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  1. How many days until our next Royal Caribbean cruise (is there really any other kind??)?? Happy Cruise Day Y’all!
  2. I've been on 4 since the restart and have not seen one. I have seen 70s night and the RED nightclub party.
  3. One thing I've done is ask for a drink after I sit down - just one less thing I have to get back up and do after I get my food, and the wait staff is more than happy to get it. They've also very good at circling around and asking if I need anything else. I agree that it's weird they allow you to take a bowl of salad, but the next station over they serve you. But I am a solid Nay. I was on Freedom with 3000+ ppl this past weekend, and it wasn't too crazy or backed up anytime I went for Lunch or Dinner.
  4. I fly from Ohio and have zero concerns about flying. As long as you are masked up, you’ll be ok.
  5. Ok - so I’m currently on Freedom of the Seas - watching the fox broadcast of Indiana and Michigan - it’s on a channel called Prime One (channel 16) I’ll presume that’s where all the main Fox sports events are aired.
  6. I think someone asked us once, if that, but certainly wasn't more than once.
  7. Technically true - but if you say your wife doesn’t drink, they’ve always been able to accommodate as long as the refreshment package is bought for her. If they refuse again, ask for a supervisor.
  8. When we went in September, they had just re-opened and were cleaning up the seaweed. So yes, but I’m pretty sure they manage it well.
  9. Just saw this from on the Royal website that Antigua has been removed from the list requiring Royal Shore Excursions - Getting Ready to Cruise | Healthy & Safe Cruises | Royal Caribbean Cruises
  10. I don't see it happening before the beginning of the year, at the earliest to allow time for the kids to get vaccinated AND maximize on the holiday sailings with families. After that, who knows what will happen.
  11. Join a roll call - whether on CC, Facebook or here on the blog (if there’s not one listed, create one!) I’ve found, as a solo cruiser, that you can meet ppl and have fun in groups, while still doing your own thing. The friends you make on a cruise can become amazing friends.
  12. I know it’s not exactly what you’re talking about - but there is this in the Royal website (search royal gifts) (not the biggest selection but I guess they can build off it) https://www.royalcaribbean.com/royalgifts/gifts
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