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Navigator, Nov 10th, 7-day Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo


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Busy day.  We slept in substantially. 

The casino has been good to me.🙂

Can't put my finger on it, but the MDR is struggling.  If we were drinking wine or other liquor, our drinks would be never empty.  But drinking coffee or soft drinks, we have to chase down our servers and ask for drinks and refills.  Every time.  Our dinners have been very extended.  Food delivery has been very slow, causing us to not get out of the dining room until nearly 7:30.  The beef tenderloin tonight was good, but I don't understand it being under gravy.  The prime rib last night was also slathered in gravy.  I don't profess to be a foodie, so that may be acceptable elsewhere, but it's a change to me.  The cut was roughly a half inch thick and very tough.  I ate it and still smiled. I don't want to be one of the complainers.

Our room attendant has been great.  I don't know how he always seems to make it into our room unnoticed, but everything has been perfect.  

The Windjammer for lunch, although more crowded than I am used to, has been good.

Thats all for now.  I am tired.

I am having a wonderful time.

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We got back to the ship too late for the MDR.    So we ate in the Windjammer.   They had multiple beef and chicken selections.  Used to be they called the steak, minute steaks.  Tonight they were somewhat thicker, and every bit  as good as the best steak I've had in the MDR.  I also had BBQ chicken, which was quite perfectly delicious.🤩

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Back to the ship from Mazatlan.  We hired a pulmonia, and gad a great driver.  All we asked, is show us the places tourists don't ask to see.  We toured residential areas.  He showed us his house, hus kids house. And his parents house.  We met one of his kids and even his dogs.  This was a marvelous day.  

We originally asked for the liquor store we've visited in the past.  He had trouble understanding, but eventually we found it.  This place has a great selection with normal uninflated tour I st prices.  Bought a bag of airplane bottles to give away when we're home.















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