone else here! 😉
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    cruisestuff reacted to CHRIS WONG in THE TRUTH! What Life Working On A Cruise Ship Is REALLY Like!   
    What's up guys! I thought some of you out there might find this interesting!   I'm Chris from Liverpool, and I am a crew member on Independence of The Seas! I work in the Duty Free shops.   If any of you have ever wondered what being a Royal Caribbean crew member is really like, give my cruise article a read, and let me know if you recognise me. (there are no ads on my article)   I talk about my job, social life, travel, and overall ship life.   www.chriswongvlogs.com/work-on-a-cruise-ship-uk   Ask me any questions about working on cruise ships, or Royal Caribbean in general, and I will give you all the gossip. For example, what is the crew cabins like? Who better to ask than someone who has been on the inside!
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    cruisestuff reacted to IslandBoundMama in Navigating Our Way To Allure - 8/12-8/25   
    Our furry baby we are leaving behind....this is her signature pose all of the time.

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    cruisestuff reacted to DeanB in Cruise Planner Question: Symphony of the Seas February 29, 2020   
    AWESOME! You made me feel so much better! Thanks so much! See you on the cruise :D
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    cruisestuff reacted to JennyJenny in People With Unpopular Opinons?   
    In my old age I have learned a few things. One of them is that there are always going to be negative people who don't have a good / nice thing to say about anything or anyone.
    They always complain, always find something "wrong" with stuff, and are the first to focus on the negative.
    They don't bog me down because I ignore them.
    I don't need that kind of negativity in my life.

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    cruisestuff reacted to DeanB in Cruise Planner Question: Symphony of the Seas February 29, 2020   
    Hey all, 
    I thought I'd be safe rather than sorry so I thought I'd ask as this is my first cruise out of the US and wasn't sure if anything is different compared to Australia, so, I'm not seeing much (only 2 options) under dining and nothing under entertainment. I only booked this cruise last week so I wanted to make sure that the cruise planner just hasn't updated yet rather than me missing everything? Can someone who's booked the same cruise just let me know if dining reservations have already been released and I missed them all somehow or if I'm just too early, please!
    Thanks in advance, 
    Dean AKA the worrying traveler. 
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    cruisestuff reacted to twangster in Royal Caribbean Hotel Idea   
    A very small percentage of a ship guest population would use it.  A lot of people are local and drive.  A lot of people like myself have hotel chains and loyalty programs that we are vested in.  I wouldn't stay in their hotel when I can use points or earn points by staying in my brand of hotel.
    They'd still need the terminal to validate documents and check in for the majority of the ship so the additional burden of having check in available in two places would be a distribution challenge and cost more.   It's easier to consolidate that and do it all in one place, once, for all guests.
    Keep in mind that ports themselves are not owned by any cruise line.  Like an airport they are owned and managed typically by local governments.  They might lease a terminal at some ports but the use case and zoning doesn't support hotels attached to the terminal.  The logistics of putting a hotel on port property would be immense or else a major hotel chain would have already done it like they have at many airports.   
    Cruise ships depart one day of the week typically so a hotel would sit empty for 6 nights of the week.  That's a pretty ugly business model.  
    Royal is already streamlining the check in process so a hotel brings no value to the check in process.
    Most cruise terminals are nowhere near a cities restaurants, bars, shopping and other attractions.  City leaders probably wouldn't support the idea and staying near a terminal would be a nightmare for guests who would be captive and find it difficult to explore a city, find a bar, visit a local restaurant, go shopping, etc.  
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    cruisestuff reacted to TJ! in Royal Caribbean Hotel Idea   
    I was looking for a hotel closest to the port of miami terminal A, to be closer to the ship when I fly in the day before.
    Then it struck me and I had a crazy idea of Royal Caribbean opening a hotel in all major ports for their guest in case they fly in early or have time to kill after disembarkation.
    I don't know if it's actually a thing but I just thought it would be a great idea. 
    Hotel could be discounted to guest sailing soon or/and provide early check-in for guest and luggage to avoid lines at embarkation.
    -Pictures can be taken
    -Sea Pass cards issued
    -Luggage check in ahead of time
    -Discounts for guest sailing soon or in general to RC members
    -Peace of mind of being near the ship on embarkation day.
    -A place to take advantage of amenities if you're a RC member if you're flight isn't for a couple of hours or days
    Or maybe is this already in the works?
    What are your thoughts or improvements upon this idea?
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    cruisestuff reacted to fonemanbob in ? What Will The Oasis Get During Dry Dock ?   
    Perhaps Dunkin Donuts and Hardee`s will be added due to budget constraints from the crane accident.  Aqua theater might become a rock climbing wall. Who knows just speculation. 
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    cruisestuff reacted to constable145 in ? What Will The Oasis Get During Dry Dock ?   
    I hope it gets everything!  Waterslides.. Abyss.. Skypad.
    If they dare remove the Carousel I'm going to send my 5 year old to have a chat with Mr. Bayley... I wouldn't want to have that conversation with her.....
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    cruisestuff reacted to mworkman in ? What Will The Oasis Get During Dry Dock ?   
    I seen this on that other site and had a chuckle out of it.  Enjoy 😎
    For immediate release.
    As part of our ongoing mission to provide you with the best entertainment on the high seas we are pleased to announce the following change to your entertainment lineup.
    The Broadway show a Cats has been replaced with our new in house production show featuring all new stars every week.
    Come immerse yourselves as we feature a Battle Royale of epic proportions as we pit our pinnacle guests against our suite guests in the battle for control over the suite lounge.
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    cruisestuff reacted to twangster in ? What Will The Oasis Get During Dry Dock ?   
    Not this week 🙂 
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    cruisestuff reacted to Matt in New Oasis Deck Plans - Side by Side   
    Note to self: check this forum before spending all morning using Photoshop when @CGTLH did the work for me!
    Great job dude!
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    cruisestuff reacted to twangster in Who would ever let go of your child, even if there was no glass there?   
    There go windows that open.
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    cruisestuff reacted to bhageerah in Who would ever let go of your child, even if there was no glass there?   
    I am not forgetting that a toddler has lost her life, and it is EXTREMELY tragic and is something that could have ABSOLUTELY been avoided if the grandfather would have exercised a little bit of God given common sense.  I work as a Paramedic/Firefighter as well as in the ER of  a local Level 2 trauma center, so I see people that make life altering bad decisions just about every day that I go to work.  The mother that had no idea about her son being in a gang and his life is ended at 16, the 86 year old woman that smokes while wearing oxygen and has a burn area above 30%, all from her chest up and has soot in her airway.  The mother that was speeding and drinking and ran off the road and hit a tree at highway speeds with her 4 year old that was unrestrained in the back seat.  I see not only  physical trauma but emotional trauma on a regular basis.  And seeing it so closely and so regularly I also am able to see it from the other side, and have some sympathy for the family, as well as the grandfather.  I am not saying that what grandpa did was right, what I am saying is that life as they know it has changed forever for every last single person in that family, and my heart goes out to every last single person in that family. 
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    cruisestuff reacted to coneyraven in Do you know every Royal Caribbean ship name?   
    I was good until Odyssey ..... that one took me a moment.
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    cruisestuff reacted to J_Keeble in Do you know every Royal Caribbean ship name?   
    I got all 27 in 2.34 minutes.
    Grandeur eluded me for a little while though.
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    cruisestuff reacted to Vancity Cruiser in Do you know every Royal Caribbean ship name?   
    lol exactly the same for me
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    cruisestuff reacted to DDaley in Do you know every Royal Caribbean ship name?   
    I got 25!! It was Grandeur and Rhapsody that got me. 
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