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    bossdog421 got a reaction from WAAAYTOOO in Royal Up - Sky Class to Star Class   
    Your blog was amazing. Very excited to be on Harmony with or with star class!
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    bossdog421 reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in Royal Up - Sky Class to Star Class   
    Never hurts to dream lol.  Someone we know got the Royal up from Sky to Star a few weeks ago.  It can happen.
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    bossdog421 got a reaction from Lovetocruise2002 in Royal Up - Sky Class to Star Class   
    Yeah trying to not get my hopes up because i know it's a long shot. Then you read lovetocruise's blog from her harmony star class cruise and you really start dreaming of genie.
    55 days to go and time feels like it's moving backwards

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    bossdog421 got a reaction from SpeedNoodles in Royal Up - Sky Class to Star Class   
    I had a pretty good deal on the initial booking. I was ready to splurge since the beginning. I usually get 1 good trip in a year and this one is the 10th anniversary. So YOLO!
    I bid a bit more than the minimum but still only slightly above budget neutral
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    bossdog421 got a reaction from AshleyDillo in Royal Up - Sky Class to Star Class   
    Seemed logical but you never know so i figured it was worth asking.
    Bid entered 🤞
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    bossdog421 reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Royal Up - Sky Class to Star Class   
    All of the booking promotions from your original booking (AoNC etc) will move over with your upgrade. What would NOT move with you are cabin-type promotions such as those that go along with Central Park and Boardwalk rooms. 
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    bossdog421 reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Royal Up - Sky Class to Star Class   
    Yes. If you are upgraded to a Star Class suite, you get all the SC amenities including the Genie
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    bossdog421 reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in Suite Perks - Harmony   
    @bossdog421 here the the most recent sky class benefits from Symphony.  I am almost positive that Harmony runs the exact same system.
    Dear Guests,

    It is our pleasure to welcome you onboard the beautiful Symphony of the Seas. We are honored that you have selected Royal Caribbean International for your cruise vacation.

    We are Jackie and Jennie, your onboard Concierges. We are available to assist you throughout your cruise vacation from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon and 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm daily in the Suite Lounge on Deck 17 Aft.                                                              
    As a Sky Suite guest, you are offered exclusive amenities and services not available to other guests onboard.

    For your convenience, here is a brief summary of our services:
     Use of the Suite Lounge located on Deck 17 aft.
     A La Carte breakfast in Coastal Kitchen, Check the Daily Compass for the opening hours, (No reservation required)
     Continental Breakfast served in the lounge same hours as the Coastal Kitchen hours
     A La carte lunch served from Noon to 1:30 pm at the  Coastal Kitchen, Deck 17, (No reservations required)
     Dinner served in Coastal Kitchen from 5:30 pm to 09:00 pm, Deck 17, (Reservations required)
     Bar Service is available from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm in the Suite Lounge, serving as well as a wide array of beverages for purchase.
     Hors d'oeuvres, petit fours and complimentary bar setup with a selection of wine, spirits, beer and soft drinks every evening from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm.
     Spa bathrobes for use onboard and upgraded bathroom amenities
     Exclusive Reception for Suite guests with Senior Officers. (Invitation will be sent to your suite).
     Priority pre-cruise reservations for any of our Specialty Restaurants, Onboard Activities and Vitality Spa services.
     Complimentary Internet Voom (The Fastest Internet At Sea) for one device per person for the whole cruise duration. Instructions on how to connect  is available in the room on Boarding Day or check with your Concierge
     Private Sun Deck with loungers Deck 17 forward.
     Reserved seating areas in select entertainment venues, first come first served between all Suites
     Show reservations are NOT required for all Sky Suite guests. (Except the Comedy Show in the Attic). Please show your seapass card at the entrance 20 minutes  prior to show time as booked seats will be given away 10 minutes prior to show time.
     Priority Departure. Please ask your Concierges for more details on board,

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  We encourage you to book your dining preference / requests (Specialty Dining, Coastal Kitchen, Dining Room) in advance to avoid disappointment. Our Restaurants are expected to be busy during your sailing. Please let us know if we can assist with your preferred reservation pre-cruise.
    The Suite Lounge is a private area exclusive for guests staying in the Star Class and Sky Class categories and is accessible 24 hours a day with your SeaPass card.

    We respectfully request that guests observe a Smart Casual dress code when visiting the Lounge (no bathrobes, no swim or pool attire is allowed, and footwear is required at all times).  Please be informed that during the cocktail hours on formal nights, shorts, sandals and tank tops are not permitted in the lounge. We encourage all of our Guests to follow the evening dress code reflected on the daily Evening Planner.
    To ensure all our guests are able to enjoy these exclusive venues, we require that all minors must be well behaved and accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

    The lounge is designated a smoke-free area. Food and beverages are for consumption within the lounge only.
    It would be our pleasure to assist you in any way to make your cruise experience the more enjoyable and wish you an unforgettable time onboard the Symphony of the Seas.

    Symphony of the Seas is the newest and largest smart ship in the world. We recommend you download the Royal Caribbean App before coming onboard in order to have quick and convenient access to the most up to date information regarding daily activities and programming, access to show, dining, and Shore Excursion reservations, account information, chat service, and so much more!


    As a special VIP guest, we are pleased to offer you access to the Barefoot Beach Club & cabanas, a private beach located on Labadee.  Located on Barefoot Bay, this exclusive experience is only available to our suite guests with SKY & STAR CLASS Seapass cards – Simply show your Seapass card to the Island Concierge at the entrance.

    The Barefoot Beach Club & Cabanas offers complimentary non-motorized water sports equipment (floating mats & snorkeling equipment) in addition to an upgraded lunch menu and service from Suite Beach Attendants.

    For the ultimate way to relax in luxury, why not reserve one of the cabanas for the day? Featuring beautiful views and dedicated Cabana Attendant service, the 13 cabanas at Barefoot Beach Club are a not to be missed experience.
    Please check the attach file for more details.  Please ensure to email back your cabana preference 1st option and 2nd option and it will be confirmed once you get onboard.

    The Barefoot Beach Club & Cabanas are located on the private island destination of Labadee. This exclusive beach, available only to the top suite guests and those guests renting cabanas, offers VIP service and amenities to enhance the vacation experience of these valued guests.

    Over The Water Cabana and Waterfront Cabanas are reserved for the STAR CLASS guests.

    For this Caribbean Cruise we offer to you a Cabana in Labadee.
    We have cabanas available in Labadee below you will see the categories:

    1) Standard Cabana $ 395  (Only 8 available)

    2) HillTop Cabana $ 495 - (Only 5 available).
    Cabana charges are per cabana and not per person.
    Cabanas hold up to 6 guests only.
    When reserving a cabana it is reserved for you the entire day in Labadee.
    Cabanas reserved are only for you and your family or friends use only, remember they only hold up to 6 guests.

    If you are interested in reserving a Cabana please let us know as soon as possible as there are limited cabanas and we have 91 SKY CLASS suites.
    Please also note that when reserving a cabana, no shows, will still be charged.

    We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in person. Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have at the following addresses: [email protected] or simply reply to this welcome email.  

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    bossdog421 reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Suite Perks - Harmony   
    Room service is complimentary for Sky Class.  You can order for the Room Service menu or the MDR menu.  The limitation of MDR RS is that it is only available during normal dining room operating hours while items from the RS menu can be ordered any time.  So it will depend on when you are trying to arrange your event as to which menu you can use.
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    bossdog421 got a reaction from tzb in Price Drop..Oasis Drink package 02-2020   
    7 day Harmony Jan 2020 sailing has been at $65 with a few dips to $61. Saw it drop to $57 yesterday so i went ahead and grabbed it. I'll keep an eye on the black friday numbers too.
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    bossdog421 reacted to Pima1988 in What do YOU wish you knew before you cruised?   
    Better yet if you have the DBP you can have as many Johnny Rockets Milkshakes you want for free!  I no longer wait in line for ice cream.  I hit up JRs for a milkshake instead.
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    bossdog421 reacted to GrandmaAirplane in Cabana Question - Swapping Guests   
    OK - a few clarifications:
    The overwater cabanas are NOT at South Beach, they are going to be in the Coco Beach Club area. The overwater walkways to the cabanas shall be accessed from inside the Beach Club only.
    The overwater cabanas come with 8 Coco Beach Club area access passes.
    3 more Coco Beach Club Day passes will have to be purchased. There is a Child price for the Coco Beach Club Day pass (for now, anyway.)
    The vow renewal can be done in the Coco Beach Club restricted area if all 11 have Coco Beach Club access passes (8+3).
    At minimum, all 11 (with passes) can access the Beach Club restaurant, pool and other amenities, together.
    Won’t know until January if the extra three will be able to access the overwater walkway just from already being inside the restricted Beach Club area, or if there will be a secondary checkpoint.
    How the Coco Beach Club area shall be managed will be different than how the other cabanas in non-restricted areas are treated. For example, a Thrill Water Park cabana for 6 has had extra family members with Day passes drop in.
    There is absolutely no swapping that can be done with the Coco Beach Club access passes.
    Hope this helps.
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    bossdog421 reacted to Pima1988 in Cabana Question - Swapping Guests   
    For question number 1, if the over water are like the beach cabanas NO you cannot switch them out during the day.  You will go to the cabana attendant upon arrival, at that point when you check in you will give them the names of the guests that will be in your cabana.  They will give you one of those waterproof paper band wristlets that you can't take off and on.  That is the only way you enter the area.  Thus, once the 8 are used up than that's it. 
    Question number 2, and I am sure @WAAAYTOOO can answer,, but I gave always been told that the Genies have no control over getting any special treatment with the cabanas.  You might be able to ask the cabana attendant to see if they will escort the 3 that are not eligible to come to the cabana just for the renewal ceremony.
    I can't really speak for the overwater, but when we did Chill, they were very strict with the numbers.  I had walked by at a time where 3 people walked up to the attendant and basically said we just want to pop by and switch out stuff.  The attendant told them that they could either give it to them and they would take it to the cabana or go to the cabana and get the guest to come to the desk.  They said the "We swear we are just swapping out, it will only take a few minutes"   Their answer remained the same,....we will be happy to take it to their cabana or have them come to you, but unfortunately you can not enter.  
    Personally, I can see why they are strict, even if it was for a vow renewal.  The cabanas are closer than you think, and at that cost the neighbors may say....HEY, wait a 2nd here why are they allowed to switch bands?
    There are some beautiful places to do the renewal.  Not this last cruise, but the one before a couple actually got married on Coco Cay, you may want to ask RCL if they could set it where they do ceremonies.
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    bossdog421 reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Cabana Question - Swapping Guests   
    I have not rented a cabana in many years - certainly not since they started Perfect Day so I really do not know what the Genies can and cannot do for you regarding cabanas.  While I have read that Star Class no longer have "first dibs" on cabanas at Coco Cay, I suspect they still have some ability to influence activities....but who knows ?
    Here's my guess.  I think that they would give you 8 wrist bans to be distributed in any way that you wish.  Then the other 3 people will have to purchase the day pass for South Beach.  Since I have never even SEEN a South Beach cabana (as no one else has either) I can only guess that once you have the wrist bands, they probably really do not care who comes and goes from the cabanas themselves.
    This is all just a SWAG at this point but I do NOT believe that they will allow all 11 of you into South Beach for the purchase of the cabana.  I believe that 3 will have to pay.  For my upcoming Anthem cruise in Feb., day passes to SB are $64.99 each.
  15. Sad
    bossdog421 got a reaction from WAAAYTOOO in Cabana Question - Swapping Guests   
    I figured this was going to be the answer but thought it was worth the ask if anyone had any personal experiences.
    I would like to clarify I am in a crown loft suite so only sky class no access to a genie. I was talking out the suite level concierge, not the magic a genie can produce.
  16. Haha
    bossdog421 reacted to KLA in Your funniest cruise story   
    I mean, I totally can. Ryan and I laugh about this whenever we go to Labadee now. "HEY, WANNA TRY THE ZIP LINE AGAIN?"
    SO... second cruise with my at this point soon-to-be in laws. It had already been kind of a comedy of errors, and now we had our first visit to Labadee and it was raining pretty much all day. We had a 10 am zip line time, and until probably 3 in the afternoon we alternated between shopping around and checking back to see if we could get on the zip line. Eventually, there was a break in the rain and we were able to get going. We completed the practice zip line no problem. 
    Finally, we make the long steep drive to the top of the zip line. It's HIGH. Full of nerves, I quickly raise my hand when asked who wants to go first, because if kept standing there it would keep getting worse. Ryan and I get strapped in, getting ready to leave the rest of our family behind at the top. 
    We get let go and start our decent. For a couple seconds, it's amazing and gorgeous. And then we realize the rain picked up again, and we're getting pelted with sharp little bits of cold rain. And then the WIND picks up. We feel ourselves getting blown sideways, and slowly coming to a stop. All five of us stop very far from the ending platform... in a rain storm with wind and huge waves beneath us. We were later told by our family that the operators were laughing at us before the rest of the crowd made the scary descent back down the muddy hill and in to the beach area. 
    Meanwhile, we're still dangling over the water soaking in the rain. Eventually, the tour operators form a plan and they run in to the choppy water (getting pulled under continuously) to throw me a rope and instructing us to keep throwing the end of the rope to the right until everyone is holding it. After we're all holding it, they take the other line back up to the beach and start pulling us to the end platform. 
    The very first words from anyone's mouth once our feet touched the ground - "You're getting a full refund!" ... 🤣
    So yeah. That was my first visit to Labadee. 
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    bossdog421 reacted to AshleyDillo in Hey CocoCay Beach Club and over water cabanas!   
    No need to add any guests now.  You will get the full number of wristbands that comes with your cabana.
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    bossdog421 got a reaction from DDaley in Black Friday   
    I booked a Loft Suite about a month ago for a Jan 2020 cruise. I keep checking the prices to see if there is a better deal. The selection is already a lot more limited on the rooms.
    Booking early and checking often for price adjustments is the way to go.
    I'll be looking at Forth of July sales and Black Friday sales for Drink / Dinning packages.
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    bossdog421 got a reaction from tiny260 in Best way to shuttle from MCO to the Port   
    We always fly in the day before then rent a car to drive to our Port Canaveral hotel. It usually cheaper than the shuttle for a single day rental. We can then drive to the beach, grab a bite to eat, and explore. Last time the drop off location for the rental car was 1 block away from our hotel, i just did an after hour key drop and walked back to the hotel.  Wake up early, grab breakfast at the hotel and use the hotels shuttle to get to the port.
    It works out great, it's cost effective and it's extremely flexible.
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