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Any thoughts on Voyager of the Seas and Invest 93L

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Voyager of the Seas is scheduled to depart Galveston this afternoon. Go to Costa Maya on Monday (48 hours) Cozumel on Tuesday (72 hours) and back to Galveston on Thursday (120 hours).

As you can see, mother nature plans to make it an interesting cruise!

Any thoughts on exactly what Voyager will do for an actual itinerary? I’m pretty sure they won’t sail through a tropical storm.

Here’s my guess. They’ll cancel Costa Maya as soon as the passengers board.  Even if they were to power through the storm, Costa Maya is very exposed. It’s unlikely that it would be possible to dock under the likely weather conditions.

Instead, I suspect they’ll go to the Bay of Campeche and hide out on the lee side of the Yucatan Peninsula. Then they’ll evaluate the storm and decide to either got to Cozumel or ask for an exception to the PVSA and head back to Galveston.


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38 minutes ago, smokeybandit said:

Grandeur's position was just updated. She's still going on a normal course to Cozumel.

Let's hope everything turns out OK. Captain of Voyager says he expects moderate seas. That sounds optimistic,  but what do I know?

Grandeur has a more lively ride than Voyager. 

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reminds me of hearing various captains talk about the voyager class, I think the most recent one may have been on Matt's last shipboard pod, talk about how the voyager were really over- engineered.  Royal knew they would have a target on their back committing to build multiples of the biggest ships in the world at the time and so really committed to overbuilding the specs on the voyager class to handle and be safe and comfortable as possible in all weather, all regions etc.  

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Valor doesn't have azipods.  There is a big difference being able to turn two azipods ~90° to the wind and with the bow thrusters move the ship sideways compared to a rudder ship that has to have some forward/backward motion with their close in maneuvering.  

Radiance and Voyager class are like sports cars.  Very nimble with loads of power.  

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