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  1. I really enjoyed Almaplena pre-covid when Maya Chan was full. It didn't have as many options for drinks or active activities, but I really liked the more secluded location with less people and the long stretch of undeveloped beach to walk along. I haven't been back since covid but plan to some time in the future. It's about the same amount of travel time as Maya Chan since it takes the "highway" instead of the beach road. Although it does look like their price has increased quite a bit the past few years, it used to be identical to Maya Chan but now shows as $96/person
  2. Definitely no issue from Nachi even with all berths occupied. They will call a taxi for you when you're ready to leave and you shouldn't have to wait more than 10-15 mins.
  3. No, you should be able to cancel individual items even when ordered with other items in the same transaction. A beverage package shouldn't let you buy the same item again (2 per same person) so you have to cancel the initial order first. You should be able to do it under the order history, then expand the details of the transaction with the item you want to cancel, and there should be a cancel link at the bottom next to the picture of the item.
  4. Ditto on all my upcoming cruises. Snatched it up on all of them.
  5. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2018/06/14/first-time-cruisers-getting-ready-your-first-royal-caribbean-cruise
  6. Interesting observation I didn't realize. I suspect you might be correct and this is the real reason behind it.
  7. Great summary. This was EXACTLY my experience back in 2008 on Freedom (minus the royal flush...) when my dad had won a preliminary tournament and brought me. The big upside is the cash games are way better as there are significantly more poker players on the cruise. There are multiple tables going most of the time and the open time frame is much larger, although the conference room doesn't have the best ambiance.
  8. This is a very important point I had to learn the hard way one time. I wouldn't be worried about a late arrival (within reason) as I would a full skip of a port.
  9. At this point I would wait for the monthly sale (which will happen to be Black Friday this month) since your next cruise isn't imminent and you aren't thinking of getting the deluxe package. I always track refreshment and internet to know when a sale is active since alcohol and dining are more volatile in the upward direction. It's been consistent on all my sailings for the past several months that refreshment is $30 not on sale and $23 on sale and s&s internet is $24 not on a sale and $22 on sale (on oasis and quantum class ships).
  10. That's been my philosophy. I think if you plan to cruise enough each year, it's a nice guaranteed return regardless of the actual stock price. I don't think of the first 100 shares as an investment, but more as a savings vehicle or annuity (if you get it at a low enough price).
  11. Definitely my top choice. @Matt has done a ton and I believe Nachi is his top choice as well.
  12. Same thing happened to me this summer. Royal refunded some money to a FCC for some still unknown reason and didn't notify me or TA, so cruise showed a balance still due at final payment and was therefore cancelled. Took TA many hours to figure out the issue and get Royal to fix it and me several hours to get OBC to make up for difference of the now higher priced prepurchases. Definitely check that your cruise hasn't been cancelled for some reason.
  13. Vaccinated : no test Unvaccinated : no test* *except Labadee, Roatan, Colombia
  14. I love reading about the cruises outside the Caribbean, and Australia is one we've wanted to do even before Europe!
  15. True. But being able to wash workout clothes and (non-white) underwear alone will be worth it for me. Assume jeans and cargo shorts would turn out fine too if needed.
  16. I really liked Almaplena pre-covid, but haven't had a chance to go back yet to see how it holds up. It was very similar to Maya Chan but a little more isolated and relaxing in my opinion. Travel time was basically identical since you used the "highway" instead of the beach road. Not nearly as many people (only 1 other couple from a cruise ship when we went), but not as much choice in food/drinks. No water toys, but the beach on both sides of the resort were uninhabited and accessible for a long stretch each way unlike Maya Chan. I'm planning to go back in the near future, probably our next time after our upcoming Maya Chan visit to at least compare again.
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