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Exclusive! Just discovered on August cruise on Adventure of the Seas

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8 hours ago, Paid4c4 said:

We just returned from Adventure of the Seas on Saturday, August 27, 2022.  We have discussed our trip and both agree salt air makes clothing shrink!


100%. Even clothes you leave in the cabin and don't wear shrink!

Despite the walls being lined with something to block out the wi-fi the salt air gets through! 😛

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Here's the solution!!! I know it seems like work but I have done it and it worked every time. Take you item of clothing and place in a sink with lukewarm water and a cap of baby shampoo. Gently wash it then squeeze out water, do not ring it out. Place in a dry towel and roll clothing up to absorb access water. Leave for a few minutes then gently stretch out clothing. Do not rinse out baby shampoo. We do this on our cruises and our clothes are good as new. 

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