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Serenade of the Seas

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Going our first cruise in May on Serende of the seas (5 nights Naussau & Coco Cay) with my my husband, friend and her husband.  We are celebrating our 50th birthdays.  We booked a grand suite.  We know nothing about cruises or the different ships and I've been watching youtube videos for the last month and have learned a lot.  Now I'm worried that I booked the wrong ship for us.  Do you think we should book a different ship or will we have a good time on this one?  I know the larger ships have a lot more to do.  I've also learned that should have used a travel agent😕  I will definitely use one on my next booking,

Any advice would help.



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Radiance-class ships (like Serenade) are beautiful ships.  What are you thinking that you are missing on this classic ship that you will get on a larger one?

Larger ships may have water slides, Broadway shows, ice-skating rinks, more specialty dining.  But I love Radiance-class ships.  You get a very classic sailing experience on a very beautiful ship that's very connected to the ocean (lots and lots of public spaces with large windows, and a beautiful Promenade deck that you can walk all the way around the ship near the water and even get up on the bow on the helipad!

It really just depends on what YOU are looking for.

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Depending how far back you booked your cruise, you may still be able to transfer the booking to a travel agent. I think it is 30 days. 

Since this is your first cruise, I won't worry about picking the wrong ship.  There is SO Much to do that it is impossible to do it all.  So my advice is to sit back and enjoy your first cruise.  You will learn what you like and dislike. If you find out that cruising should be in your life, you can try a bigger ship next time. I usually pick a cruise for its port of calls.

Now comes my favorite part of cruise - planning!  Go to your cruise planner and start planning.

If you have not done so already, I would start looking at shore excursions and booking those.  For Coco-cay, figure out if you want the thrills (purchase entrance to Thrill Waterpark) or if you want quiet (I would recommend Coco Beach Club).  There are lots of free options too - like Oasis Lagoon (can get loud) or Chill Island (quiet).  

Look at what you want to experience on board - Spa?  Specialty dining? Fitness? Classes? Chef's Table? 

Then sit back and count down the days until you are on board with a drink in your hand! Welcome.

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Serenade consistently out preforms all the other Radiance class ships on Royal’s post cruise survey. It is #1.

Additionally, there are many reasons Serenade was selected as the ship for the world cruise voyage. Theoretically, Royal could have selected any ship and they chose Serenade. Tell ya’ sump’in?? 

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We love Serenade!  Great staff, good shows, lovely dining.  For a first cruise, especially, I think you will enjoy the Centrum on this ship vs the long promenade on the larger ships.  It serves as a central hub and entertainment center and to me feels more special.  Also, since you are going with friends, it will be nice to have the various levels around the centrum to sit and socialize in the evenings.  The suite lounge is nice on this ship - if you don't have a drink package, be sure to ask the bartender to top you off before you head down to dinner, you can carry your glass with you.  


Have a great first cruise and when you realize you can't wait to do another, you can think about what you loved and what you wished you could have on this class ship to guide you on your next.  We've found something on each class to enjoy.

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7 hours ago, mac66 said:

Wife and I are on the Serenade for a 7 night Western Caribbean cruise Feb 4. We've been on all the big ships. Looking forward to the Sera.

My wife, I and two buddies are on 4 Feb. My wife and I are staying on for a B2B. I did Serenade late last year and loved it. CAPT Stig is a great captain and very personable. Serenade is also the ship doing the world cruise starting in December. I enjoy all classes of ships and I'm sure everyone will have fun.

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