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  1. Depends, I had refunds from the pandemic I never received and had to dispute several hundred dollars of charges with my CC company (eventually resolved) but with the most recent sale, I received refunds within 3 days. Items purchased 11/18 & 11/19, cancelled items on 11/19, refund posted to my CC on 11/21. 

    As with all things Royal.. YMMV. 😕


  2. 3 hours ago, ecgz88 said:

    Interesting, my price is $48.99+10% tax, Oasis of the Seas,  the water park price are different for variety ships? and 10% tax

    Internet is $13.99/day

    for 3 nights dinning $112.99 is this a good deal? I remember seems same price or maybe $120+ few days ago, can't remember.


    Pricing is different from every ship and sailing.. depends on supply and demand mostly (plus some random Royal IT things I'm sure). 

    That's a pretty decent price for the 3 night package. If it goes down more, you can cancel and rebook. 🙂

  3. 3 hours ago, mpoole3 said:

    For my next cruise on Harmony of the Seas, I booked two cabins: JR Suite Solo for myself and inside GTY for my wife and son.  We aren't planning to use the inside cabin at all, but it was nearly $500 less to book two cabins with the solo 340 rate for the suite vs all 3 of us in suite.    Also 1 DX was a nice perk, but I'll never share my drinks! 

    My question is, can I make a reservation in Coastal Kitchen for my family at dinner or am I eating dinner all by myself?!


    Leonard Nimoy Reaction GIF

  4. Yes, but they will not show up on the final invoice provided on disembarkation day. You MIGHT be able to go to Guest Service and get a full invoice printed out (including the 0.00 cost items). I typically keep a running track on my phone and update it each morning.

  5. 1 hour ago, tjcruisers said:

    Depends on the port if you want to get off. The cruise we just got off of you needed the passport book in Panama. Our cruise was an open circuit going from Bayonne to Galveston. Some passengers unfortunately tried using the passport card and got denied boarding (one guy managed to get on and then got escorted off the ship by security).


    For card and what I'm saying is coming 2nd hand, a bunch of the people in my wifes facebook group for the cruise claimed on day 2 they got an email from Royal saying that sometime in the new year they won't be accepting passport cards anymore. Might be something you want to confirm with Royal directly

    For closed loop cruises (Starting and ending at the same port), a passport is NOT required, but highly recommended, in case of an emergency. The cruise TJ is referring above to is not that, as cruises departing and returning to different ports DO require a passport book.

  6. Wonder just got back to the US from her European season and from multiple reports, there will be things added (like the Quest & Effectors II), that were not on the April cruise compass. I think the compass @SpeedNoodles posted is a good starting point, just keep in mind, things are always subject to change.

    A couple of other things to keep in mind, Wonder doesn't start 7-night sailings until mid-January (she's doing 6- & 8-night sailings from now to that point) and not all of her Eastern sailings are the same (Some go to PR, some don't, which can impact the show/event schedule, among other things.) So having an exact compass for your sailing may not be possible until your sailing.

    The best advice I can give, is to check the RC App later in December/Early January to see what they are posting as schedules. You can check the sailings prior to yours to get an idea of what will happen when. 

  7. As with many others, somewhere in the middle. On Day 1.. I will book my Specialty Dining and everything else I end up doing on board, revolves around that. As for excursions, I do book those out in advance, as some of the places I like to go, can book up quick and/or have limited capacity. I do NOT try to do everything as I am a believer of Less is More. (Less activities, More relaxation). 

  8. Co-Sign on Nachi Cocum - it's the "furthest" out day resort out from the cruise piers but that means a 15-20 minute taxi. Limited # of ppl allowed in, great beach, pool, lunch included and extras available (someone will come by and let you know there are extras available for rent, but nothing close to harassing). It's my go-to place when I visit Coz. home Nachi Cocom Beach Club Cozumel | All Inclusive Day Pass (cozumelnachicocom.com)

  9. 13 minutes ago, CanHardlyWait said:

    I'm sorry I cannot stand people who defend cruise lines like they can do no wrong. They expect top dollar from me and I expect top service from them. And if you have a problem with that it's yours, not mine.

    I don't think anyone has said they can do no wrong, they do plenty wrong, every day - they're not perfect entities. I think the point being made by most everyone else, is that Ship happens. Planned, Unplanned. doesn't matter. It happened. Could Royal learn from their mistakes, sure! Do they, not always. To me, life is too short to worry about it. If the Solarium is closed, it's closed. Find somewhere else to go. If they run out of my favorite drink (which happens ALL the time), I'll order something else. I'm on vacation. Not doing a ship inspection. 

    By the way, they don't expect top dollar from you. YOU made that choice to pay what Royal was offering. If Royal is not up to your standards, move on to something else. 

    Life is too short to worry, about anything. YMMV.

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