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Navigator, Nov 10th, 7-day Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo


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51 minutes ago, Ampurp85 said:

I couldn't find my casino rhythm on Nav but they do have good machines.

@WAYNO do you mind me asking what rank you are in the casino? I was only asking about the room deliverance of wine. I got it on a freedom class ship but not on my Oasis class despite getting more than 2000pts that sailing. 

We did well the first couple of nights in the casino, but it slowed down for us after that. 

We are Signature.  We also received similar gifts while Prime.

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Yep, we walked to Walmart.😀  It is pretty warm and humid.   Ended up taking a  cab back to the ship.

Prices at Walmart here are similar to prices at home.  One exception... motorcycles.  They had quite a few, all in the 125cc class, at around the thousand dollar figure.  Like them or not, in this climate, these little motorcycles work very well  for cheap  transportation. 

We're back on the ship.  I am looking forward to two very wonderful sea days. 😎








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Windjammer for dinner tonight.  It was a good choice and I didn't have to get dressed up.

Last night at the MDR, they were just not on their game.  Drinks were impossible, orders were wrong. And in spite of asking to be done early enough for a 7 o'clock show, we weren't finished til 7:30.  The  poor guys work so hard, non-stop, I don't know why it doesn't come together better.

But minute steaks, grilled fish, pork chops, and fried chicken at the Windjammer tonight made everything worthwhile.

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That’s one major change in the MDR we’ve also noticed since the restart. Prior to the shutdown, we always had a 3-person team in the MDR. The waiter, assistant waiter, and a floating beverage server. The last few sailings post-Covid shutdown, we relied on the assistant waiter to coordinate and deliver the drinks which always took waaay too long. 

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It is time to head home.  We are so anxious for our cruises to finally happen, but in the blink of an eye, it is over.  At that time, I am also ready to be in my home.  

This was a particularly wonderful cruise.   We met a couple from this same cruise one year ago, and met a bunch of new friends also. 🥰

Interesting, there was no handout from  the casino for available cruises with our certificate, nor was there anything in Next  Cruise. We must do it all online now.  


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