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    Srp431 reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in Will it be ‘Harmonious’? - Harmony of the Seas... live blog?   
    Enjoying this so far. Great tip about the Uber ride. And happy cruise day!!!
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    Srp431 reacted to S0nny in Will it be ‘Harmonious’? - Harmony of the Seas... live blog?   
    Well... today is the day! We were prepared in the usual fashion of pre-cruise excitement. For us, that means I obsess over the minutia, while typically missing the bigger picture of intentionally needing to relax ?? Our nails freshly manicured, our tans freshly sprayed, and our nose hairs freshly waxed, I was starting to feel better prepared! (Too TMI with the nose hairs? ... I’ll rein in the descriptors... But man... getting old sucks sometimes). 
    We are sailing out of Orlando today on Harmony of the Seas. Of COURSE I’m up at 5am eagerly anticipating embarkation on one of our favorite ways to vacation. 
    I’ll try to keep this as ‘live’ as possible! (Hence the Ron Burgundy question mark at the end of the title). I just wanted to post some tidbits that we are learning along the way. We are doing a lot of firsts on this cruise! This is our first junior suite, our first time purchasing The Key, our first time booking UDP, first cruise ship escape room, first time maybe eating in CK, first sailing out of Port Canaveral, and first time in Harmony OTS. We originally booked a New Zealand cruise during our Cuban cruise on Empress last year. We saved and saved, but ended up canceling around June due to scheduling conflicts. This cruise was a spur of the moment purchase in our desperation to take a reprieve from work... so we just said “the heck with it” and went all in with the bells and whistles (well... all the bells and whistles as far as we can afford...I’m the cheap one in the marriage by the way). 
    Thanks for joining!

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    Srp431 reacted to twangster in using key to get in front of lines   
    Welcome to the message boards.
    The Key does not allow you to move to the front of all lines.  The Key does provide priority at specific events such as on boarding day in the terminal or at the times listed for specific activities such as FlowRiders, Zip Line and Rock Wall.  These times are set aside for guests with the Key.   It can also provide a designated seating area in some theaters that is set aside but you have to get inside the theater like everyone else to reach the reserved seating area. 
    Don't confuse that with "if there is a line, the Key allows you to go to the front".  That is not the case.
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    Srp431 reacted to twangster in crown and anchor society   
    Bear in mind the Crown & Anchor Society is a loyalty program.  We all had our first sailing on a Royal ship at some point.  None of us could claim to be loyal the first time we sailed with Royal.  Upon returning to sail again we could then claim loyalty and begin to reap the benefits.  The more you return the better the loyalty benefits become.    
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    Srp431 reacted to IRMO12HD in crown and anchor society   
    I believe you'll be Gold once you complete your first sailing.
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    Srp431 got a reaction from coneyraven in Panama Canal! Vision of the Seas Oct. 30, 2019   
    Just like the bacon trough in the windjammer, one of my favorites?
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    Srp431 got a reaction from Lovestotravel in Silly Question!   
    We were on FOTS 2 yrs w/ connecting balcony rooms and on Deck 9 and it was fine for our Western Caribbean cruise . No issues with wind, only glare from the sun.
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    Srp431 got a reaction from twangster in Panama Canal! Vision of the Seas Oct. 30, 2019   
    Just like the bacon trough in the windjammer, one of my favorites?
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    Srp431 got a reaction from TJ! in Genuine curiosity of your lifestyle   
    I'm in the same boat on timing, which is school calendars. We normally cruise end of March during spring break and again in late June right after school gets done for the year. We also live in Minnesota, so in addition to paying high cruise fares we also deal w/ crazy airfares as well.
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    Srp431 got a reaction from Tiffeven in Allure Star Class Take Two   
    Thanks for sharing this was really interesting. Maybe someday we'll be able to go star class. The highest suite we had has been sky class
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    Srp431 reacted to MO & LO on the go! in Shore excursions   
    The main advantage of buying Royal is the guarantee to get back to the ship.  This is great for unexpected problems because royal guarantees they get you back on board.  Non royal excursions you would be on your own if you miss the boat.  This happened to a friend of mine but thankfully they had a royal excursion so they got to the ship as it was leaving.  They were put on a boat and caught up to the ship as it was leaving port.  You will pay a little more for that piece of mind though.
    What kind of things do you like?  How adventurous are you guys?  How much do you want to spend?  We have done several excursions at these ports and some we have videos so you can actually see it
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    Srp431 reacted to Fairlynew in Sky Class and The World dessert   
    I agree with all of you!  I like, but do not love, chocolate.  However, I absolutely adore caramel, so the fact that hot caramel sauce is poured over The World made me want to try it-the experience of watching the chocolate coating melt is also really awesome.  I have to say that it was good, not great, and I would not make an effort to have it again, but I am really glad I got to try it!
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    Srp431 reacted to DrNDo in First Time Star Class!!!   
    Thank you!!! The suite is just as advertised. For a family with kids, this room leaves little to be desired. From the multiple video game consoles, to the ridiculously fast slide (it's faster than the Ultimate Abyss), to the dining room table that converts into an air hockey table, to the balcony that manages to fit a mini ping pong table, hot tub and lucky climber the list of things to do in the suite go on and on. The only negative I can think of is trying to get all the kids to leave the room to explore other parts of the ship. Aside from all the things they manage to pack into the room I'd say the most impressionable feature is the size of the suite. To be able to enjoy such a voluminous living space while on a cruise ship is mind boggling. I know the royal loft suite and the 2-4 bedroom suites have even more square footage, but I don't think they have 2 sets of staircases and 3 ways to go from the first and second floors. This room really lends itself nicely to epoch games of hide-and-seek & tag. This was our first time with RCL, and I was just like SuperNinja endlessly researching every facet of the star class experience to try to know what to expect. I had to know if the Starbucks would be free or not!!! Reading this discussion board and all the helpful advise from all the nice people on it is an invaluable resource.

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    Srp431 got a reaction from YOLO in NO SMOKING SOMETIME IN 2020?   
    I refuse to set foot in their casinos, I'd be happy to go gamble if they become smokefree
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    Srp431 got a reaction from Jjohnb in NO SMOKING SOMETIME IN 2020?   
    I refuse to set foot in their casinos, I'd be happy to go gamble if they become smokefree
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    Srp431 reacted to dodgestang in How do you keep your Passport from getting lost ?   
    The same way I don't leave my kids locked in a baby seat in a hot car for 6 hours.....by paying attention ?
    I keep all the ids in the same spot in the back back, I unzip it, hand them Id and boarding passes....they hand it back...I put it back and zip it up.  Back pack zipper stays open and I hold it in my hand until I have replaced it all...then zip...and back onto the back.
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    Srp431 reacted to PatsFanBrian in What's one tip or trick you use/love the most?   
    Study the Compass before the day starts.  You will likely find an activity you'll end up enjoying that you would have missed otherwise.
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    Srp431 reacted to dodgestang in What's one tip or trick you use/love the most?   
    That's what I get for teaching my kids to behave in public and be respectful at all times.....damnit.
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    Srp431 reacted to twangster in What's one tip or trick you use/love the most?   
    Can I rent a kid from Adventure Ocean for 30 minutes on day one?  
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    Srp431 reacted to WAAAYTOOO in What's one tip or trick you use/love the most?   
    Avoiding standing outside (on the smaller ships) during muster drill.  Once the drill is starting, go to the person who is scanning the sea pass cards, have your cards scanned and then go inside and have a seat ! One of the crew will be demonstrating the life vest and you have a comfortable place to sit and wait for the crowds to diminish after the drill ends OR be ready to dash to the elevators once the Captain has completed his remarks.
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    Srp431 reacted to melmar02 in What's one tip or trick you use/love the most?   
    Bring your patience. Some people will act rude, but go into the trip with a vacation state of mind, and any absurd actions from other passengers will roll easier off your back. 
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    Srp431 reacted to MelKaps in What's one tip or trick you use/love the most?   
    1. Arrive to the port early. You are paying for your day 1 and the sooner you get on the ship, the sooner you can start your vacation.
    2. Bring a USB port outlet for more charging space. Do not confuse this with a surge protector, since it most likely will be confiscated.
    3. Be friendly to the crew and chat with them. Room stewards, for instance, enjoy when we have conversations with them because their jobs are very repetitive and have to clean up after us. It can really make someone's day.
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    Srp431 got a reaction from PatsFanBrian in NO SMOKING SOMETIME IN 2020?   
    I refuse to set foot in their casinos, I'd be happy to go gamble if they become smokefree
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    Srp431 reacted to twangster in Panama Canal! Vision of the Seas Oct. 30, 2019   
    Day 5 - Sea Day
    Two sea days now on our way to Guatemala.  Flat seas and warm.  Beautiful cruising weather.

    Day by day my Crown and Anchor selections have been arriving.  Drink package?  Who needs a drink package?

    Our progress...
    Looking at the map it makes you appreciate how far North we started, relatively speaking.  

    With that I am caught up to real time.  Another sea day tomorrow so I won't post much.  
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    Srp431 reacted to twangster in Panama Canal! Vision of the Seas Oct. 30, 2019   
    Day 1
    But first, more Queen Mary pictures in daylight.

    The Queen Mary was a fast ship.  Faster than today's cruise ships of this size or larger.  She routinely cruised at over 28 knots and during sea trials she reached just over 32 knots.

    This enclosed promenade deck would have been popular on those cold North Atlantic winter crossings.

    The Verandah Grill towards the aft of the ship was an extra cost restaurant.  In other words the concept of specialty dining started decades before modern cruise lines embraced the idea.

    During World War II the Queen Mary was put into service as a troop carrier bringing troops back and forth between the US. and Britain.   She was painted grey and earned the name the Grey Ghost.  Her top speeds allowed her to elude german u-boats. 
    On one crossing she carried a staggering 15,740 service personnel with a crew of 943 for a total of 16,683 souls on board.  That remains the highest count ever carried by any vessel, a record that is unlikely to ever be broken.   

    During this time they removed all the fine china and crystal and converted every square inch to the goal of maximizing space for the troops.  Gone were the cabin class 1st class accommodations, it was all about squeezing troops on board.  During the war when she was a troop carrier he was fitted with anti aircraft guns.

    A lego model has been constructed and is on display in a room called the shipyard.

    Sir Winston Churchill would routinely sail her during the war to coordinate efforts with the allies. In this photo he is sitting by this very fireplace.

    How about these lifeboats?

    The bridge:

    The Captain's quarters have been preserved in their original condition.

    She even had a fitness center back in the day with modern exercise equipment.

    If you ever get the chance I highly recommend a stay on the Queen Mary.

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