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My NonBlog report Card-Grandeur of the Seas May 5-10, 2018

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What do you say about a grand old Lady? You say she is still Grand! What a beautiful wonderful ship!  We left Baltimore last Saturday and Sunday was well, let's call it a mini-hurricane for lack of anything else to describe it!  No one was aloud on deck including crew. Hubby and I did well, I even took a nap! By the time Monday morning came around, the sun was shining and on our approach to Bermuda, the waters were their beautiful gorgeous blue/green that I remember from 30 years ago.  I am happy to say, even after 30 years this gorgeous gem is still the same.  For anyone living on the East coast and have not been to Bermuda, please try to get there.  Our weather cooperated the whole time we were there.  Now heading back on the last night, the Fog came in, temps dropped to about 50 degrees and we heard to the Fog Horn all night.  Woke to a beautiful sunrise heading under the Key Bridge in Baltimore.

Now the ship, staff, food etc.  This staff was the most amazing staff I've even encountered (again from 30 years ago), but every crew member we saw, encountered, ordered from etc were the most gracious, with always a smile, always asking what else we needed. Our Stateroom attendant, Evangeline was fabulous! Our Concierge, Frances was fabulous. I can't say enough about the crew.

We are blessed that we were able to be in a Grand Suite.  The Suite was beautiful, very large and a large balcony with two chaise lounges , 2 chairs and a table.  Lots of storage!  We did have the infamous shower curtain and @twangster we never had to mop up the floor like you suggested! LOL. They sure give their Suite guests some very extra treatment, I can say that.  It was like having a "Mini Genie"! LOL Always something wonderful in the stateroom in the afternoon, Drinks etc in the Concierge Lounge (they actually roped off part of the Viking Crown for Suite guests).  the best part, is the Departure.  Met at the Concierge Lounge yesterday, private elevator going down, different line for security and customs, our bags were right there. From Lounge to car, 11 minutes.  I don't know if you can beat that!

The Ship itself is in fine shape.  Nothing really stood out to me and the staff were constantly outside painting, cleaning etc.  All the venues were very well maintained. The Casino is HUGE compared to what I thought it would be (won $200 on slots!).  The shows were fabulous! We had this group "Rookie" from Canada on board that was AMAZING! Lead singer was in Jersey Boys.  They are headed to ANTHEM this coming week if anyone on here is going. You must check them out.  There were so many activities all day and night that you couldn't do it all (we spent most time in Casino I confess!) 

The food was Ok, We are not foodies so the food choices for others were probably better but we are very plain eaters.  The WJ needs to have a better flow going but I can't complain about that either.

THE MOST IMPORTANT Factor for me was the way the Staff treated the handicapped.  My husband has hip/back issues that we hope will resolve once surgery but in the meantime we rented a Scooter for him which we were glad we did.  There were quite a few handicapped people on this cruise (and a lot were young in their 30's and 40's).  The way the staff treated us and everyone we saw with such respect and dignity was amazing! Even the other passengers were so gracious.  It meant a lot to me as I am not used to having a "handicapped husband" and he thought he would stand out which he didn't. He kept them laughing as he always does.

I can say now, if there were no other choices of cruise ships or cruise lines I would not hesitate to just sail on Lady G.  She is still a Gem in my humble opinion.      

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4 hours ago, twangster said:

Frances is according to some, the best CL concierge in the fleet.

Most importantly, if I recall this was a test cruise to convince hubby that cruising is great.  Mission accomplished

Well, Frances does earn his keep for sure. he is fabulous and so kind.  I think mission is accomplished with hubby, he felt very frustrated not being able to participate and "walk" (quite literally) but hopefully a resolve in the near future. The good news is, he did not tell me to cancel any other cruises! LOL!! Yippee!

You must have had the same fog, we were coming in at the same time, happened before we hit the Chesapeake, so you were probably right behind us or in front of us. AND it was about 45 degrees or it felt like it.  I didn't have a chance to check your Adventrue Blog yet but certainly looking forward to it! 

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4 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

Did Jack enjoy it ?

Yes, he did Raye, I think he would have had a better time if he were walking normally but hopefully getting that corrected shortly.  What is there not to love and the fact he didn't get sick on our mini hurricane adventure was sure a plus!! I just loved Grandeur!!

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1 hour ago, jaullram said:

Love to hear that Frances is a good concierge.

Yes, he's very good. The lounge is in the Viking Crown Lounge. Honestly we only went up there for a drink, They did have apps there though. What is really great they send you some yummy stuff every day in your suite (chocolate covered strawberries, cheese and crackers etc). and what is even better, upon disembarkation, you are invited to Concierge Lounge about 7;30AM, serving continental breakfast (Windjammer is also open)  and Frances blocks the elevators and takes Suite and Pinnicale guests down. Separate line through security, luggage is right there, separate line through customs, and you are out the door to your car on about 15 minutes. It was really great! I'm jealous! Enjoy your trip!!

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19 hours ago, jaullram said:

Just got an email from Frances! So excited to order regular dining room menu for room service!  We have a 2 bedroom suite and looking forward to dinner on the balcony. He also said that breakfast is in Chops for suite guests!

Fantastic! You will really enjoy Chops for Breakfast! So quiet, so elegant, great views and no WJ people pushing you around! LOL.  Tell Frances Lorraine and Jack say hi! He's the best.

And  I know you don't want to think about disembarking, but it is fabulous the way he does it. Have a wonderful vacation, and I hope beautiful weather and calm seas!!

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