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Seattle Port Valet


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Has anyone here used the Port of Seattle’s “Port Valet” service? They take your bags from the ship and bring them to the airport so you can enjoy Seattle before your flight without worrying about bags. Just curious how the experience was. We have a 5pm flight out the day the cruise ends. 

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I used it this summer and it worked out great (for a 6pm flight).  If you're flying out of Seattle, there's absolutely no reason not to use the service for checked bags.

They deliver the airline bag tags and tickets on the last night and your bags just need to be out before a certain time.  It's identical to a normal ship departure but just with different tags on the bags and you won't see your bags again until your end destination airport.  You'll see any checked bag fees after the cruise on your final emailed invoice (not while still on the ship or in the app).

Also double check each printout because one of our tags was only halfway printed so I had to go to guest services to get it reprinted.

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58 minutes ago, Hagar said:

An extra feature advertised with this service is that you don't get charged for an overweight bag. Loved it in June and July on Ovation even though weight wasn't an issue for me for these 7-night runs 😇

The FAQs state that you may not be charged, so I don't think it's a guarantee that you will not be charged for an overweight bag. Also, it is requested that your bags not be over 50 pounds.


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We just used this and it was a great service!

I signed up and was concerned about getting the boarding passes and luggage tags since the "usual" checked in time for our flight was after 10:00pm the night before disembarkation. Our luggage tags and printed boarding passes were already waiting for us in our stateroom by the time we returned to the ship at around 7:00 pm.

Not having to search for our luggage at the port OR clumsily disembarking with our bags was VERY convenient!

Snapshot of the ship's port valet letter below.


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