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What are your top 5 things that you can't live without on a cruise?

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1. Small fan to at least move air- essential

2. Heavy duty baggage tags- first cruise on oasis class ship (allure), my flimsy baggage tags got ripped off after I dropped with the porters and I had to wait until 11 pm for my bag to show up at guest services and I had to carry/roll it myself. Never again!

3. lanyards

4. usb hub

5. pens and markers- have to fill out cards or paperwork in cabin and it wasn't easy to get ahold of writing utensils so now I don't forget.

P.S. Bingo daubers! I got tired of rebuying $$ and now I just keep a 'cruise' bag and those get brought on to every cruise.

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Hat with a brim. No ball cap. 

Sunscreen & Sunglasses. 

Insulated mug. Not huge, but larger than the glasses in the Windjammer.

Phone & Tablet w/ chargers.


I usually throw a lanyard into my bag, but I virtually never use it. I just tuck my keycard into my pocket. My wife is the same. If she decides to not carry a purse she'll give me her keycard. 

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