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  1. 16 hours ago, JasonOasis said:

    Do you see Royal keeping these smaller ships in their fleet once they past 30 years in service?

    With the caveat that Covid made the cruise ship resale market nearly non-existent for the time being, I'll say a 30 year old cruise ship in 2022 is different than a 30 year old cruise ship 15-20 years ago.

    Not too long ago, you'd be right that a 30 year cruise ship would be overdue for being dumped by the major lines. 

    But refurbishments (amplifications) have breathed new life into older ships compared to the last generation. Royal has invested far more into keeping these ships up to date compared to what was done in the past. Empress of the Seas was a great example of this prior to Covid.

    So the short answer is, yes, I do think they will keep them in service past 30 years. Especially given there's not much of a market to sell old ships other than scrap.

  2. 16 hours ago, _1stTimer said:

    @Matt, speaking of the rules...I saw advice from people saying rather than getting a package for each guest in your party, you can just get multiple devices on one package. Isn't each guest supposed to have their own package and apply the extra device access to their own extra devices?

    No, internet packages can be shared between people. It's just the drink packages that cannot be shared.

  3. I asked Royal about this topic the other week and they seem quite content with Radiance and Vision Class as they are now: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2022/11/16/the-best-launch-weve-ever-had-royal-caribbean-talks-icon-of-the-seas-launch



    "You'll notice they're not competing on a seven night Caribbean with Icon or Utopia or one of those ships."

    "Great destination rich itinerary ships. That's why we use them in the Mediterranean, Alaska and the Baltics, in the South Pacific."

    "The Vision and Radiance class are great ships doing great itineraries. They're very profitable for us. They rate really well and we're really thoughtful about how they age. Now, that may not be a full amplification for them, but they serve a kind of very specific purpose for us in our in our our brand."


    Granted, I didn't expect them to say "Yea, we're dumping those ships" or anything truly newsworthy. But short of seeing their master plan for the next decade, it seems to me they don't see these ships going anywhere anytime soon.

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